Words containing abes

5 letter words containing abes

  • babes — a baby or child.
  • gabesGulf of, a gulf of the Mediterranean on the E coast of Tunisia.
  • nabes — a neighborhood movie theater.
  • rabes — Plural form of rabe.
  • tabes — a gradually progressive emaciation.

7 letter words containing abes

  • babesia — any of several species of parasite that affect humans and animals, esp Babesia bigemina, which causes fever in cattle

8 letter words containing abes

  • abessive — the grammatical case indicating absence
  • cabestro — a halter made from horsehair
  • wannabes — Plural form of wannabe.

9 letter words containing abes

  • arabesque — An arabesque is a position in ballet dancing. The dancer stands on one leg with their other leg lifted and stretched out backwards, and their arms stretched out in front of them.
  • diabesity — Used to refer to a form of diabetes that typically develops in later life and is associated with being obese.
  • tabescent — wasting away; becoming emaciated or consumed.

10 letter words containing abes

  • arabesqued — decorated with arabesques
  • arabesques — Plural form of arabesque.
  • astrolabes — Plural form of astrolabe.
  • babesiasis — any of several tick-borne diseases of cattle, dogs, horses, sheep, and swine, caused by a babesia protozoan and characterized by fever and languor.
  • babesiosis — a tick-borne disease of domesticated and wild mammals as well as humans, caused by a protozoan of the genera Babesia and characterized by fever, anaemia, jaundice, and in severe cases leading to death

12 letter words containing abes

13 letter words containing abes

  • contabescence — (of an anther) the condition of being unable to produce pollen

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