25-letter words containing i, n, t, h, e

  • a midsummer night's dream — a comedy (1595?) by Shakespeare.
  • a voice in the wilderness — a person, group, etc, making a suggestion or plea that is ignored
  • abstract machine notation — (language)   (AMN) A language for specifying abstract machines in the B-Method, based on the mathematical theory of Generalised Substitutions.
  • according to one's lights — as one's opinions, information, or standards may direct
  • advance information sheet — a document giving details about a book that is to be published in the near future
  • all eyes are on something — If you say that all eyes are on something or that the eyes of the world are on something, you mean that everyone is paying careful attention to it and what will happen.
  • allied health professions — any of a wide range of professions related to healthcare other than nursing and medicine, for example physiotherapy, dietetics or radiography
  • alpha-adrenergic receptor — a site on a cell that, upon interaction with epinephrine or norepinephrine, controls vasoconstriction, intestinal relaxation, pupil dilation, and other physiological processes.
  • alpha-particle scattering — Rutherford scattering.
  • antidisestablishmentarian — a person who advocates antidisestablishmentarianism.
  • antiestablishmentarianism — a policy or attitude that views a nation's power structure as corrupt, repressive, exploitive, etc.
  • antixerophthalmic vitamin — vitamin A.
  • aristophanes of byzantium — 257?–180? b.c, Greek scholar; librarian at Alexandria, Egypt.
  • arithmetic and logic unit — (processor)   (ALU or "mill") The part of the central processing unit which performs operations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication of integers and bit-wise AND, OR, NOT, XOR and other Boolean operations. The CPU's instruction decode logic determines which particular operation the ALU should perform, the source of the operands and the destination of the result. The width in bits of the words which the ALU handles is usually the same as that quoted for the processor as a whole whereas its external busses may be narrower. Floating-point operations are usually done by a separate "floating-point unit". Some processors use the ALU for address calculations (e.g. incrementing the program counter), others have separate logic for this.
  • arm's-length relationship — a relationship lacking intimacy or friendliness, esp when possessing some special connection, such as previous closeness
  • army of the united states — during WWII, the overall army forces of the U.S., including the Regular Army, the Organized Reserves, the National Guard, and Selective Service personnel
  • as people (or things) go — in comparison with how other people (or things) are
  • at the back of one's mind — not in one's conscious thoughts
  • at the top of one's voice — If you say something at the top of your voice, you say it very loudly.
  • attachment unit interface — (networking)   (AUI) The part of the IEEE Ethernet standard located between the MAC, and the MAU. The AUI is a transceiver cable that provides a path between a node's Ethernet interface and the MAU.
  • automatic vending machine — a machine that automatically dispenses goods, such as cigarettes, when money is inserted
  • back to the drawing board — If you say that you will have to go back to the drawing board, you mean that something which you have done has not been successful and that you will have to start again or try another idea.
  • be on a hiding to nothing — to be bound to fail; to face impossible odds
  • be perturbed at something — to be alarmed at something
  • be riddled with something — to be full of or pervaded by something undesirable
  • beard the lion in his den — to approach a feared or influential person, esp in order to ask a favour
  • better the devil you know — If you say better the devil you know or better the devil you know than the devil you don't know, you mean that you would prefer to have contact with or do business with a person you already know, even though you don't like them, than with a person you don't know.
  • black-crowned night heron — any of several thick-billed, crepuscular or nocturnal herons of the genus Nycticorax and related genera, as N. nycticorax (black-crowned night heron) of the Old and New Worlds, and Nyctanassa violacea (yellow-crowned night heron) of America.
  • by the skin of your teeth — If you do something by the skin of your teeth, you just manage to do it.
  • caltech intermediate form — (language)   (CIF) A geometry language for VLSI design, in which the primitives are coloured rectangles.
  • catholic emancipation act — an act of Parliament (1829) permitting Roman Catholics to hold parliamentary office and repealing other laws that imposed civil disabilities on Catholics.
  • cauchy-schwarz inequality — Schwarz inequality (def 2).
  • ccitt high-level language — (language)   (CHILL) A real-time language widely used in telecommunications. CHILL was developed in the 1970s and improved in 1984, 1988, 1992, and 1996. It is used in several countries including Germany, Norway, Brasil, and South Korea.
  • character encoding scheme — character encoding
  • characteristic polynomial — an expression obtained from a given matrix by taking the determinant of the difference between the matrix and an arbitrary variable times the identity matrix.
  • cheshire west and chester — a unitary authority in NW England. Administrative centre: Chester. Pop: 328 100 (2008 est). Area: 917 sq km (354 sq miles)
  • cheyne-stokes respiration — respiration characterized by cycles of deep, rapid breathing and weak, slow breathing, as in cases of heart failure or coma
  • chief information officer — (job)   (CIO) The person who determines the overall strategic direction and business contribution of the information systems function in a business.
  • chief of naval operations — the highest officer in the U.S. Navy and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • child protection register — (in Britain) a confidential list of children who are at continuing risk of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect
  • child-resistant container — A child-resistant container is a container designed to be difficult for a child to open.
  • commonwealth of australia — Australia's official title
  • communications of the acm — (publication)   (CACM) A monthly publication by the Association for Computing Machinery sent to all members. CACM is an influential publication that keeps computer science professionals up to date on developments. Each issue includes articles, case studies, practitioner oriented pieces, regular columns, commentary, departments, the ACM Forum, technical correspondence and advertisements.
  • computer-aided publishing — desktop publishing. Abbreviation: CAP.
  • copenhagen interpretation — an interpretation of quantum mechanics developed by Niels Bohr and his colleagues at the University of Copenhagen, based on the concept of wave–particle duality and the idea that the observation influences the result of an experiment
  • data encryption algorithm — (DEA) An ANSI standard defined in ANSI X3.92-1981. It is identical to the Data Encryption Standard (DES).
  • dataphone digital service — (communications, product)   (DDS) The first private-line digital service offered by AT&T, with data rates typically at 2.4, 4.8, 9.6 and 56 kilobits per second. DDS is now part of AT&T's Accunet family of services. Most LEC (local exchange carriers) and IXC (IntereXchange Carriers) offer similar services.
  • detective chief inspector — a police officer who investigates crime and who ranks above a detective inspector but below a detective superintendent
  • digital rights management — (legal)   (DRM) Any technology used to limit the use of software, music, movies or other digital data. This generally relies on some interaction between the media and the system that plays it. For example, video DVDs usually include a region code. If this does not match the player's region code, the player will refuse to play the disc.
  • diminished responsibility — law: lack of capacity

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