Words containing adin

4 letter words containing adin

  • adin — advantage (def 5).

5 letter words containing adin

  • ladin — a Rhaeto-Romanic dialect of the southern Tyrol.
  • radinPaul, 1883–1959, U.S. anthropologist, born in Poland.

6 letter words containing adin

  • aladin — 1.   (language)   A Language for Attributed Definitions. 2.   (tool)   An interactive mathematics system for the IBM 360.
  • fading — to lose brightness or vividness of color.
  • gradin — one of a series of steps or seats raised one above another.
  • hading — Geology. the angle between a fault plane and the vertical, measured perpendicular to the strike of the fault; complement of the dip.
  • jading — a worn-out, broken-down, worthless, or vicious horse.

7 letter words containing adin

  • beading — Beading is a narrow strip of wood that is used for decorating or edging furniture and doors.
  • blading — the act or an instance of skating with in-line skates
  • deading — Present participle of dead.
  • evading — Present participle of evade.
  • gliadin — a prolamin derived from the gluten of grain, as wheat or rye, used chiefly as a nutrient in high-protein diets.

8 letter words containing adin

  • abrading — Present participle of abrade.
  • arcading — An arrangement of arcades.
  • badinage — Badinage is humorous or light-hearted conversation that often involves teasing someone.
  • baladine — a theatrical dancer or stage buffoon
  • beadings — Plural form of beading.

9 letter words containing adin

  • badinages — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of badinage.
  • badinerie — a name given in the 18th century to a type of quick, light movement in a suite
  • beheading — the action of decapitating someone
  • brigading — a military unit having its own headquarters and consisting of two or more regiments, squadrons, groups, or battalions.
  • cascading — Present participle of cascade.

10 letter words containing adin

  • amantadine — an antiviral drug used in the treatment of some types of influenza and to reduce some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
  • bananadine — A fictional psychoactive substance said to be extracted from banana peels.
  • defilading — Present participle of defilade.
  • dissuading — to deter by advice or persuasion; persuade not to do something (often followed by from): She dissuaded him from leaving home.
  • dreadingly — With dread.

11 letter words containing adin

  • ahmadinejad — Mahmoud (mæhˈmuːd). born 1956, Iranian politician; president of Iran (2005–13)
  • ambuscading — Present participle of ambuscade.
  • autoloading — self-loading
  • backloading — to defer to a later date, as wages, benefits, or costs: The union agreed to back-load pay raises.
  • barricading — Present participle of barricade.

12 letter words containing adin

  • cheerleading — the action or skill of a cheerleader.
  • classloading — (computing, Java) The dynamic loading of classes into a virtual machine, as performed by a classloader.
  • copy-reading — to work on (copy) as a copyreader.
  • homesteading — a dwelling with its land and buildings, occupied by the owner as a home and exempted by a homestead law from seizure or sale for debt.
  • incarnadined — Simple past tense and past participle of incarnadine.

13 letter words containing adin

  • all-pervading — spreading through or into everything
  • bandspreading — an additional tuning control in some radio receivers whereby a selected narrow band of frequencies can be spread over a wider frequency band, in order to give finer control of tuning
  • breechloading — loaded at the breech.
  • carbo-loading — Informal. carbohydrate loading.
  • front-loading — Also, front-loaded. front-loading (def 1).

14 letter words containing adin

  • breech-loading — (of a firearm) loaded at the breech
  • countershading — (in the coloration of certain animals) a pattern, serving as camouflage, in which dark colours occur on parts of the body exposed to the light and pale colours on parts in the shade
  • cyproheptadine — a type of antihistamine drug used in the treatment of allergies
  • direct-reading — (of an instrument) calibrated so that a given quantity to be measured can be read directly off the scale without the need of a multiplying constant
  • hyperthreading — (computing) A form of microprocessor parallelization where each physical processor is treated as two virtual processors.

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