Words containing adapt

5 letter words containing adapt

  • adapt — If you adapt to a new situation or adapt yourself to it, you change your ideas or behaviour in order to deal with it successfully.

6 letter words containing adapt

  • adapts — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adapt.

7 letter words containing adapt

  • adaptec — (company)   A company specialising in the aera of movement of data between computers. Adaptec designs hardware and software products to transfer data from a computer to a peripheral device or network. Founded in 1981, the company achieved profitability in 1984, went public in 1986, and to date has achieved 54 consecutive profitable quarters. Revenues for fiscal 1997 were $934 million, a 42% increase over the prior year. Net income, excluding acquisition charges, for fiscal year 1997 was $198 million or $1.72 per share.
  • adapted — If something is adapted to a particular situation or purpose, it is especially suitable for it.
  • adaptee — (software, object-oriented) A class that is converted to another class using a so-called adapter class.
  • adapter — a person or thing that adapts
  • adaptor — An adaptor is a special device for connecting electrical equipment to a power supply, or for connecting different pieces of electrical or electronic equipment together.

8 letter words containing adapt

  • adapters — Plural form of adapter.
  • adapting — to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly: They adapted themselves to the change quickly. He adapted the novel for movies.
  • adaption — Adaption means the same as adaptation.
  • adaptive — Adaptive means having the ability or tendency to adapt to different situations.
  • adaptors — Plural form of adaptor.

9 letter words containing adapt

  • adaptable — If you describe a person or animal as adaptable, you mean that they are able to change their ideas or behaviour in order to deal with new situations.
  • adaptably — In an adaptable manner.
  • adaptions — the act of adapting.
  • adaptogen — any of various natural substances used in herbal medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body
  • coadapted — adapted to one another

10 letter words containing adapt

  • adaptation — An adaptation of a book or play is a film or a television programme that is based on it.
  • adaptative — of or relating to adaptation
  • adaptively — in an adaptive manner
  • adaptivity — in a state that has a capacity for adaptation
  • adaptogens — Plural form of adaptogen.

11 letter words containing adapt

  • adaptations — Plural form of adaptation.
  • adaptedness — suitability
  • adaptogenic — acting to normalize and regulate the systems of the body
  • inadaptable — lacking the ability to adapt
  • maladaptive — of, relating to, or characterized by maladaptation or incomplete, inadequate, or faulty adaptation: The maladaptive behavior of isolated children was difficult to change.

12 letter words containing adapt

13 letter words containing adapt

  • adaptableness — The state or quality of being adaptable; adaptability.
  • maladaptation — incomplete, inadequate, or faulty adaptation.
  • non-adaptable — capable of being adapted.
  • preadaptation — a structure or property that developed in an ancestral stock and was useful in a descendant in a changed environment.

14 letter words containing adapt

15 letter words containing adapt

18 letter words containing adapt

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