Words containing able

4 letter words containing able

  • able — Someone who is able is very clever or very good at doing something.

5 letter words containing able

  • abled — having a range of physical powers as specified (esp in the phrases less abled, differently abled)
  • abler — having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundred-pound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote.
  • cable — A cable is a thick wire, or a group of wires inside a rubber or plastic covering, which is used to carry electricity or electronic signals.
  • fable — a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects as characters; apologue: the fable of the tortoise and the hare; Aesop's fables.
  • gable — (William) Clark, 1901–60, U.S. film actor.

6 letter words containing able

  • ablest — having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundred-pound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote.
  • arable — Arable farming involves growing crops such as wheat and barley rather than keeping animals or growing fruit and vegetables. Arable land is land that is used for arable farming.
  • cablet — a small cable, esp a cable-laid rope that has a circumference of less than 25 centimetres (ten inches)
  • diable — a type of brown sauce, typically made with wine, shallots, vinegar, herbs, and black and/or cayenne pepper
  • doable — capable of being done.

7 letter words containing able

  • ableism — discrimination against disabled or handicapped people
  • actable — that can be acted
  • addable — in a state where addition is possible
  • affable — Someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly.
  • amiable — Someone who is amiable is friendly and pleasant to be with.

8 letter words containing able

  • abatable — able to be abated
  • abusable — able to be abused
  • adorable — If you say that someone or something is adorable, you are emphasizing that they are very attractive and you feel great affection for them.
  • amenable — If you are amenable to something, you are willing to do it or accept it.
  • amicable — When people have an amicable relationship, they are pleasant to each other and solve their problems without quarrelling.

9 letter words containing able

  • abdicable — to renounce or relinquish a throne, right, power, claim, responsibility, or the like, especially in a formal manner: The aging founder of the firm decided to abdicate.
  • abradable — capable of being abraded
  • accruable — having the ability to be accrued
  • adaptable — If you describe a person or animal as adaptable, you mean that they are able to change their ideas or behaviour in order to deal with new situations.
  • adherable — having the ability to adhere

10 letter words containing able

  • abominable — Something that is abominable is very unpleasant or bad.
  • absorbable — to suck up or drink in (a liquid); soak up: A sponge absorbs water.
  • acceptable — Acceptable activities and situations are those that most people approve of or consider to be normal.
  • achievable — If you say that something you are trying to do is achievable, you mean that it is possible for you to succeed in doing it.
  • acquirable — to come into possession or ownership of; get as one's own: to acquire property.

11 letter words containing able

  • abhominable — abominable.
  • able-bodied — An able-bodied person is physically strong and healthy, rather than being weak or having a disability.
  • accountable — If you are accountable to someone for something that you do, you are responsible for it and must be prepared to justify your actions to that person.
  • addressable — possessing or capable of being reached by an address
  • allocatable — that can be allocated.

12 letter words containing able

  • accommodable — having the ability to be accommodated
  • accreditable — having the ability to be accredited
  • adorableness — very attractive or delightful; charming: What an adorable hat!
  • advertisable — to announce or praise (a product, service, etc.) in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use it: to advertise a new brand of toothpaste.
  • announceable — to make known publicly or officially; proclaim; give notice of: to announce a special sale.

13 letter words containing able

  • administrable — able to be administered or managed
  • agreeableness — to one's liking; pleasing: agreeable manners; an agreeable sensation.
  • anticipatable — capable of being anticipated
  • apportionable — to distribute or allocate proportionally; divide and assign according to some rule of proportional distribution: to apportion expenses among the three men.
  • ascertainable — to find out definitely; learn with certainty or assurance; determine: to ascertain the facts.

14 letter words containing able

  • accomplishable — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.
  • applicableness — applying or capable of being applied; relevant; suitable; appropriate: an applicable rule; a solution that is applicable to the problem.
  • commissionable — the act of committing or entrusting a person, group, etc., with supervisory power or authority.
  • complimentable — Archaic. a gift; present.
  • differentiable — capable of being differentiated.

15 letter words containing able

  • acknowledgeable — to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.
  • authenticatable — to establish as genuine.
  • comfortableness — (of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes.
  • distinguishable — to mark off as different (often followed by from or by): He was distinguished from the other boys by his height.
  • hendecasyllable — a word or line of verse of 11 syllables.

16 letter words containing able

  • adjustable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed while the propeller is stationary, chiefly to suit various conditions of navigation or flight.
  • approachableness — capable of being approached; accessible.
  • inextinguishable — not extinguishable: an inextinguishable fire.
  • machine-readable — of or relating to data encoded on an appropriate medium and in a form suitable for processing by computer.
  • non-attributable — to regard as resulting from a specified cause; consider as caused by something indicated (usually followed by to): She attributed his bad temper to ill health.

17 letter words containing able

  • air-transportable — that can be transported by aircraft: air-transportable equipment.
  • indistinguishable — not distinguishable.
  • intertranslatable — to turn from one language into another or from a foreign language into one's own: to translate Spanish.
  • learning-disabled — pertaining to or having a learning disability: a learning-disabled child.
  • non-biodegradable — capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: biodegradable paper; biodegradable detergent.

18 letter words containing able

  • controllable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed during navigation or flight; variable-pitch.
  • non-understandable — capable of being understood; comprehensible.

19 letter words containing able

  • non-distinguishable — to mark off as different (often followed by from or by): He was distinguished from the other boys by his height.

24 letter words containing able

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