Words containing adia

6 letter words containing adia

  • acadia — the Atlantic Provinces of Canada
  • madian — Midian.
  • radial — arranged like radii or rays.
  • radian — the measure of a central angle subtending an arc equal in length to the radius: equal to 57.2958°. Abbreviation: rad.
  • stadia — a plural of stadium.

7 letter words containing adia

  • acadian — denoting or relating to Acadia or its inhabitants
  • adiabat — a line on a thermodynamic chart relating the pressure and temperature of a substance undergoing an adiabatic change.
  • arcadia — a department of Greece, in the central Peloponnese. Capital: Tripolis. Pop: 91 326 (2001). Area: 4367 sq km (1686 sq miles)
  • chadian — of or relating to the Republic of Chad, its inhabitants, or their language.
  • obadiah — a Minor Prophet.

8 letter words containing adia

  • accadian — the eastern Semitic language, now extinct, of Assyria and Babylonia, written with a cuneiform script.
  • adiantum — The maidenhair fern and related ferns (of the genus Adiantum).
  • akkadian — a member of an ancient Semitic people who lived in central Mesopotamia in the third millennium bc
  • arcadian — of or relating to Arcadia or its inhabitants, esp the idealized Arcadia of pastoral poetry
  • biradial — showing both bilateral and radial symmetry, as certain sea anemones

9 letter words containing adia

  • adiabatic — (of a thermodynamic process) taking place without loss or gain of heat
  • adiaphora — matters of indifference
  • barbadian — Barbadian means belonging or relating to Barbados or its people.
  • circadian — of or relating to biological processes that occur regularly at about 24-hour intervals, even in the absence of periodicity in the environment
  • cryptadia — a collection of things to be kept hidden

10 letter words containing adia

  • adiactinic — denoting a substance that does not transmit radiation affecting photochemically sensitive materials, such as a safelight in a photographic darkroom
  • adiaphoron — a thing of indifference
  • digladiate — to contend or fight
  • epispadias — (medicine) A deformity in which the urethra opens upon the top of the penis, instead of at its extremity.
  • eradiation — Emission of radiance in all directions.

11 letter words containing adia

  • adiaphorism — a Christian Protestant theological theory that certain rites and actions are matters of indifference in religion since not forbidden by the Scriptures
  • adiaphorous — having no effect for good or ill, as a drug or placebo
  • adiathermic — impervious to heat
  • canadianism — the Canadian national character or spirit
  • canadianize — to make Canadian in character.

12 letter words containing adia

13 letter words containing adia

15 letter words containing adia

16 letter words containing adia

  • adiadochokinesia — the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.
  • adiadochokinesis — the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.
  • african-canadian — a Canadian of African descent

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