Words containing actos

5 letter words containing actos

  • actos — a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos.

7 letter words containing actos

  • lactose — Biochemistry. a disaccharide, C 12 H 22 O 11 , present in milk, that upon hydrolysis yields glucose and galactose.

9 letter words containing actos

  • galactose — a white, crystalline, water-soluble hexose sugar, C 6 H 12 O 6 , obtained in its dextrorotatory form from milk sugar by hydrolysis and in its levorotatory form from mucilages.

10 letter words containing actos

  • galactosan — galactan.
  • galactosyl — the glycosyl radical of galactose
  • lactoscope — an optical device for determining the amount of cream in milk.
  • lactosuria — the presence of lactose in the urine

11 letter words containing actos

  • atactostele — (botany) A type of eustele, found in monocots, in which the vascular tissue in the stem exists as scattered bundles.
  • galactoside — A glycoside yielding galactose on hydrolysis.

12 letter words containing actos

  • atactostelic — Of or possessing an atactostele.
  • galactoscope — a lactoscope.
  • galactosemia — an inherited disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize galactose and requiring a galactose-free diet to avoid consequent mental retardation and eye, spleen, and liver abnormalities.
  • galactosides — Plural form of galactoside.

13 letter words containing actos

  • fractostratus — low ragged layered cloud often appearing below nimbostratus clouds during rain
  • galactosaemia — Alternative spelling of galactosemia.
  • galactosaemic — of, relating to, or affected by galactosaemia
  • galactosamine — an amino sugar that is a major component of glycolipids and chondroitin.
  • galactosidase — An enzyme, such as lactase, that is involved in the hydrolytic breakdown of a galactoside.

15 letter words containing actos

17 letter words containing actos

  • betagalactosidase — any of a family of enzymes capable of liberating galactose from carbohydrates.

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