18-letter words containing l, a, c, t

  • 16-bit application — (operating system)   Software for MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows which originally ran on the 16-bit Intel 8088 and 80286 microprocessors. These used a segmented address space to extend the range of addresses from what is possible with just a 16-bit address. Programs with more than 64 kilobytes of code or data therefore had to waste time switching between segments. Furthermore, programming with segments is more involved than programming in a flat address space, giving rise to warts like memory models in C and C++. Compare 32-bit application.
  • 32-bit application — (architecture, operating system)   IBM PC software that runs in a 32-bit flat address space. The term 32-bit application came about because MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows were originally written for the Intel 8088 and 80286 microprocessors. These are 16 bit microprocessors with a segmented address space. Programs with more than 64 kilobytes of code and/or data therefore had to switch between segments quite frequently. As this operation is quite time consuming in comparison to other machine operations, the application's performance may suffer. Furthermore, programming with segments is more involved than programming in a flat address space, giving rise to some complications in programming languages like "memory models" in C and C++. The shift from 16-bit software to 32-bit software on IBM PC clones became possible with the introduction of the Intel 80386 microprocessor. This microprocessor and its successors support a segmented address space with 16-bit and 32 bit segments (more precisely: segments with 16- or 32-bit address offset) or a linear 32-bit address space. For compatibility reasons, however, much of the software is nevertheless written in 16-bit models. See also Win32s.
  • a place in the sun — If you say that someone has found their place in the sun, you mean that they are in a job or a situation where they will be happy and have everything that they want.
  • a slap in the face — If you describe something that someone does as a slap in the face, you mean that it shocks or upsets you because it shows that they do not support you or respect you.
  • a slap on the back — congratulation
  • absolute viscosity — a full name for viscosity, used to distinguish it from kinematic viscosity and specific viscosity
  • acadian flycatcher — a small, greenish tyrant flycatcher (Empidonax virescens) found in deciduous forests of E North America
  • accelerated reader — a teaching device into which a page of reading material is inserted and advanced one line at a time, gradually increasing the speed to accelerate and improve one's rate of reading comprehension.
  • accommodation bill — a bill of exchange cosigned by a guarantor: designed to strengthen the acceptor's credit
  • accommodation line — insurance that, by itself, would not be acceptable to an insurer but is written in connection with other policies as an accommodation to an agent or broker.
  • according to hoyle — according to the rules and regulations; in the prescribed, fair, or correct way
  • account receivable — a current asset account showing amounts payable to a firm by customers who have made purchases of goods and services on credit
  • accumulation point — a point such that every neighborhood of the point contains at least one point in a given set other than the given point.
  • activated charcoal — a form of carbon having very fine pores: used chiefly for adsorbing gases or solutes, as in various filter systems for purification, deodorization, and decolorization.
  • actual bodily harm — Actual bodily harm is a criminal offence in which someone gives another person a minor injury.
  • acupuncture needle — a very fine needle with a rounded tip, used in acupuncture
  • acute inflammation — body's response to infection
  • admirable crichton — a comedy (1902) by Sir James M. Barrie.
  • aerial perspective — a means of indicating relative distance in terms of a gradation of clarity, tone, and colour, esp blue
  • aeronautical chart — a topographic map of an area of the earth's surface, designed as an aid to aircraft navigation
  • african tulip tree — a tropical African evergreen tree, Spathodea campaulata, with pinnate leaves, split pods, winged seeds, and large red flowers.
  • agricultural agent — county agent.
  • airman first class — the third lowest enlisted rank in the US Air Force, above airman and below senior airman
  • alarm clock briton — a British worker with a moderate income, whose daily routine involves preparing children for school and going out to work
  • albert bruce sabinAlbert Bruce, 1906–93, U.S. physician, born in Poland: developed Sabin vaccine.
  • albrecht waldstein — Albrecht von [German ahl-brekht fuh n] /German ˈɑl brɛxt fən/ (Show IPA), Wallenstein, Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von.
  • alcoholic solution — An alcoholic solution is mixture of water and ethanol, used as a solvent.
  • algebraic equation — an equation in the form of a polynomial having a finite number of terms and equated to zero, as 2 x 3 + 4 x 2 − x + 7 = 0.
  • algebraic function — any function which can be constructed in a finite number of steps from the elementary operations and the inverses of any function already constructed
  • algebraic geometry — the study of sets that are defined by algebraic equations.
  • algebraic notation — the standard method of denoting the squares on the chessboard, by allotting a letter, a, b, c, up to h, to each of the files running up the board from White's side, starting from the left, and a number to each of the ranks across the board, starting with White's first rank
  • algebraic topology — the branch of mathematics that deals with the application of algebraic methods to topology, especially the study of homology and homotopy.
  • all over the place — If something is happening all over the place, it is happening in many different places.
  • alpha-stannic acid — any of the series of acids usually occurring as amorphous powders and varying in composition from H 2 SnO 3 (alpha-stannic acid) to H 4 SnO 4 .
  • alphaphotographics — A display made up of text characters combined with high-resolution photographic images (proposed as a future form of videotex).
  • alternative comedy — a style of comedy originating in the UK in the 1980s that seeks to avoid racist or sexist stereotypes, and usually puts forward left-wing, anti-establishment views
  • alternative school — any public or private school having a special curriculum, especially an elementary or secondary school offering a more flexible program of study than a traditional school.
  • aluminum glycinate — a white, bland-tasting powder, C 2 H 6 AlNO 4 , that is used as an antacid.
  • amdahl corporation — (company)   A US computer manufacturer. Amdahl is a major supplier of large mainframes, UNIX and Open Systems software and servers, data storage subsystems, data communications products, applications development software, and a variety of educational and consulting services. Amdahl products are sold in more than 30 countries for use in both open systems and IBM plug-compatible mainframe computing environments. Quarterly sales $397M, profits $13M (Aug 1994). In 1997 Amdahl became a division of Fujitsu.
  • analytical balance — a precision balance having a sensitivity of 0.1 milligram.
  • analytical machine — Analytical Engine
  • analytical reagent — a chemical compound of a known high standard of purity
  • anaphylactic shock — a severe, sometimes fatal, reaction to a substance to which a person has an extreme sensitivity, often involving respiratory difficulty and circulation failure
  • anti-commercialism — the principles, practices, and spirit of commerce.
  • anti-scholasticism — (sometimes initial capital letter) the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the church fathers and of Aristotle and his commentators.
  • anticholinesterase — any of a group of substances that inhibit the action of cholinesterase
  • antifriction alloy — a metallic alloy, as Babbitt metal or bearing bronze, having antifriction qualities.
  • antipatheticalness — The state or quality of being antipathetical.
  • apostolic delegate — a representative of the pope sent to countries that do not have full or regular diplomatic relations with the Holy See
  • application server — 1. A designer's or developer's suite of software that helps programmers isolate the business logic in their programs from the platform-related code. Application servers can handle all of the application logic and connectivity found in client-server applications. Many application servers also offer features such as transaction management, clustering and failover, and load balancing; nearly all offer ODBC support. 2. Production programs run on a mid-sized computer that handle all application operations between browser-based computers and an organisation's back-end business applications or databases. The application server works as a translator, allowing, for example, a customer with a browser to search an online retailer's database for pricing information. 3. The device on which application server software runs. Application Service Providers offer commercial access to such devices.

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