Words containing acar

5 letter words containing acar

  • acara — Any of a number of Central American and South American freshwater fish in the family Cichlidae.
  • acari — plural of acarus.

6 letter words containing acar

  • acarid — any of the small arachnids of the order Acarina (or Acari), which includes the ticks and mites
  • acarus — any of the free-living mites of the widely distributed genus Acarus, several of which, esp A. siro, are serious pests of stored flour, grain, etc

7 letter words containing acar

  • acardia — congenital absence of a heart.
  • acarian — relating to mites or ticks belonging to the order Acarina
  • acarids — Plural form of acarid.
  • acarine — any of numerous arachnids of the order Acarina, comprising the mites and ticks.
  • acaroid — resembling a mite or tick

8 letter words containing acar

  • acarbose — a type of diabetes medicine taken orally to slow and reduce the supply of glucose to the blood.
  • acardiac — (medicine, anatomy) Lacking a heart.
  • acarigua — city in NW Venezuela: pop. 126,000
  • acarpous — (of plants) producing no fruit
  • caracara — any of various large carrion-eating diurnal birds of prey of the genera Caracara, Polyborus, etc, of S North, Central, and South America, having long legs and naked faces: family Falconidae (falcons)

9 letter words containing acar

  • acariasis — infestation of the hair follicles and skin with acarids, esp mites
  • acaricide — any drug or formulation for killing acarids
  • acaridian — any mite or tick belonging to the order Acarina
  • acarnania — region on the W coast of ancient Greece
  • acarology — the study of mites and ticks

10 letter words containing acar

  • acaricidal — destructive or fatal to mites and ticks
  • acaricides — Plural form of acaricide.
  • acarophily — a mutually beneficial relationship between mites and plants
  • acarpelous — without carpels
  • anacardium — a genus of plants in the Anacardiaceae family found chiefly in tropical areas

11 letter words containing acar

  • acarologist — a specialist in the study of mites and ticks
  • acarophobia — a pathological belief that the skin is infested with mites or insects, often leading to self-mutilation in order to eliminate the infestation.
  • acarpellous — (of flowers) having no carpels
  • dacarbazine — a toxic, light-sensitive powder, C 6 H 10 N 6 O, used in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease and metastatic malignant melanoma.
  • metacarpals — Plural form of metacarpal.

12 letter words containing acar

  • betacarotene — the most important form of the plant pigment carotene, which occurs in milk, vegetables, and other foods and, when eaten by man and animals, is converted in the body to vitamin A
  • extracardiac — (anatomy) Outside the heart.
  • hexacarbonyl — (inorganic chemistry) Any compound having six carbonyl groups.
  • intracardiac — endocardial (def 1).
  • intracardial — situated within, or injected into, the heart

13 letter words containing acar

14 letter words containing acar

  • anacardiaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Anacardiaceae, a chiefly tropical family of trees and shrubs many of which have edible drupes. The family includes the cashew, mango, pistachio, and sumach
  • intracardially — in an intracardial manner

15 letter words containing acar

  • carpometacarpal — Anatomy. of or relating to the carpus and the metacarpus.
  • carpometacarpus — a bone in the wing of a bird that consists of the metacarpal bones and some of the carpal bones fused together

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