22-letter words containing i, n, t, h, e

  • (with) tongue in cheek — in a humorously ironic, mocking, or insincere way
  • a clean bill of health — If a doctor gives you a clean bill of health, they tell you that you are fit and healthy.
  • a frog in one's throat — phlegm on the vocal cords that affects one's speech
  • a lump in one's throat — a tight dry feeling in one's throat, usually caused by great emotion
  • a name to conjure with — If you say that the name of a particular person or organization is a name to conjure with, you mean that that person or organization is very important and influential in the field you are discussing.
  • adenosine triphosphate — ATP
  • advertisement hoarding — a large flat structure on which advertisements can be posted, especially at the roadside
  • against the run of sth — If something happens against the run of play or against the run of events, it is different from what is generally happening in a game or situation.
  • alfred north whiteheadAlfred North, 1861–1947, English philosopher and mathematician, in the U.S. after 1924.
  • alkaline earth element — any of the divalent electropositive metals beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, and radium, belonging to group 2A of the periodic table
  • alpha-naphthylthiourea — ANTU.
  • alternative hypothesis — the hypothesis that given data do not conform with a given null hypothesis: the null hypothesis is accepted only if its probability exceeds a predetermined significance level
  • alternative technology — a form of technology that challenges conventional technology, often being promoted as more in harmony with nature
  • american shorthair cat — one of a breed of medium-sized, muscular shorthaired domestic cats with a broad head and a short, thick coat.
  • anatolian shepherd dog — a large powerfully-built dog of a breed with a large head and a short dense cream or fawn coat, originally used for guarding sheep
  • androcles and the lion — a comedy (1913) by G. B. Shaw.
  • animal rights movement — a group of people who campaign for the rights of animals to be protected from exploitation and abuse by humans
  • annotated bibliography — list of reference works
  • antediluvian patriarch — See under patriarch (def 1).
  • antiestablishmentarian — a person who supports or advocates antiestablishmentarianism.
  • arithmetic progression — a sequence of numbers or quantities, each term of which differs from the succeeding term by a constant amount, such as 3,6,9,12
  • arseniuretted hydrogen — arsine (def 1).
  • articulatory phonetics — the branch of phonetics concerned with the production of speech sounds
  • attachment of earnings — (in Britain) a court order requiring an employer to deduct amounts from an employee's wages to pay debts or honour financial obligations
  • autokinetic phenomenon — the apparent movement of a fixed point of light when observed in a darkened room. The effect is produced by small eye movements for which the brain is unable to compensate, having no other reference points
  • bacillus thuringiensis — a bacterium used in genetically altered form in the biological control of budworms, gypsy moth larvae, Japanese beetles, and other insect pests. Abbreviation: B.t.
  • balance sheet equation — A balance sheet equation is a basic accounting equation that states that assets equal liabilities plus equity.
  • battle of the atlantic — the struggle for control of the sea routes around the United Kingdom during World War II, esp 1940–43
  • be in one's right mind — to be mentally well; be sane
  • be of the opinion that — to believe that
  • behaviour modification — the use of techniques to change someone's behaviour by reinforcing desired behaviour
  • birthright citizenship — the practice of automatically granting citizenship to a child born in a particular country, regardless of the citizenship status of the parent or parents: an end to birthright citizenship.
  • black-scholes equation — a partial differential equation used to estimate the changing value of an option over time
  • bleeding-heart liberal — a person of left-wing or liberal views who is deemed to be excessively soft-hearted
  • bring down the curtain — If something brings down the curtain on an event or situation, it causes or marks the end of it.
  • cascading style sheets — (web)   (CSS) An extension to HTML to allow styles, e.g. colour, font, size to be specified for certain elements of a hypertext document. Style information can be included in-line in the HTML file or in a separate CSS file (which can then be easily shared by multiple HTML files). Multiple levels of CSS can be used to allow selective overriding of styles.
  • cast in one's lot with — to share in the activities or fortunes of (someone else)
  • catch sight of someone — If you catch sight of someone, you suddenly see them, often briefly.
  • charity begins at home — If you say charity begins at home, you mean that people should deal with the needs of people close to them before they think about helping others.
  • chebyshev's inequality — the fundamental theorem that the probability that a random variable differs from its mean by more than k standard deviations is less than or equal to 1/k2
  • chinese army technique — Mongolian Hordes technique
  • chinese water chestnut — a Chinese cyperaceous plant, Eleocharis tuberosa, with an edible succulent corm
  • chlorotrifluoromethane — a colorless gas, CClF 3 , used chiefly as a refrigerant, in the hardening of metals, and in pharmaceutical processing.
  • chromosomal aberration — any irregularity or abnormality of chromosome distribution, number, structure, or arrangement.
  • client-centred therapy — a form of psychotherapy in which the therapist makes no attempt to interpret what the patient says but encourages him or her to develop his or her own attitudes and insights, often by questioning
  • cognitive architecture — (architecture)   A computer architecure involving non-deterministic, multiple inference processes, as found in neural networks. Cognitive architectures model the human brain and contrast with single processor computers. The term might also refer to software architectures, e.g. fuzzy logic.
  • commissioner for oaths — a solicitor authorized to authenticate oaths on sworn statements
  • communication channels — the ways in which people communicate
  • component architecture — (programming)   A notion in object-oriented programming where "components" of a program are completely generic. Instead of having a specialised set of methods and fields they have generic methods through which the component can advertise the functionality it supports to the system into which it is loaded. This enables completely dynamic loading of objects. JavaBeans is an example of a component architecture. See also design pattern.
  • conservation of charge — the principle that the total charge of any isolated system is constant and independent of changes that take place within the system

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