Words containing abel

4 letter words containing abel

  • abel — the second son of Adam and Eve, a shepherd, murdered by his brother Cain (Genesis 4:1–8)

5 letter words containing abel

  • abele — white poplar (sense 1)
  • babel — If there is a babel of voices, you hear a lot of people talking at the same time, so that you cannot understand what they are saying.
  • gabel — (UK, legal, obsolete) A rent, service, tribute, custom, tax, impost, or duty; an excise.
  • label — a slip of paper, cloth, or other material, marked or inscribed, for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature, ownership, destination, etc.
  • mabel — a female given name.

6 letter words containing abel

  • abeles — Plural form of abele.
  • abelia — an ornamental garden shrub with pink or white flowers
  • arabel — a female given name.
  • cabell — James Branch1879-1958; U.S. novelist
  • gabels — Plural form of gabel.

7 letter words containing abel

  • abelard — Peter. French name Pierre Abélard. 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher and theologian whose works include Historia Calamitatum and Sic et Non (1121). His love for Héloïse is recorded in their correspondence
  • abelian — of or relating to an Abelian group
  • abelias — Plural form of abelia.
  • abelson — Philip. 1913–2004, US physical chemist. He created (with Edwin McMillan) the first transuranic element, neptunium (1940)
  • annabel — a feminine name

8 letter words containing abel

  • abelmosk — a tropical bushy malvaceous plant, Hibiscus abelmoschus, cultivated for its yellow-and-crimson flowers and for its musk-scented seeds, which yield an oil used in perfumery
  • abelungu — (South Africa, now chiefly pejorative) White people collectively.
  • amabelle — a female given name.
  • arabella — a feminine name: dim. Bella
  • babeldom — a state of noisy confusion resembling that at Babel

9 letter words containing abel

  • abelmosks — Plural form of abelmosk.
  • babelized — reduced to complete confusion or meaninglessness.
  • eco-label — a label marking products which are produced in a way that limits damage to the environment
  • flabellum — a fan, especially one used in religious ceremonies.
  • glabellae — Plural form of glabella.

10 letter words containing abel

  • babelesque — resembling the situation at Babel, confused, impeding communication
  • bellabella — a member of a branch of the Kwakiutl Indians inhabiting central coastal British Columbia.
  • clarabella — an eight-foot flute stop on an organ
  • clarabelle — a female given name.
  • flabellate — being in the shape of a fan; fan-shaped.

11 letter words containing abel

12 letter words containing abel

  • abel-meholah — a city in ancient Palestine, east of the Jordan River: the home of Elisha. Judges 7:22; I Kings 4:12; 19:16.
  • flabellation — the act of fanning a wound to keep it cool
  • flabelliform — Shaped like a fan; flabellate.
  • matabeleland — a region in Zimbabwe, formerly a province of Rhodesia, home to the Ndebele (Matabele).

13 letter words containing abel

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