Words containing aci

4 letter words containing aci

  • acia — Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
  • acid — An acid is a chemical substance, usually a liquid, which contains hydrogen and can react with other substances to form salts. Some acids burn or dissolve other substances that they come into contact with.
  • acii — Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • acis — a Sicilian shepherd and the lover of the nymph Galatea. In jealousy, Polyphemus crushed him with a huge rock, and his blood was turned by Galatea into a river
  • caci — (company)   A company developing and marketing SIMSCRIPT, MODSIM and other simulation software products. Telephone: +1 (619) 457-9681.

5 letter words containing aci

  • abaci — a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved.
  • acids — Plural form of acid.
  • acidy — of the nature of or resembling acid; sharp; sour: an acidy taste.
  • acing — Present participle of ace.
  • acini — Botany. one of the small drupelets or berries of an aggregate, baccate fruit, as the blackberry.

6 letter words containing aci

  • -acity — a (specified) characteristic, quality, or tendency
  • acacia — An acacia or an acacia tree is a tree which grows in warm countries and which usually has small yellow or white flowers.
  • acidic — Acidic substances contain acid.
  • acidly — Chemistry. a compound usually having a sour taste and capable of neutralizing alkalis and reddening blue litmus paper, containing hydrogen that can be replaced by a metal or an electropositive group to form a salt, or containing an atom that can accept a pair of electrons from a base. Acids are proton donors that yield hydronium ions in water solution, or electron-pair acceptors that combine with electron-pair donors or bases.
  • acinar — of or relating to any of the terminal saclike portions of a compound gland

7 letter words containing aci

  • -acious — characterized by, inclined to, full of
  • abacist — a person skilled in using an abacus.
  • acacias — Plural form of acacia.
  • acicula — a needle-shaped part, such as a spine, prickle, or crystal
  • acidify — to convert into or become acid

8 letter words containing aci

9 letter words containing aci

  • abacinate — (transitive, rare) To blind by holding a red-hot metal rod or plate before the eyes.
  • abaciscus — a tessera.
  • aciculate — having aciculae
  • acid-fast — (of bacteria and tissues) resistant to decolorization by mineral acids after staining
  • acid-head — a person who habitually takes the drug LSD.

10 letter words containing aci

11 letter words containing aci

  • abacination — The act of abacinating, of blinding with the light from hot metal.
  • acid-loving — (of a plant) requiring a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 for optimal growth.
  • acid-washed — (of a denim garment) processed with a bleach solution so that the color becomes faded and grayish.
  • acidanthera — any plant of the African cormous genus Acidanthera, cultivated for its graceful tubular white and red or white and purple flowers, often scented: family Iridaceae
  • acidimeters — Plural form of acidimeter.

12 letter words containing aci

  • acid-forming — (of an oxide or element) yielding an acid when dissolved in water or having an oxide that forms an acid in water; acidic
  • acid-tongued — bitingly critical or sarcastic; sharp-tongued: a critic famous for his acid-tongued reviews.
  • acidophilous — thriving in an acidic environment
  • antarafacial — (chemistry) Of a chemical reaction, involving two simultaneous changes in bonding to opposite faces of a common centre (or related centres) of a molecular fragment.
  • capacitances — Plural form of capacitance.

13 letter words containing aci

  • abortifacient — causing abortion
  • acidification — The act or process of making something sour (acidifying), or changing into an acid.
  • acidulousness — A state of or tendency toward being acidulous or somewhat sour or acid.
  • acinetobacter — a bacterium that causes infections such as pneumonia, particularly in people who have a compromised immune system
  • all-embracing — Something that is all-embracing includes or affects everyone or everything.

14 letter words containing aci

15 letter words containing aci

  • cephalothoracic — the anterior part of the body in certain arachnids and crustaceans, consisting of the coalesced head and thorax.
  • chartophylacium — (in a medieval church) a place for the keeping of records and documents.
  • customer-facing — interacting or communicating directly with customers
  • deacidification — a procedure that is carried out to lessen the level of acid present in paper
  • derhotacization — A distortion in (or an Inability to pronounce) the sound of letter R, causing the R to be omitted as a consonant or changing /\u025d/ or /\u025a/ to /\u025c/,/\u0259/, or another vowel if a vocalic.

16 letter words containing aci

  • actinobacillosis — a disease of cattle and sheep, caused by infection with an Actinobacillus lignieresii and characterized by soft tissue lesions, esp of the tongue
  • contumaciousness — The property of being contumacious.
  • encephalomalacia — (medicine) A localized softening of the brain substance, due to hemorrhage or inflammation.
  • propylthiouracil — a white crystalline compound, C 7 H 1 0 N 2 OS, that interferes with the synthesis of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland: used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism.
  • thermoacidophile — any organism, especially a type of archaebacterium, that thrives in strongly acidic environments at high temperatures.

17 letter words containing aci

35 letter words containing aci

  • trust-territory-the-pacific-islands — a U.S. trust territory in the Pacific Ocean, comprising the Mariana, Marshall, and Caroline Islands: approved by the United Nations 1947; since 1976 constituents of the trusteeship have established or moved toward self-government. 717 sq. mi. (1857 sq. km).

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