Words containing w, a, f, l

4 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • flaw — Also called windflaw. a sudden, usually brief windstorm or gust of wind.
  • wafl — WArwick Functional Language. Warwick U, England. LISP-like.

5 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • awful — If you say that someone or something is awful, you dislike that person or thing or you think that they are not very good.
  • flawn — Obsolete form of flan.
  • flaws — Plural form of flaw.

6 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • aweful — Misspelling of awful.
  • awfull — Archaic form of awful.
  • fallow — pale-yellow; light-brown; dun.
  • flawed — characterized by flaws; having imperfections: a flawed gem; a seriously flawed piece of work.
  • flawns — Plural form of flawn.

7 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • aflower — (archaic, poetic) flowering, in bloom.
  • airflow — The airflow around an object or vehicle is the way that the air flows around it.
  • alewife — a North American fish, Pomolobus pseudoharengus, similar to the herring Clupea harengus: family Clupeidae (herrings)
  • awfully — in an unpleasant, bad, or reprehensible manner
  • batfowl — to catch birds by temporarily blinding them with light

8 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • aardwolf — a nocturnal mammal, Proteles cristatus, that inhabits the plains of southern Africa and feeds on termites and insect larvae: family Hyaenidae (hyenas), order Carnivora (carnivores)
  • airflows — Plural form of airflow.
  • autoflow — (transitive, computing) To flow (text) automatically.
  • awfulest — Superlative form of awful.
  • awfulize — (psychotherapy) To react dramatically or catastrophically to distressing events.

9 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • afterglow — The afterglow is the glow that remains after a light has gone, for example after the sun has gone down.
  • awfulness — The quality of striking with awe, or with reverence; dreadfulness; solemnity; as, the awfulness of this sacred place.
  • backflows — Plural form of backflow.
  • barrowful — The amount that can fit in a barrow.
  • cowlstaff — a staff or pole used by two people to carry a vessel, sometimes used as a weapon

10 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • afterglows — Plural form of afterglow.
  • afterwhile — (US, dialect) afterwards.
  • afterworld — a world inhabited after death
  • awfulizing — Present participle of awfulize.
  • axial-flow — having a fluid flow parallel to an axis of rotation, as in a turbine.

11 letter words containing w, a, f, l

12 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • all-powerful — An all-powerful person or organization has the power to do anything they want.
  • cauliflowers — Plural form of cauliflower.
  • false-mildew — Also called false mildew. any fungus of the family Peronosporaceae, causing many plant diseases and producing a white, downy mass of conidiophores, usually on the under surface of the leaves of the host plant.
  • fast-flowing — water: rapid
  • fell-walking — the sport of hiking over fells

13 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • blanketflower — a hardy flowering plant, Gaillardia aristata, that grows in the US
  • cape-farewellCape, a cape in S Greenland: most southerly point of Greenland.
  • caulifloweret — an individual floret from a cauliflower
  • class-warfare — Also called class conflict. conflict between different classes in a community resulting from different social or economic positions and reflecting opposed interests.
  • fare-you-well — a state of perfection: The meal was done to a fare-thee-well.

14 letter words containing w, a, f, l

15 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • cauliflowerette — a single floret from the head of a cauliflower.
  • flamingo-flower — a central American plant, Anthurium scherzeranum, of the arum family, having a red, coiled spadix and a bright red, shiny, heart-shaped spathe, grown as an ornamental.
  • fly-on-the-wall — A fly-on-the-wall documentary is made by filming people as they do the things they normally do, rather than by interviewing them or asking them to talk directly to the camera.
  • forward-looking — planning for or anticipating possible future events, conditions, etc.; progressive.
  • law-enforcement — of police, anti-crime

16 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • clay-with-flints — a deposit of stiff clay containing unworn whole flints in the S England
  • follow-my-leader — a game in which the players must repeat the actions of the leader

17 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • flower-of-an-hour — a malvaceous Old World herbaceous plant, Hibiscus trionum, having pale yellow flowers with a bladder-like calyx
  • self-acknowledged — widely recognized; generally accepted: an acknowledged authority on Chinese art.

18 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • farewell-to-spring — a slender, showy plant, Clarkia amoena, of the evening primrose family, native to western North America, having satiny, cup-shaped, lilac-crimson or reddish-pink flowers and roundish fruit.
  • flame-of-the-woods — an Indian evergreen shrub, Ixora coccinea, of the madder family, having red, tubular flowers in dense clusters.

19 letter words containing w, a, f, l

20 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • hail-fellow-well-met — friendly but insincere
  • llanfairpwllgwyngyll — a village in NW Wales, in SE Anglesey: reputed to be the longest place name in Great Britain when unabbreviated; means: St Mary's Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool of Llandysilio of the red cave

21 letter words containing w, a, f, l

  • lotus-of-the-true-law — a Mahayana sutra, forming with its references to Amida and the Bodhisattvas the basis for the doctrine that there is something of Buddha in everyone, so that salvation is universally available: a central text of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • pellitory-of-the-wall — an urticaceous plant, P. diffusa, of the S and W European genus Parietaria, which grows in crevices and has long narrow leaves and small pink flowers

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