17-letter words containing i, n, d, u, c, e

  • stand-up comedian — performer: tells jokes
  • stannous chloride — a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, SnCl 2 ⋅2H 2 O, used chiefly as a reducing and tinning agent, and as a mordant in dyeing with cochineal.
  • sulfonyl chloride — a colorless liquid, SO 2 Cl 2 , having a very pungent odor and corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes: used as a chlorinating or sulfonating agent.
  • superaerodynamics — the branch of aerodynamics that deals with gases at very low densities.
  • superconductivity — the phenomenon of almost perfect conductivity shown by certain substances at temperatures approaching absolute zero. The recent discovery of materials that are superconductive at temperatures hundreds of degrees above absolute zero raises the possibility of revolutionary developments in the production and transmission of electrical energy.
  • surgical dressing — a dressing made of cotton, used for incisions made during surgery
  • take into custody — to arrest
  • teacher education — training to become a teacher, usually at an institution of higher education
  • therapeutic index — the ratio between the dosage of a drug that causes a lethal effect and the dosage that causes a therapeutic effect.
  • tuberculin-tested — (of milk) produced by cows that have been certified as free of tuberculosis
  • turbidity current — a turbid, dense current of sediments in suspension moving along the slope and bottom of a lake or ocean.
  • turn-down service — In a hotel, a turn-down service is the preparation of a room for a guest to sleep in by slightly turning back the comforter on the bed, turning down the lights, and so on.
  • unclassified road — a road that has not been given a grade because it is of a basic standard
  • uncomprehendingly — to understand the nature or meaning of; grasp with the mind; perceive: He did not comprehend the significance of the ambassador's remark.
  • undercompensation — to compensate or pay less than is fair, customary, or expected.
  • unpredictableness — not predictable; not to be foreseen or foretold: an unpredictable occurrence.
  • vascular cylinder — stele (sense 3)
  • vulcan death grip — (jargon)   A variant of Vulcan nerve pinch derived from a Star Trek classic epsisode where a non-existant "Vulcan death grip" was used to fool Romulans that Spock had killed Kirk.
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