Words containing aco

4 letter words containing aco

  • acol — a popular British bidding system favouring light opening bids and a flexible approach
  • acom — (language)   An early system on the IBM 705.
  • acos — (language)   A BBS language for PRODOS 8 on Apple II. Macos is a hacked version of ACOS.
  • maco — an Egyptian cotton, used especially in the manufacture of hosiery and undergarments.
  • paco — an alpaca

5 letter words containing aco

  • abaco — two islands (Great Abaco and Little Abaco) in the N Bahamas. 776 sq. mi. (2010 sq. km).
  • acock — in a cocked position
  • acold — cold; chilled
  • acoma — a Pueblo Indian village near Albuquerque, New Mexico, built on a sandstone mesa: oldest continuously inhabited location in the U.S.
  • acorn — An acorn is a pale oval nut that is the fruit of an oak tree.

6 letter words containing aco

  • abacot — (obsolete) misspelling of bycoket.
  • acoasm — acouasm.
  • acoria — (pathology) Excessive eating due to a lack of the sensation of satiety.
  • acorns — Plural form of acorn.
  • acount — Misspelling of account.

7 letter words containing aco

  • acology — Materia medica; the science of medical remedies.
  • acolyte — An acolyte is a follower or assistant of an important person.
  • acolyth — an acolyte or follower
  • aconite — any of various N temperate plants of the ranunculaceous genus Aconitum, such as monkshood and wolfsbane, many of which are poisonous
  • acorned — covered with acorns

8 letter words containing aco

  • acoelous — not having a true digestive tract
  • acoemeti — an order of monks founded in the 5th century, distinguished by the continuous nature of their praise and prayer
  • acolytes — Plural form of acolyte.
  • aconites — Plural form of aconite.
  • aconitum — any plant belonging to the genus Aconitum, of the buttercup family, having irregular flowers usually in loose clusters, including species with poisonous and medicinal properties.

9 letter words containing aco

  • acoluthic — following, subsequent; specifically, relating to an afterimage
  • aconcagua — a mountain in W Argentina: the highest peak in the Andes and in the W Hemisphere. Height: 6960 m (22 835 ft)
  • aconitine — a poison extracted from aconite
  • acoustics — the scientific study of sound and sound waves
  • anacondas — Plural form of anaconda.

10 letter words containing aco

  • acoelomate — any animal without a body cavity, such as a flatworm
  • acolouthos — the chief of the Varangian guard in the Byzantine empire during the Palaeologan period
  • acotyledon — any plant, such as a fern or moss, that does not possess cotyledons
  • acoustical — acoustic; specif., having to do with the control of sound
  • acousticks — Obsolete form of acoustics.

11 letter words containing aco

  • acoelomates — Plural form of acoelomate.
  • acoustician — an expert in acoustics
  • anacoenosis — a figure of speech in which an appeal is made to one's listeners or opponents for their opinion or judgment as to the subject under discussion.
  • anacoloutha — Plural form of anacolouthon.
  • anacoluthia — lack of grammatical sequence, esp within a single sentence

12 letter words containing aco

  • acoustically — with reference to acoustics; from the standpoint of acoustics
  • acoustimeter — a portable electronic device for measuring noise levels, especially those of traffic.
  • aeroacoustic — Relating to aeroacoustics.
  • anacolouthon — Alternative spelling of anacoluthon (A break in sequence, that occurs when the scheme of a sentence is changed in its course. Incoherence in a sentence.).
  • aplacophoran — solenogaster.

13 letter words containing aco

  • acotyledonous — Having no seed lobes, as the dodder; also applied to plants which have no true seeds, as ferns, mosses, etc.
  • acoustooptics — the branch of physics dealing with the relationships between acoustics and light
  • aeroacoustics — the study of the generation and transmittance of sound by fluid flow
  • archidiaconal — of or relating to an archdeacon or his office
  • astacological — relating to astacology

14 letter words containing aco

  • acoenaesthesia — loss of the physical awareness of one's body.
  • archidiaconate — the office, term of office, or area of jurisdiction of an archdeacon
  • extracorporeal — Situated or occurring outside the body.
  • hydroacoustics — the study of sound travelling through water
  • malacophyllous — (of plants living in dry regions) having fleshy leaves in which water is stored

15 letter words containing aco

16 letter words containing aco

  • electroacoustics — a branch of acoustics that deals with the conversion of sound into electricity and vice versa, as in a microphone or a speaker
  • extracorporeally — Outside the body.
  • magnetoacoustics — (used with a singular verb) the branch of physics studying the effects of magnetism on acoustics or their interaction.
  • malacostracology — (obsolete) carcinology, the study of crustaceans.
  • megacorporations — Plural form of megacorporation.

17 letter words containing aco

  • acoustoelectronic — denoting a device in which electronic signals are converted into acoustic waves, esp in delay lines, etc
  • anthracosilicosis — a form of pneumoconiosis occurring in miners, caused by the inhalation of coal and siliceous particles.
  • ethnopharmacology — The scientific study correlating ethnic groups, their health, and how it relates to their physical habits and methodology in creating and using medicines.
  • metacommunication — Communication that indicates how verbal information should be interpreted; stimuli surrounding the verbal communication that also have meaning, which may or may not be congruent with that of or support the verbal talk. It may support or contradict verbal communication; Communication which is implicit and not expressed in words.
  • neuropharmacology — the branch of pharmacology concerned with the effects of drugs on the nervous system.

18 letter words containing aco

19 letter words containing aco

  • phacoemulsification — the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction.

21 letter words containing aco

  • psychopharmacotherapy — the use of psychoactive drugs in the symptomatic treatment or control of mental disorders or psychiatric disease.

22 letter words containing aco

  • paracoccidioidomycosis — a chronic infection caused by the fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, occurring in Mexico and in Central and South America, characterized by mouth and throat ulcers, weight loss, and lesions on the skin, intestines, and genitals.

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