Words containing l, a, v, i, k

5 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • vakil — a native lawyer.

6 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • litvak — a Jew from Lithuania or a neighboring country or region.

7 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • kevalin — a person who is free of karmic matter, detached, and omniscient; Tirthankara.
  • klavier — any musical instrument having a keyboard, especially a stringed keyboard instrument, as a harpsichord, clavichord, or piano.
  • valmiki — Hindu poet and reputed author of the Ramayana.

8 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • cavelike — similar to or resembling a cave
  • divalike — (literally) like a spoiled diva.
  • keflavik — a town in SW Iceland, on the S shore of Faxa Bay: site of international airport.
  • lavalike — Resembling lava in one or more characteristics, such as heat or viscosity.
  • novalike — Resembling a nova or some aspect of one.

9 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • balakirev — Mily Alexeyevich (ˈmilij alɪkˈsjejɪvitʃ). 1837–1910, Russian composer, whose works include two symphonic poems, two symphonies, and many arrangements of Russian folk songs
  • gavelkind — (originally) a tenure of land in which the tenant was liable for a rental in money or produce rather than for labor or military service.
  • gravelike — resembling a grave
  • invokable — (computing) That can be invoked; callable.
  • knavishly — In a knavish manner.

10 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • avenuelike — Resembling or characteristic of an avenue.
  • canvaslike — resembling canvas
  • keep-alive — (communications)   A short message sent periodically on a communication channel that would otherwise time out and close due to inactivity.
  • kvikkalkul — (language)   /kveek`kahl-kool'/ A deliberately cryptic programming language said to have been devised by the Swedish Navy in the 1950s as part of their abortive attempt at a nuclear weapons program. What little is known about it comes from a series of an anonymous posts to Usenet in 1994. The poster described the language, saying that he had programmed in Kvikkalkul when he worked for the Swedish Navy in the 1950s. It is an open question whether the posts were a troll, a subtle parody or truth stranger than fiction could ever be. Assuming it existed, Kvikkalkul is so much a bondage-and-discipline language that it is, in its own ways, even more bizarre than the deliberate parody language INTERCAL. Among its notable "features", all symbols in Kvikkalkul, including variable names and program labels, can consist only of digits. Operators consist entirely of the punctuation symbols (, ), -, and :. Kvikkalkul allows no comments - they might not correspond with the code. Kvikkalkul's only data type is the signed fixed-point fractional number, i.e. a number between (but not including) -1 and 1. Dealings with the Real World that require numbers outside that range are done with functions that notionally map that range to a larger range (e.g., -16383 to -16383) and back. Kvikkalkul had a probabilistic jump operator which, if given a negative probability, would act like a COME FROM. This was, sadly, deleted in later versions of the language.
  • lagerkvist — Pär [par] /pær/ (Show IPA), 1891–1974, Swedish novelist, poet, and essayist: Nobel Prize 1951.

11 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • backsolving — Present participle of backsolve.
  • baskerville — a style of type
  • clarksville — city in N Tenn., on the Cumberland River: pop. 103,000
  • irrevokable — Alternative spelling of irrevocable.
  • kalashnikov — A Kalashnikov is a type of rifle that is made in Russia.

12 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • jacksonville — a seaport in NE Florida, on the St. John's River.
  • leave-taking — a saying farewell; a parting or goodbye; departure: His leave-taking was brief.
  • make-believe — pretense, especially of an innocent or playful kind; feigning; sham: the make-believe of children playing.
  • quacksalving — resembling or characteristic of a quacksalver
  • stanislavski — Konstantin [kon-stuh n-teen;; Russian kuh n-stuhn-tyeen] /ˈkɒn stənˌtin;; Russian kən stʌnˈtyin/ (Show IPA), (Konstantin Sergeevich Alekseev) 1863–1938, Russian actor, producer, and director.

13 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • alkali-loving — (of a plant) requiring a pH of 7.1 to 9 for optimal growth.
  • black-a-vised — having a dark complexion.
  • mikhailovitch — Draja [drah-zhah] /ˈdrɑ ʒɑ/ (Show IPA), 1893–1946, Yugoslav military leader.
  • overtalkative — characterized by a tendency to talk excessively
  • rosenkavalier — an opera (1911) by Richard Strauss.

14 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • anti-bolshevik — a person who is opposed to Bolshevism
  • avalokitesvara — a male Bodhisattva, widely revered and identified with various persons and gods.
  • czechoslovakia — a former republic in central Europe: formed after the defeat of Austria-Hungary (1918) as a nation of Czechs in Bohemia and Moravia and Slovaks in Slovakia; occupied by Germany from 1939 until its liberation by the Soviet Union in 1945; became a people's republic under the Communists in 1948; invaded by Warsaw Pact troops in 1968, ending Dubček's attempt to liberalize communism; in 1989 popular unrest led to the resignation of the politburo and the formation of a non-Communist government. It consisted of two federal republics, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which separated in 1993
  • sackville-westDame Victoria Mary ("Vita") 1892–1962, English poet and novelist (wife of Harold Nicolson).
  • yekaterinoslav — a former name of Dnepropetrovsk.

15 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • czechoslovakian — Czechoslovakian means the same as Czechoslovak.
  • glanville-hicksPeggy, 1912–1990, U.S. composer and music critic, born in Australia.
  • kilovolt-ampere — an electrical unit, equal to 1000 volt-amperes. Abbreviation: kVA, kva.
  • pick-and-shovel — marked by drudgery; laborious: the pick-and-shovel work necessary to get a political campaign underway.

16 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • granville-barkerHarley, 1877–1946, English dramatist, actor, and critic.

19 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

21 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

24 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

  • black-english-vernacular — Also called African American Vernacular English, African American English, Afro-American English, Black English Vernacular, Black Vernacular English.a dialect of American English characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structures, and vocabulary associated with and used by some North American black people and exhibiting a wide variety and range of forms varying in the extent to which they differ from standard English.

25 letter words containing l, a, v, i, k

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