Words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

6 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • mincha — the afternoon service

7 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • chingma — the fiber of the Indian mallow.
  • machine — an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: a sewing machine.
  • mahican — a tribe or confederacy of Algonquian-speaking North American Indians, centralized formerly in the upper Hudson valley.
  • minchah — the daily Jewish religious service conducted in the afternoon.
  • mohican — Mahican.

8 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • achenium — (botany) achene.
  • anthemic — (of a song) like an anthem in being rousing or uplifting.
  • camphine — rectified oil of turpentine
  • chainman — a person who does the chaining in a survey
  • chairman — The chairman of a committee, organization, or company is the head of it.

9 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • achimenes — any plant of the tropical S American tuberous-rooted perennial genus Achimenes, with showy red, blue, or white tubular flowers, some of which are grown as greenhouse plants: family Gesneriaceae
  • anarchism — Anarchism is the belief that the laws and power of governments should be replaced by people working together freely.
  • anorchism — Anorchia.
  • antimacho — opposed to macho attitudes
  • carthamin — (organic compound) A red colouring matter obtained from the safflower, Carthamus tinctorius.

10 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • achaemenid — any member of a Persian dynasty of kings, including Cyrus the Great, that ruled from about 550 to 331 bc, when Darius III was overthrown by Alexander the Great
  • achromatin — the material of the nucleus of a cell that does not stain with basic dyes
  • achromycin — tetracycline
  • altrincham — a residential town in NW England, in Trafford unitary authority, Greater Manchester. Pop: 40 695 (2001)
  • amphictyon — a delegate to an amphictyonic council

11 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • achaemenian — of or relating to the Achaemenids or their language, as recorded in cuneiform inscriptions.
  • achievement — An achievement is something which someone has succeeded in doing, especially after a lot of effort.
  • alchemizing — Present participle of alchemize.
  • amelanchier — A tree or shrub of a genus that includes the juneberries.
  • amenorrheic — of or relating to amenorrhea

12 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • achievements — Plural form of achievement.
  • actinomorphy — The condition of being actinomorphic.
  • aeromechanic — an aircraft mechanic
  • alphanumeric — (of a character set, code, or file of data) consisting of alphabetical and numerical symbols
  • alphitomancy — the use of barley meal as a means of divination.

13 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • accomplishing — Present participle of accomplish.
  • acetaminophen — a white crystalline powder, CH3CONHC6H4OH, used for reducing fever and relieving pain
  • actinomorphic — (esp of a flower) having radial symmetry, as buttercups
  • aeromechanics — the mechanics of gases, esp air
  • alphanumerics — Plural form of alphanumeric.

14 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • accomplishment — An accomplishment is something remarkable that has been done or achieved.
  • alphanumerical — alphanumeric; characterized by having letters and numerals
  • anthropometric — the measurement of the size and proportions of the human body.
  • antialcoholism — the doctrine of being opposed to alcoholic drink
  • antiarrhythmic — a drug that corrects irregular heartbeat

15 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • academicianship — A membership in a national academy of arts or sciences.
  • accomplishments — Plural form of accomplishment.
  • actinochemistry — the branch of chemistry dealing with actinism; photochemistry.
  • anthropometrics — the science of measuring the size and proportions of the human body (called anthropometry), especially as applied to the design of furniture and machines.
  • anthropomorphic — Anthropomorphic means relating to the idea that an animal, a god, or an object has feelings or characteristics like those of a human being.

16 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

17 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • aerothermodynamic — Of or pertaining to aerothermodynamics.
  • american-flagfish — flagfish (def 1).
  • anglo-catholicism — the tradition or form of worship in the Anglican Church that emphasizes Catholicity, the apostolic succession, and the continuity of all churches within the communion with pre-Reformation Christianity as well as the importance of liturgy and ritual.
  • anthroposemiotics — The study of human communication.
  • anti-metaphysical — pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics.

18 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • aerothermodynamics — the study of the exchange of heat between solids and gases, esp of the heating effect on aircraft flying through the air at very high speeds
  • anti-scholasticism — (sometimes initial capital letter) the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the church fathers and of Aristotle and his commentators.
  • carboxyhaemoglobin — haemoglobin coordinated with carbon monoxide, formed as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is bound in preference to oxygen, tissues are deprived of oxygen
  • cholangiocarcinoma — (pathology) Cancer of the bile duct.
  • chukchi-kamchatkan — Chukotian.

19 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

20 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • acetylmethylcarbinol — acetoin.
  • chevalier-montrachet — a white wine from Burgundy.
  • electrohydrodynamics — (physics) the study of the dynamics of electrically conducting fluid.
  • fermentation-alcohol — Also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, ethanol, fermentation alcohol. a colorless, limpid, volatile, flammable, water-miscible liquid, C 2 H 5 OH, having an etherlike odor and pungent, burning taste, the intoxicating principle of fermented liquors, produced by yeast fermentation of certain carbohydrates, as grains, molasses, starch, or sugar, or obtained synthetically by hydration of ethylene or as a by-product of certain hydrocarbon syntheses: used chiefly as a solvent in the extraction of specific substances, in beverages, medicines, organic synthesis, lotions, tonics, colognes, rubbing compounds, as an automobile radiator antifreeze, and as a rocket fuel. Compare denatured alcohol, methyl alcohol.
  • hyperadrenocorticism — Cushing's syndrome.

21 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • atmospheric-inversion — an act or instance of inverting.
  • comfortably-furnished — containing comfortable furniture
  • dacryocystorhinostomy — A surgical procedure to restore the flow of tears into the nose from the lacrimal sac when the nasolacrimal duct does not function.
  • immunohistochemically — By means of or in regard to immunohistochemistry.
  • performance-enhancing — noting or relating to a drug or other substance used to improve one's performance in a sport or other activity requiring strength, stamina, etc.: The use of performance-enhancing steroids by athletes is banned.

22 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • chlorotrifluoromethane — a colorless gas, CClF 3 , used chiefly as a refrigerant, in the hardening of metals, and in pharmaceutical processing.
  • garmisch-partenkirchen — a city in S Germany, in the Bavarian Alps.
  • thiamine-hydrochloride — a white, crystalline, water-soluble compound of the vitamin-B complex, containing a thiazole and a pyrimidine group, C 12 H 17 ClN 4 OS, essential for normal functioning of the nervous system, a deficiency of which results chiefly in beriberi and other nerve disorders: occurring in many natural sources, as green peas, liver, and especially the seed coats of cereal grains, the commercial product of which is chiefly synthesized in the form of its chloride (thiamine chloride or thiamine hydrochloride) for therapeutic administration, or in nitrate form (thiamine mononitrate) for enriching flour mixes.
  • trichlorofluoromethane — chlorotrifluoromethane.
  • trifluorochloromethane — chlorotrifluoromethane.

23 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

24 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

25 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • homothetic-transformation — Also called homothetic transformation. a mapping of a set by which each element in the set is mapped into a positive constant multiple of itself, the same constant being used for all elements.

26 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • ethylenediaminetetraacetic — Alternative spelling of ethylenediaminetetracetic.
  • statistical-thermodynamics — the science that deals with average properties of the molecules, atoms, or elementary particles in random motion in a system of many such particles and relates these properties to the thermodynamic and other macroscopic properties of the system.

28 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • apple-touch-icon-precomposed — (programming)   An alternative form of apple-touch-icon that is not subject to automatic modification (rounding, drop-shadow, reflective shine) as applied by iOS versions prior to iOS 7. A web page specifies a pre-composed icon by including an element in the like:

29 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

32 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

34 letter words containing m, a, c, h, i, n

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