17-letter words containing g

  • a & m college — a university originally specializing in Agriculture and Mechanical subjects
  • a change of heart — If someone has a change of heart, their attitude towards something changes.
  • a change of scene — If you have a change of scene, you go somewhere different after being in a particular place for a long time.
  • a fighting chance — If you have a fighting chance of doing or achieving something, it is possible that you will do or achieve it, but only if you make a great effort or are very lucky.
  • a grip on reality — If you say that someone has a grip on reality, you mean they recognize the true situation and do not have mistaken ideas about it.
  • a sporting chance — If you have a sporting chance of doing something, it is quite likely that you will do that thing.
  • abariringa island — a coral atoll in the S Pacific Ocean, part of Kiribati: largest of the Phoenix Islands. 3.5 sq. mi. (9 sq. km).
  • absolute judgment — any judgment about a single stimulus, e.g. about the value of one of its properties or about whether it is present or absent
  • academie goncourt — Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de [ed-mawn lwee ahn-twan y-oh duh] /ɛdˈmɔ̃ lwi ɑ̃ˈtwan üˈoʊ də/ (Show IPA), 1822–96, and his brother Jules Alfred Huot de [zhyl al-fred] /ʒyl alˈfrɛd/ (Show IPA) 1830–70, French art critics, novelists, and historians: collaborators until the death of Jules.
  • acanthopterygians — Plural form of acanthopterygian.
  • acceptance region — Statistics. the set of values of a test statistic for which the null hypothesis is accepted.
  • accessory pigment — any pigment in plants that can absorb light energy and pass the electrons along to the primary pigment which starts the process of photosynthesis.
  • accidental damage — damage to a person's home or its contents that occurs unintentionally during the course of everyday life
  • according to plan — If something happens according to plan, it happens in exactly the way that it was intended to happen.
  • accounting period — a period of time for which accounts are drawn up
  • accounting policy — the principles behind the way in which a company keeps its accounts
  • accounting system — the way in which a company keeps its accounts
  • acetylene welding — a type of welding that uses an acetylene torch
  • acidity regulator — a substance, such as citric acid, added to food to change or maintain its pH value
  • activation energy — the least amount of energy required to activate atoms or molecules to a state in which they can undergo a chemical reaction.
  • active ingredient — the part of a substance or compound that produces its chemical or biological effect
  • active language i — (tool, mathematics)   An early interactive mathematics system for the XDS 930 at the University of California at Berkeley.
  • adaptive learning — (algorithm)   (Or "Hebbian learning") Learning where a system programs itself by adjusting weights or strengths until it produces the desired output.
  • advanced standing — the status of a student who has already completed some of the requirements of a course at another institution and thus is able to miss out some elements of the full course at his or her current university
  • aerial photograph — a photograph taken from the air
  • aerobic digestion — Aerobic digestion is a process which uses bacteria and oxygen to break down organic and biological waste.
  • against sb's will — If something is done against your will, it is done even though you do not want it to be done.
  • against the clock — If you are doing something against the clock, you are doing it in a great hurry, because there is very little time.
  • against the grain — contrary to one's feelings, nature, wishes, etc.; irritating or displeasing
  • agathokakological — (nonce word) composed of both good and evil.
  • age before beauty — (often said humorously when yielding precedence) older people take precedence over younger people
  • age of discretion — the age at which a person is considered to be able to manage his or her own affairs
  • agenbite of inwit — remorse of conscience
  • agent provocateur — An agent provocateur is a person who is employed by the government or the police to encourage certain groups of people to break the law, so they can arrest them or make them lose public support.
  • aggravated murder — a murder made more serious by its violent circumstances
  • agree to disagree — If two people who are arguing about something agree to disagree or agree to differ, they decide to stop arguing because neither of them is going to change their opinion.
  • agreement to sell — a contract between two parties in which one party agrees to sell something to the other
  • agricultural show — a display of agricultural equipment and livestock, often including competitions, entertainment, and a trade fair
  • ahead of the game — in the position of winning, esp. in gambling
  • alaskan king crab — king crab (def 2).
  • alcohol poisoning — the ingestion of a lethal or potentially lethal amount of alcohol
  • algol 60 modified — (language)   An erratum in [Computer J 21(3):282 (Aug 1978)] applies to both.
  • algorithmic model — (programming)   A method of estimating software cost using mathematical algorithms based on the parameters which are considered to be the major cost drivers. These estimate of effort or cost are based primarily on the size of the software or Delivered Source Instructions (DSI)s, and other productivity factors known as Cost Driver Attributes. See also Parametric Model.
  • alive and kicking — If you say that someone or something is alive and kicking, you are emphasizing not only that they continue to survive, but also that they are very active.
  • all the trimmings — If you say that something comes with all the trimmings, you mean that it has many extra things added to it to make it more special.
  • all well and good — If you say that something is all well and good, you are suggesting that it has faults or disadvantages, although it may appear to be correct or reasonable.
  • allergic rhinitis — a condition characterized by head congestion, sneezing, tearing, and swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, caused by an allergic reaction.
  • alligator snapper — a large, freshwater snapping turtle (Macroclemys temmincki) of the SE U.S. and the Mississippi Valley, found chiefly in rivers and bayous: it may weigh up to 100 kg (220 lb)
  • almanach de gotha — a publication giving statistical information on European royalty.
  • alphaphotographic — Of or pertaining to alphaphotographics.

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