Words containing m, y, c, e, t

6 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • ectomy — (medicine) Any operation involving surgical excision or removal.

7 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • ecthyma — a contagious viral disease of sheep and goats and occasionally of humans, marked by vesicular and pustular lesions on the lips.
  • emacity — Desire or fondness for buying.
  • myceto- — fungus
  • myocyte — a contractile cell, especially an elongated cell in sponges that forms a sphincter around body openings.

8 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • cemetary — Misspelling of cemetery.
  • cemetery — A cemetery is a place where dead people's bodies or their ashes are buried.
  • cloyment — satiety
  • cometary — a celestial body moving about the sun, usually in a highly eccentric orbit, consisting of a central mass surrounded by an envelope of dust and gas that may form a tail that streams away from the sun.
  • costumey — resembling a costume and therefore unrealistic

9 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • amebocyte — any cell capable of moving like an amoeba, esp. one that floats freely in the blood or other body fluids, such as a white blood corpuscle
  • cecostomy — Alternative spelling of caecostomy.
  • celiotomy — laparotomy (def 2).
  • champerty — (formerly) an illegal bargain between a party to litigation and an outsider whereby the latter agrees to pay for the action and thereby share in any proceeds recovered
  • chemistry — Chemistry is the scientific study of the structure of substances and of the way that they react with other substances.

10 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • acidimetry — the determination of the amount of acid present in a solution, measured by an acidimeter or by volumetric analysis
  • adenectomy — surgical removal of a gland
  • amebocytes — Plural form of amebocyte, an alternative spelling of amoebocyte.
  • amoebocyte — any cell having properties similar to an amoeba, such as shape, mobility, and ability to engulf particles
  • ascomycete — any fungus of the phylum Ascomycota (formerly class Ascomycetes) in which the spores (ascospores) are formed inside a club-shaped cell (ascus). The group includes yeast, penicillium, aspergillus, truffles, and certain mildews

11 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • achlamydate — not chlamydate; having neither mantle nor pallium.
  • actinometry — The measurement of the heating power of electromagnetic radiation, especially that of solar radiation.
  • actinomyces — a genus of bacteria that causes disease in humans and improves soil ecology
  • amoebocytes — Plural form of amoebocyte.
  • amylopectin — the major component of starch (about 80 per cent), consisting of branched chains of glucose units. It is insoluble and gives a red-brown colour with iodine

12 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • actinomycete — any bacterium of the group Actinomycetes, usually filamentous in form
  • alveolectomy — The surgical reshaping of the alveolar ridge to facilitate dental prosthesis.
  • ambitendency — ambivalence, especially when acted out; a tendency to contradictory behavior arising from conflicting impulses.
  • aneurysmatic — (medicine) Describing a blood vessel that has an aneurysm; aneurysmal.
  • appendectomy — the surgical removal of the vermiform appendix

13 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • actinomycetes — Plural form of actinomycete.
  • adenoidectomy — surgical removal of the adenoids
  • adrenalectomy — the surgical removal of one or both adrenal glands
  • alectryomancy — an ancient form of divination, using a rooster to select grains of food placed on letters of the alphabet.
  • amphictyonies — Plural form of amphictyony.

14 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

15 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • actinochemistry — the branch of chemistry dealing with actinism; photochemistry.
  • aerodynamicists — Plural form of aerodynamicist.
  • amegakaryocytic — Characterized by a lack of megakaryocytes.
  • archaeastronomy — (astronomy, archaeology) The historical, especially archeological, study of astronomy; the study of the astronomical systems and methods of ancient cultures often embracing the astrology and cosmology of the past.
  • archeoastronomy — the branch of archaeology that deals with the apparent use by prehistoric civilizations of astronomical techniques to establish the seasons or the cycle of the year, especially as evidenced in the construction of megaliths and other ritual structures.

16 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

17 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

18 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • aerothermodynamics — the study of the exchange of heat between solids and gases, esp of the heating effect on aircraft flying through the air at very high speeds
  • electrodynamometer — An instrument that measures electric current by indicating the strength of repulsion or attraction between the magnetic fields of two sets of coils, one fixed and one movable.
  • hyper-metaphorical — a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”. Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def 1).
  • hypercholesteremia — Alternative spelling of hypercholesteraemia.
  • incommensurability — not commensurable; having no common basis, measure, or standard of comparison.

19 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • choledocholithotomy — The removal of the gallstone from the bile duct in a case of choledocholithiasis.
  • cinematographically — a motion-picture projector.
  • common-iliac-artery — Also called common iliac artery. either of two large arteries that conduct blood to the pelvis and the legs.
  • counterpoint-rhythm — Music. the art of combining melodies.
  • dihydrostreptomycin — an antibiotic, C 21 H 41 N 7 O 12 , derived by organic synthesis from and believed to be less toxic than streptomycin: used in the form of its sulfate chiefly in the treatment of tuberculosis.

20 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

21 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • antiferromagnetically — In an antiferromagnetic manner.
  • choledochojejunostomy — (medicine) The surgical formation of an opening between the common bile duct and the jejunum.
  • electromyographically — By means of, or in terms of, electromyography.
  • electronystagmography — A diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of the eye caused by a condition known as nystagmus. It can also be used to diagnose the cause of vertigo, dizziness or balance dysfunction by testing the vestibular system.
  • hypercholesterolaemia — the condition of having a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood

22 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • carboxymethylcellulose — a white, water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose, used as a coating and sizing for paper and textiles, a stabilizer for various foods, and an appetite suppressor.
  • chemical-sympathectomy — sympathectomy (def 2).
  • microspectrophotometry — a spectrophotometer for examining light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by minute objects.
  • spectrophotometrically — an instrument for making photometric comparisons between parts of spectra.
  • thiamine-hydrochloride — a white, crystalline, water-soluble compound of the vitamin-B complex, containing a thiazole and a pyrimidine group, C 12 H 17 ClN 4 OS, essential for normal functioning of the nervous system, a deficiency of which results chiefly in beriberi and other nerve disorders: occurring in many natural sources, as green peas, liver, and especially the seed coats of cereal grains, the commercial product of which is chiefly synthesized in the form of its chloride (thiamine chloride or thiamine hydrochloride) for therapeutic administration, or in nitrate form (thiamine mononitrate) for enriching flour mixes.

23 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

24 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

26 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

  • ethylenediaminetetraacetic — Alternative spelling of ethylenediaminetetracetic.
  • ethylmercurithiosalicylate — (organic compound) A salt or ester of ethylmercurithiosalicylic acid.
  • statistical-thermodynamics — the science that deals with average properties of the molecules, atoms, or elementary particles in random motion in a system of many such particles and relates these properties to the thermodynamic and other macroscopic properties of the system.

29 letter words containing m, y, c, e, t

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