23-letter words containing l, a, d

  • (as) dead as a doornail — dead beyond any doubt
  • abd al-malik ibn marwan — ?646–705 ad, fifth caliph (685–705) of the Omayyad Arab dynasty. He pacified the Muslim empire and extended its territory in North Africa
  • abstract window toolkit — (graphics)   (AWT) Java's platform-independent windowing, graphics, and user-interface toolkit. The AWT is part of the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) - the standard API for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) for a Java program. Compare: SWING.
  • acceptable daily intake — the amount of a substance that people can consume on a daily basis without damaging their health
  • adaptive cruise control — Adaptive cruise control is an electronic control system in a vehicle that makes sure that the vehicle keeps a safe distance from vehicles in front.
  • addition polymerization — the act or process of forming a polymer or polymeric compound.
  • adjusting journal entry — An adjusting journal entry is a journal entry that is made to correct an error or update an account.
  • advanced skills teacher — a teacher who has achieved high standards of classroom practice and success and who, after passing a national assessment, is paid to share his or her skills and experience with other teachers
  • affiliation proceedings — (formerly) legal proceedings, usually initiated by an unmarried mother, claiming legal recognition that a particular man is the father of her child, often associated with a claim for financial support
  • aion development system — (artificial intelligence, product)   (ADS) A commericial expert system shell developed by Aion Corporation that supported forward chainging and backward chaining and featured an object-oriented knowledge representation scheme, graphics and integrated with other programming languages like C and Pascal.
  • all sweetness and light — If you say that a relationship or situation is not all sweetness and light, you mean that it is not as pleasant as it appears to be.
  • all-singing all-dancing — If you describe something new as all-singing, all-dancing, you mean that it is very modern and advanced, with a lot of additional features; used especially to show that you think a lot of these features are silly or unnecessary.
  • allowance for bad debts — Allowance for bad debt is a provision made in a company's accounts which recognizes that some debts will not be able to be collected.
  • alpes-de-haute provence — a department in SE France. 2698 sq. mi. (6990 sq. km). Capital: Digne.
  • alpes-de-haute-provence — a department of SE France in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. Capital: Digne. Pop: 144 508 (2003 est). Area: 6988 sq km (2725 sq miles)
  • alpha-ketoglutaric acid — a dibasic keto acid, C 5 H 6 O 5 , that occurs as an intermediate in the Krebs' cycle and in protein metabolism.
  • amortized mortgage loan — a loan that is amortized over a period of time and is secured by a mortgage
  • andorra kernel language — (language)   (AKL) The successor to KAP by S. Janson <[email protected]>. A prototype implementation is available from the author.
  • appenzell ausser rhoden — a demicanton in NE Switzerland: Protestant. 94 sq. mi. (245 sq. km). Capital: Herisau.
  • application development — the development of specialized programs or sets of specialized programs and associated documentation designed to carry out a particular task
  • astro-inertial guidance — celestial guidance.
  • asymmetrical modulation — (communications)   A scheme to maximise use of a communications line by giving a larger share of the bandwidth to the modem at the end which is transmitting the most information. Only one end of the connection has full bandwidth, the other has only a fraction of the bandwidth. Normally, which end gets the full bandwidth is chosen dynamically. Asymmetrical modulation was made famous by the HST mode of the early high-speed modems from US Robotics.
  • at the beck and call of — at the service of; obedient to the wishes of
  • atrioventricular bundle — a bundle of specialized muscle fibers regulating the heartbeat by conducting impulses from the right atrium to the ventricles.
  • bachelor of arts degree — a degree conferred on a person who has successfully completed his or her undergraduate studies, usually in a branch of the liberal arts or humanities
  • backwards compatibility — backward compatibility
  • bad feeling/ill feeling — Bad feeling or ill feeling is bitterness or anger which exists between people, for example after they have had an argument.
  • barrister and solicitor — an attorney who is licensed to prepare cases and argue them in court in the common-law provinces of Canada and in New Zealand and Australia.
  • battered child syndrome — the array of physical injuries exhibited by young children who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their parents or guardians.
  • be left holding the bag — If you are left holding the bag, you are put in a situation where you are responsible for something, often in an unfair way because other people fail or refuse to take responsibility for it.
  • bet one's bottom dollar — to bet one's last dollar; bet everything one has
  • beyond reasonable doubt — if something is proved beyond reasonable doubt, it is legally accepted as being true
  • bird-meertens formalism — (theory, programming)   (BMF) (Or "Squiggol") A calculus for derivation of functional programs from a specification. It consists of a set of higher-order functions that operate on lists including map, fold, scan, filter, inits, tails, cross product and function composition.
