Words containing achar

5 letter words containing achar

  • achar — a spicy pickle made from mango

7 letter words containing achar

  • acharya — a prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide
  • zachary — Zacharias (def 2).

8 letter words containing achar

  • acharné — furiously violent
  • acharyas — Plural form of acharya.
  • guacharo — a nocturnal, fruit-eating, South American bird, Steatornis caripensis, the young of which yield an oil derived from their fat.
  • issachar — a son of Jacob and Leah. Gen. 30:18.

9 letter words containing achar

  • anacharis — a genus of water plant native to North America and commonly used in aquariums
  • bacharach — Burt. born 1928, US composer of popular songs, usually with lyricist Hal David
  • pracharak — (in India) a person appointed to propagate a cause through personal contact, meetings, public lectures, etc
  • shacharis — Shaharith.
  • zachariah — the father of John the Baptist. Luke 1:5.

10 letter words containing achar

  • shacharith — the religious service celebrated by Jews every morning.

11 letter words containing achar

  • acharnement — (archaic) Savage fierceness; ferocity.
  • brahmachari — a student of the Vedas, especially one committed to brahmacharya.
  • issacharite — a member of the tribe of Issachar.

12 letter words containing achar

  • brahmacharya — the stage of life of the student, entailing study of the Vedas and complete celibacy, usually lasting for twelve years.

14 letter words containing achar

  • shankaracharya — a.d. 789?–821? Hindu Vedantist philosopher and teacher.

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