5-letter words containing l, a, d

  • -land — a kind or quality of land
  • -load — -load combines with nouns referring to a vehicle or container to form nouns that refer to the total amount of something that the vehicle or container mentioned can hold or carry.
  • abled — having a range of physical powers as specified (esp in the phrases less abled, differently abled)
  • acold — cold; chilled
  • addle — If something addles someone's mind or brain, they become confused and unable to think properly.
  • adela — a feminine name: dim. Della; var. Adelia; Fr. Adèle
  • adele — a feminine name
  • adlai — a male given name.
  • adler — Alfred (ˈalfreːt). 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist, noted for his descriptions of overcompensation and inferiority feelings
  • adlib — Alternative spelling of ad-lib.
  • adlog — (language)   A language which adds a Prolog layer to Ada.
  • adolf — a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “noble” and “wolf.”.
  • adult — An adult is a mature, fully developed person. An adult has reached the age when they are legally responsible for their actions.
  • afald — single; sole
  • ahold — a hold
  • ailed — to cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble to.
  • aland — to land, on land, ashore
  • alcid — any of twenty-two species of oceanic birds of the family Alcidae
  • aldan — a river in E Russia in the SE Sakha Republic, rising in the Aldan Mountains and flowing north and west to the Lena River. Length: about 2700 km (1700 miles)
  • aldat — (language)   A database language, based on extended algebra.
  • aldea — a village or a villa in Portugal or a Portuguese colony
  • alden — John1599?-1687; Pilgrim settler in Plymouth Colony: character in Longfellow's poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish”
  • alder — An alder is a species of tree or shrub that grows especially in cool, damp places and loses its leaves in winter.
  • aldes — ALgorithm DEScription
  • aldol — a colourless or yellowish oily liquid, miscible with water, used in the manufacture of rubber accelerators, as an organic solvent, in perfume, and as a hypnotic and sedative. Formula: CH3CHOHCH2CHO
  • algid — chilly or cold
  • alkyd — containing an alkyd resin
  • allod — allodium
  • almud — a unit of volume in various countries, most notably Spain, where it is roughly equivalent to 4.63 litres
  • aloed — containing, or shaded by, aloes
  • aloud — When you say something, read, or laugh aloud, you speak or laugh so that other people can hear you.
  • axled — having an axle
  • badly — If something is done badly or goes badly, it is not very successful or effective.
  • baldy — People sometimes refer to a bald person as a baldy, especially if they are talking about them or to them in a friendly or humorous way. Some people might find this offensive.
  • baled — Also, bailer. a bucket, dipper, or other container used for bailing.
  • blade — The blade of a knife, axe, or saw is the edge, which is used for cutting.
  • bland — If you describe someone or something as bland, you mean that they are rather dull and unexciting.
  • blaud — a large amount
  • blida — a city in N Algeria, on the edge of the Mitidja Plain. Pop: 269 000 (2005 est)
  • cadel — An ornate capital letter used in calligraphy consisting of interlacing pen strokes.
  • calid — warm
  • clade — a group of organisms considered as having evolved from a common ancestor
  • clads — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of clad.
  • dactl — Declarative Alvey Compiler Target Language. An intermediate language from the University of East Anglia, used in the Flagship project. DACTL is based on a form of graph rewriting which can be used to implement functional languages, logic languages and imperative languages. The current version is Dactl0.
  • daily — If something happens daily, it happens every day.
  • dalan — (in Persian and Indian architecture) a veranda or open hall for reception of visitors.
  • dalek — any of a set of fictional robot-like creations that are aggressive, mobile, and produce rasping staccato speech
  • dalen — Nils Gustaf. 1869–1937, Swedish engineer, inventor of an automatic light-controlled valve known as 'Solventil'. Nobel prize for physics 1912
  • dales — a strong working breed of pony, originating from Yorkshire and Durham
  • dalet — The fourth letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).

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