Words containing acl

3 letter words containing acl

  • acl — anterior cruciate ligament

4 letter words containing acl

  • acle — the hard, durable wood of a Philippine leguminous tree, Albizzia acle, used for making fine furniture.
  • aclu — American Civil Liberties Union
  • macl — Macintosh Allegro CL. E-mail: <[email protected]>.
  • tacl — Tandem Advanced Command Language. Tandem, about 1987. The shell language used in Tandem computers.

5 letter words containing acl

6 letter words containing acl

  • laclos — Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos de [pyer ahn-brwaz frahn-swa shaw der-loh duh] /pyɛr ɑ̃ˈbrwaz frɑ̃ˈswa ʃɔ dɛrˈloʊ də/ (Show IPA), 1741–1803, French general and writer.
  • macled — (mineralogy) Marked like macle (chiastolite).
  • oracle — Oracle Corporation

7 letter words containing acl

  • aclinic — not leaning or inclining; unbending
  • cenacle — a supper room, esp one on an upper floor
  • coracle — In former times, a coracle was a simple round rowing boat made of woven sticks covered with animal skins.
  • debacle — A debacle is an event or attempt that is a complete failure.
  • maclean — Donald. 1913–83, British civil servant, who spied for the Russians: fled to the former Soviet Union (with Guy Burgess) in 1951

8 letter words containing acl

  • baclofen — a muscle-relaxing drug used to treat muscle spasms
  • barnacle — Barnacles are small shellfish that fix themselves tightly to rocks and the bottoms of boats.
  • binnacle — a housing for a ship's compass
  • cefaclor — a cephalosporin antibiotic, C 15 H 14 ClN 3 O 4 , used in the treatment of infections.
  • coracles — Plural form of coracle.

9 letter words containing acl

  • anacletus — flourished 1st century a.d, pope 76–88.
  • anaclinal — (of valleys and similar formations) progressing in a direction opposite to the dip of the surrounding rock strata
  • anaclisis — the choice of an object of libidinal attachment on the basis of a resemblance to early childhood protective and parental figures.
  • anaclitic — of or relating to relationships that are characterized by the strong dependence of one person on others or another
  • balaclava — A balaclava is a tight woollen hood that covers every part of your head except your face.

10 letter words containing acl

  • anaclastic — relating to refraction
  • balaclavas — Plural form of balaclava.
  • cataclasis — the deformation of rocks by crushing and shearing
  • cataclinal — (of streams, valleys, etc) running in the direction of the dip of the surrounding rock strata
  • cataclysms — Plural form of cataclysm.

11 letter words containing acl

  • cataclasmic — causing upheaval; disruptive
  • cataclastic — designating or of a rock, esp. a metamorphic rock, that was formed, bent, broken, etc. by extreme mechanical pressure
  • cataclysmal — of, relating to, or resulting from a cataclysm.
  • cataclysmic — A cataclysmic event is one that changes a situation or society very greatly, especially in an unpleasant way.
  • conceptacle — a flask-shaped cavity containing the reproductive organs in some algae and fungi

12 letter words containing acl

  • antanaclasis — a form of speech in which a key word is repeated and used in a different, and sometimes contrary, way for a play on words, as in The craft of a politician is to appear before the public without craft.
  • bespectacled — Someone who is bespectacled is wearing glasses.
  • imidacloprid — The insecticide 1-(6-chloro-3-pyridylmethyl)-N-nitroimidazolidin-2-ylideneamine used to control fleas in domestic pets.
  • infraclasses — Plural form of infraclass.
  • unspectacled — lacking spectacles

13 letter words containing acl

14 letter words containing acl

  • acleistocardia — a failure of the foramen ovale of the heart to close.
  • heracliteanism — the philosophy of Heraclitus, maintaining the perpetual change of all things, the only abiding thing being the logos, or orderly principle, according to which the change takes place.
  • superspectacle — an extravagant cinematic spectacle, esp the silent Italian films of the early 1900s

15 letter words containing acl

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