Words containing acto

4 letter words containing acto

  • acto — a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos.

5 letter words containing acto

  • acton — a jacket or jerkin, originally of quilted cotton, worn under a coat of mail
  • actor — An actor is someone whose job is acting in plays or films. 'Actor' in the singular usually refers to a man, but some women who act prefer to be called 'actors' rather than 'actresses'.
  • actos — a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos.
  • facto — Australian. a person who lives in an intimate relationship with but is not married to a person of the opposite sex; lover.

6 letter words containing acto

  • actons — Plural form of acton.
  • actors — Plural form of actor.
  • factor — Christmas factor.
  • lacto- — indicating milk

7 letter words containing acto

  • abactor — a cattle thief
  • actorly — of, relating to, or characteristic of an actor
  • cactoid — resembling a cactus
  • clacton — a town and resort in SE England, in E Essex. Pop: 51 284 (2001)
  • coactor — one of two or more people or species that interact

8 letter words containing acto

  • actoress — Alternative form of actress.
  • actorish — of, relating to, or characteristic of an actor
  • cofactor — a number associated with an element in a square matrix, equal to the determinant of the matrix formed by removing the row and column in which the element appears from the given determinant
  • f-factor — a sex-determining chromosome or gene.
  • factoids — Plural form of factoid.

9 letter words containing acto

  • attractor — a person or thing that attracts.
  • cofactors — Plural form of cofactor.
  • compactor — a machine that compacts something, esp rubbish
  • contactor — a type of switch for repeatedly opening and closing an electric circuit. Its operation can be mechanical, electromagnetic, or pneumatic
  • detractor — The detractors of a person or thing are people who criticize that person or thing.

10 letter words containing acto

  • abstractor — a person who abstracts or makes an abstract
  • actomyosin — a complex protein in skeletal muscle that is formed by actin and myosin and which, when stimulated, shortens to cause muscle contraction
  • attractors — Plural form of attractor.
  • benefactor — A benefactor is a person who helps a person or organization by giving them money.
  • bioreactor — a machine for growing organisms

11 letter words containing acto

  • actor-proof — (of a role or script) effective even if poorly acted.
  • atactostele — (botany) A type of eustele, found in monocots, in which the vascular tissue in the stem exists as scattered bundles.
  • benefactory — relating to a benefactor; beneficial
  • calefactory — giving warmth
  • cataractous — of or relating to cataracts

12 letter words containing acto

  • atactostelic — Of or possessing an atactostele.
  • cactoblastis — a moth, Cactoblastis cactorum of South America, that was introduced into Australia to act as a biological control on the prickly pear
  • chiropractor — A chiropractor is a person who treats injuries by chiropractic.
  • factorisable — Alternative spelling of factorizable.
  • factorizable — (mathematics, of an integer or polynomial etc) Able to be factorized.

13 letter words containing acto

  • actor-manager — a leading actor who produces and usually stars in his or her own productions: Sir Henry Irving was one of the first actor-managers.
  • anaphylactoid — Of, pertaining to, or resembling anaphylaxis.
  • chiropractors — Plural form of chiropractor.
  • diffractogram — An image produced by a diffractometer.
  • factorisation — Alternative spelling of factorization.

14 letter words containing acto

  • clacton-on-sea — a town on the North Sea coast in Essex, England.
  • diffractometer — an instrument that is used to study atomic crystal structure by measuring the angles at which x-rays, neutrons, or electrons are diffracted by matter.
  • diffractometry — The elucidation of the structures of crystalline materials by the use of X-ray diffraction.
  • galactophorous — bearing milk; lactiferous.
  • galactopoiesis — increasing the secretion of milk.

15 letter words containing acto

16 letter words containing acto

17 letter words containing acto

  • betagalactosidase — any of a family of enzymes capable of liberating galactose from carbohydrates.

20 letter words containing acto

  • lacto-ovo-vegetarian — Also called lactovarian [lak-tuh-vair-ee-uh n] /ˌlæk təˈvɛər i ən/ (Show IPA), ovolactarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian. a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products and eggs.
  • ovo-lacto-vegetarian — lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

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