Words containing 16

4 letter words containing 16

  • m-16 — a lightweight, fully automatic rifle shooting a small-caliber bullet at an extremely high velocity: a U.S. Army combat weapon for mobile units and jungle fighting.

5 letter words containing 16

  • 16450 — (hardware)   A UART with a one-byte FIFO buffer. The 16450 is a higher speed, fixed version of the 8250. It was superseded by the 16550. The 16450 was used for the IBM PC AT and PS/2 but will not work in a IBM PC XT.
  • 16550 — (hardware)   A version of the 16450 UART with a 16-byte FIFO. Superseded by the 16550A. This chip might not operate correctly with all software. The 16C550 is a CMOS version.
  • 16650 — (hardware)   A version of the 16550A UART with a 32-byte FIFO. Superseded by the 16750C.
  • 65816 — (processor)   An expanded version of the 6502, with which it is compatible. It has 16-bit index registers and stack pointer, a 16-bit direct page register and a 24-bit address bus. Used in later models of the Apple II.
  • pl516 — An ALGOL-like assembly language for the DDP-516, similar to PL360.

6 letter words containing 16

  • 16550a — (hardware)   A version of the 16550 UART. Superseded by the 16650.
  • 16750c — (hardware)   A UART with a 64-byte FIFO. The 16C750 is a CMOS version.
  • 16c550 — 16550
  • 16c750 — 16750C
  • 16c850 — (hardware)   A version of the 16450 UART in CMOS with 128-byte FIFO.

8 letter words containing 16

  • mcp-1600 — A processor made by Western Digital, consisting of at least four separate integrated circuits, including the control circuitry unit, the ALU, two or four ROM chips with microcode, and timing circuitry. The ALU chip contained twenty-six 8-bit registers and an 8-bit ALU, while the control unit supervised the moving of data, memory access, and other control functions. The ROM allowed the chip to function as either an 8- or 16-bit chip, with clever use of the 8-bit ALU. Further, microcode allowed the addition of floating-point routines (40 + 8 bit format), simplifying programming (and possibly producing a floating-point coprocessor). Two standard microcode ROMs were available. This flexibility was one reason it was also used to implement the DEC LSI-11 processor as well as the WD Pascal Microengine.

9 letter words containing 16

  • bliss-16c — (language)   DEC's cross-compiler equivalent of BLISS-11.

11 letter words containing 16

  • — (networking)   The default IP address used to connect to many brands of router to set them up. It can be used from a web browser in the URL This URL, and the necessary default login details, are often printed on the router. The same address may also be accessible via a telnet command line interface. This is a private address that is only visible when connected directly to the router, i.e. it will not be routed by other network hardware.

12 letter words containing 16

  • dod-std-2168 — (standard)   A DoD standard for software quality assurance procedures.
  • dsp56165-gcc — A port of gcc version 1.40 to the Motorola DSP56156 and DSP56000 by Andrew Sterian <[email protected]>.

13 letter words containing 16

  • dod-std-2167a — (standard)   A DoD standard specifying the overall process for the development and documentation of mission-critical software systems.

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