  • bird-of-paradise flower — any of various banana-like plants of the genus Strelitzia, esp S. reginae, that are native to tropical southern Africa and South America and have purple bracts and large orange or yellow flowers resembling birds' heads: family Strelitziaceae
  • black and tan coonhound — one of an American breed of large, powerful hound dogs having a short, dense, black coat with tan markings above the eyes and on the muzzle, chest, legs, feet, and breech, and low-set, drooping ears, used for hunting raccoons, opossums, and other larger game.
  • black-throated whipbird — an Australian whipbird, Psophodes nigrogularis
  • block started by symbol — (memory)   (BSS) The uninitialised data segment produced by Unix linkers. Objects in the bss segment have only a name and a size but no value. Executable code is located in the code segment and initialised data in the data segment.
  • blood, sweat, and tears — If you refer to something as involving blood, sweat, and tears, you mean that it is a very hard thing to do and requires a lot of effort.
  • border gateway protocol — (BGP) An Exterior Gateway Protocol defined in RFC 1267 and RFC 1268. Its design is based on experience gained with Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP), as defined in STD 18, RFC 904 and EGP usage in the NSFNet backbone, as described in RFCs 1092 and 1093.
  • boundary value analysis — (programming)   A test data selection technique in which values are chosen to lie along data extremes. Boundary values include maximum, minimum, just inside/outside boundaries, typical values, and error values. The hope is that, if a systems works correctly for these special values then it will work correctly for all values in between.
  • bread-and-butter letter — a letter expressing gratitude for hospitality
  • bread-and-butter pickle — an unpeeled slice of cucumber marinated in salt water and boiled with vinegar, celery seed, spices, and brown sugar.
  • brinell hardness number — a measure of the hardness of a material obtained by pressing a hard steel ball into its surface; it is expressed as the ratio of the load on the ball in kilograms to the area of the depression made by the ball in square millimetres
  • british and irish lions — a touring rugby union side composed of players invited from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
  • broadcast quality video — (communications, multimedia)   Roughly, video with more than 30 frames per second at a resolution of 800 x 640 pixels. The quality of moving pictures and sound is determined by the complete chain from camera to receiver. Relevant factors are the colour temperature of the lighting, the balance of the red, green and blue vision pick-up tubes to produce the correct display colour temperature (which will be different) and the gamma pre-correction to cancel the non-linear characteristic of cathode-ray tubes in television receivers. The resolution of the camera tube and video coding system will determine the maximum number of pixels in the picture. Different colour coding systems have different defects. The NTSC system (National Television Systems Committee) can produce hue errors. The PAL system (Phase Alternation by Line) can produce saturation errors. Television modulation systems are specified by ITU CCIR Report 624. Low-resolution systems have bandwidths of 4.2 MHz with 525 to 625 lines per frame as used in the Americas and Japan. Medium resolution of 5 to 6.5 MHz with 625 lines is used in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia. High-Definition Television (HDTV) will require 8 MHz or more of bandwidth. A medium resolution (5.5 MHz in UK) picture can be represented by 572 lines of 402 pixels. Note the ratio of pixels to lines is not the same as the aspect ratio. A VGA display (480n lines of 640 pixels) could thus display 84% of the height of one picture frame. Most compression techniques reduce quality as they assume a restricted range of detail and motion and discard details to which the human eye is not sensitive. Broadcast quality implies something better than amateur or domestic video and therefore can't be retained on a domestic video recorder. Broadcasts use quadriplex or U-matic recorders. The lowest frame rate used for commercial entertainment is the 24Hz of the 35mm cinema camera. When broadcast on a 50Hz television system, the pictures are screened at 25Hz reducing the running times by 4%. On a 60Hz system every five movie frames are screened as six TV frames, still at the 4% increased rate. The six frames are made by mixing adjacent frames, with some degradation of the picture. A computer system to meet international standard reproduction would at least VGA resolution, an interlaced frame rate of 24Hz and 8 bits to represent the luminance (Y) component. For a component display system using red, green and blue (RGB) electron guns and phosphor dots each will require 7 bits. Transmission and recording is different as various coding schemes need less bits if other representations are used instead of RGB. Broadcasts use YUV and compression can reduce this to about 3.5 bits per pixel without perceptible degradation. High-quality video and sound can be carried on a 34 Mbaud channel after being compressed with ADPCM and variable length coding, potentially in real time.
  • calorie-controlled diet — a diet that restricts a person to a limited number of calories per day
  • camillo benso di cavour — Camillo Benso di [kah-meel-law ben-saw dee] /kɑˈmil lɔ ˈbɛn sɔ di/ (Show IPA), 1810–61, Italian statesman: leader in the unification of Italy.
  • castellammare di stabia — a port and resort in SW Italy, in Campania on the Bay of Naples: site of the Roman resort of Stabiae, which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 ad. Pop: 66 929 (2001)
  • catch cold/catch a cold — If you catch cold, or catch a cold, you become ill with a cold.
  • catherine of alexandriaSaint, a.d. c310, Christian martyr.

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