17-letter words containing m, s, i, e, u, r

  • absolute majority — If a political party wins an absolute majority, they obtain more seats or votes than the total number of seats or votes gained by their opponents in an election.
  • adventure tourism — tourism involving activities that are physically challenging
  • alternative music — independent pop music
  • amateur dramatics — theatrical performances by amateur players
  • ambulance service — the public organization that operates ambulances in a country
  • american chestnut — any of the several deciduous trees constituting the genus Castanea, of the beech family, having toothed, oblong leaves and bearing edible nuts enclosed in a prickly bur, and including C. dentata (American chestnut) which has been virtually destroyed by the chestnut blight, C. sativa (European chestnut) C. mollissima (Chinese chestnut) and C. crenata (Japanese chestnut)
  • ammonium stearate — a tan, waxlike, water-insoluble solid, C 18 H 39 NO 2 , used chiefly in the manufacture of cosmetics.
  • argumentativeness — fond of or given to argument and dispute; disputatious; contentious: The law students were an unusually argumentative group.
  • aurea mediocritas — the golden mean.
  • brzesc nad bugiem — Polish name of Brest Litovsk.
  • bull's-eye mirror — a circular, convex, ornamental mirror.
  • campus university — a university in which the buildings, often including shops and cafés, are all on one site
  • chemotherapeutics — chemotherapy.
  • chicken drumstick — a chicken leg, considered as food
  • circumscriptively — In a circumscriptive manner.
  • circumterrestrial — surrounding or revolving about the earth.
  • clumber (spaniel) — a short-legged spaniel with a heavy body and a thick coat of straight, white hair marked with yellow or orange
  • communion service — the Christian ceremony in which people eat bread and drink wine in memory of Christ's death
  • community service — Community service is unpaid work that criminals sometimes do as a punishment instead of being sent to prison.
  • compound interest — Compound interest is interest that is calculated both on an original sum of money and on interest which has previously been added to the sum. Compare simple interest.
  • computer graphics — the use of a computer to produce and manipulate pictorial images on a video screen, as in animation techniques or the production of audiovisual aids
  • computer security — security
  • consumer sampling — a research technique in which targeted consumers are polled or tested for their receptiveness to a product or service
  • consumer spending — the percentage of an economy that is accounted for by what consumers spend
  • copious free time — (jargon)   (Apple; originally from the introduction to Tom Lehrer's song "It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier") Used ironically to indicate the speaker's lack of the quantity in question; a mythical schedule slot for accomplishing tasks held to be unlikely or impossible. Sometimes used to indicate that the speaker is interested in accomplishing the task, but believes that the opportunity will not arise. "I'll implement the automatic layout stuff in my copious free time." The phrase is also used for time reserved for bogus or otherwise idiotic tasks, such as implementation of bad chrome, or the stroking of suits. "I'll get back to him on that feature in my copious free time."
  • cytomegaloviruses — Plural form of cytomegalovirus.
  • d&o insurance — D&O insurance is a personal liability insurance that provides cover to the directors and senior executives of a company.
  • deconstructionism — The belief in, or application of, deconstruction.
  • democritus juniorHarold Hitz [hits] /hɪts/ (Show IPA), 1888–1964, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1945–58.
  • diaphragm shutter — a camera shutter having a group of overlapping blades that open and close at the center when exposing film.
  • dining room suite — a set of furniture used in a dining room
  • director of music — a person in charge of musical training and performance at an institution such as a college, especially the head bandmaster of a military band
  • dispersive medium — a substance in which waves of different frequencies travel at different speeds
  • dynamic insurance — Dynamic insurance is a type of insurance coverage where the policyholder can choose to increase benefits and premiums by a fixed percentage each year to offset the effects of inflation.
  • emission spectrum — the continuous spectrum or pattern of bright lines or bands seen when the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a substance is passed into a spectrometer. The spectrum is characteristic of the emitting substance and the type of excitation to which it is subjected
  • enrolment figures — the numbers of people enrolling at an institution, on a course, etc
  • first triumvirate — the political alliance of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey, formed in 60 bc
  • flight instrument — any instrument used to indicate the altitude, attitude, airspeed, drift, or direction of an aircraft.
  • fourier transform — a mapping of a function, as a signal, that is defined in one domain, as space or time, into another domain, as wavelength or frequency, where the function is represented in terms of sines and cosines.
  • functional isomer — any of several structural isomers that have the same molecular formula but with the atoms connected in different ways and therefore falling into different functional groups.
  • germanicus caesar — 15 b.c.–a.d. 19, Roman general.
  • homeland security — national defence
  • immunocompromised — having an impaired or compromised immune response; immunodeficient.
  • immunofluorescent — Of, pertaining to, or using immunofluorescence.
  • immunosuppressant — (pharmacology) Capable of immunosuppression, immunosuppressive.
  • immunosuppression — the inhibition of the normal immune response because of disease, the administration of drugs, or surgery.
  • immunosuppressive — capable of causing immunosuppression: immunosuppressive drugs.
  • impossible figure — a picture of an object that at first sight looks three-dimensional but cannot be a two-dimensional projection of a real three-dimensional object, for example a picture of a staircase that re-enters itself while appearing to ascend continuously
  • in forma pauperis — as a poor person; i.e. without paying court costs
  • instrument flying — the control and navigation of an aircraft by reference to its gauges, with no or only limited visual reference outside the cockpit.

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