22-letter words containing g, e, n, o, u

  • (with) tongue in cheek — in a humorously ironic, mocking, or insincere way
  • a programming language — (language)   (APL) A programming language designed originally by Ken Iverson at Harvard University in 1957-1960 as a notation for the concise expression of mathematical algorithms. It went unnamed (or just called Iverson's Language) and unimplemented for many years. Finally a subset, APL\360, was implemented in 1964. APL is an interactive array-oriented language and programming environment with many innovative features. It was originally written using a non-standard character set. It is dynamically typed with dynamic scope. APL introduced several functional forms but is not purely functional. Dyalog APL/W and Visual APL are recognized .NET languages. Dyalog APL/W, APLX and APL2000 all offer object-oriented extensions to the language. ISO 8485 is the 1989 standard defining the language. Commercial versions: APL SV, VS APL, Sharp APL, Sharp APL/PC, APL*PLUS, APL*PLUS/PC, APL*PLUS/PC II, MCM APL, Honeyapple, DEC APL, APL+Win, APL+Linux, APL+Unix and VisualAPL, Dyalog APL, IBM APL2, APLX, Sharp APL Open source version: NARS2000. See also Kamin's interpreters.
  • absolute configuration — the spatial arrangement of atoms or groups in a chemical compound about an asymmetric atom
  • against the run of sth — If something happens against the run of play or against the run of events, it is different from what is generally happening in a game or situation.
  • aggressive accountancy — the falsification of a company's accounts to give an unduly favourable impression of its financial position
  • angle-closure glaucoma — Ophthalmology. abnormally high fluid pressure in the eye, most commonly caused either by blockage of the channel through which aqueous humor drains (open-angle glaucoma or chronic glaucoma) or by pressure of the iris against the lens, which traps the aqueous humor (angle-closure glaucoma or acute glaucoma)
  • arseniuretted hydrogen — arsine (def 1).
  • bankruptcy proceedings — the legal business of a bankruptcy case
  • bark up the wrong tree — to misdirect one's attention, efforts, etc; be mistaken
  • being from outer space — a monster; an imaginary creature
  • blue-winged kookaburra — a related smaller bird D. Leachii, of tropical Australia and New Guinea
  • bridge of san luis rey — a novel (1927) by Thornton Wilder.
  • bring down the curtain — If something brings down the curtain on an event or situation, it causes or marks the end of it.
  • checkout test language — (language)   (CTL)
  • cognitive architecture — (architecture)   A computer architecure involving non-deterministic, multiple inference processes, as found in neural networks. Cognitive architectures model the human brain and contrast with single processor computers. The term might also refer to software architectures, e.g. fuzzy logic.
  • coiled tubing drilling — Coiled tubing drilling is drilling using a narrow (1.75 to 3.5in) seamless tube of high-grade steel, wound onto a reel.
  • common situs picketing — the picketing of an entire construction project by a union having a dispute with only one subcontractor working at the site.
  • common snapping turtle — a large aggressive North American river turtle, Chelydra serpentina, having powerful hooked jaws and a rough shell
  • common-situs picketing — the picketing of an entire construction site by a union striking against a particular contractor or subcontractor working on only one section
  • computational geometry — (mathematics)   The study of algorithms for combinatorial, topological, and metric problems concerning sets of points, typically in Euclidean space. Representative areas of research include geometric search, convexity, proximity, intersection, and linear programming.
  • computational learning — grammatical inference
  • concurrent engineering — a method of designing and marketing new products in which development stages are run in parallel rather than in series, to reduce lead times and costs
  • contextual advertising — a form of targeted advertising used on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers
  • corporate manslaughter — the death of someone caused by an act of corporate negligence
  • course author language — (language)   (CAL) The CAI language for the IBM 360.
  • delaunay triangulation — (mathematics, graphics)   (After B. Delaunay) For a set S of points in the Euclidean plane, the unique triangulation DT(S) of S such that no point in S is inside the circumcircle of any triangle in DT(S). DT(S) is the dual of the voronoi diagram of S.
  • dilation and curettage — a surgical method for the removal of diseased tissue or an early embryo from the lining of the uterus by means of scraping.
  • direct public offering — A direct public offering is stock offered directly for sale to investors by a company without the use of underwriters or brokers.
  • distributed generation — A distributed generation system involves a person or company generating some of their power requirements in different ways, such as locally, or using renewable energy, in order to avoid taking it all from the grid.
  • distributed processing — a system consisting of a network of microcomputers performing certain functions and linked with a main computer used for more complex tasks
  • educational psychology — a branch of psychology concerned with developing effective educational techniques and dealing with psychological problems in schools.
  • educational technology — the use of technology, such as computers, within education, to aid the learning process
  • engineering consultant — a consultant specializing in engineering
  • evolutionary algorithm — (EA) An algorithm which incorporates aspects of natural selection or survival of the fittest. An evolutionary algorithm maintains a population of structures (usually randomly generated initially), that evolves according to rules of selection, recombination, mutation and survival, referred to as genetic operators. A shared "environment" determines the fitness or performance of each individual in the population. The fittest individuals are more likely to be selected for reproduction (retention or duplication), while recombination and mutation modify those individuals, yielding potentially superior ones. EAs are one kind of evolutionary computation and differ from genetic algorithms. A GA generates each individual from some encoded form known as a "chromosome" and it is these which are combined or mutated to breed new individuals. EAs are useful for optimisation when other techniques such as gradient descent or direct, analytical discovery are not possible. Combinatoric and real-valued function optimisation in which the optimisation surface or fitness landscape is "rugged", possessing many locally optimal solutions, are well suited for evolutionary algorithms.
  • extension language kit — (language)   (Elk) A Scheme interpreter by Oliver Laumann <[email protected]> and Carsten Bormann <[email protected]> of the Technical University of Berlin. Elk was designed to be used as a general extension language. New types and primitive procedures can easily be added. It has first-class environments, dynamic-wind, fluid-let, macros, autoloading and a dump. It provides interfaces to Xlib, Xt and various widget sets; dynamic loading of extensions and object files; almost all artificial limitations removed; generational/incremental garbage collector; Unix system call extensions; Records (structures) and bit strings. Version: 2.2 is mostly R3RS compatible and runs on Unix, Ultrix, VAX, Sun-3, Sun-4, 68000, i386, MIPS, IBM PC RT, RS/6000, HP700, SGI, Sony, MS-DOS (gcc+DJGPP or go32).
  • flushed with something — very excited because of some success or triumph
  • fresh out of something — If you are fresh out of something, you have recently used the last of it and have none left.
  • front of house manager — A front of house manager is responsible for the reception and reservations at a hotel.
  • genitourinary medicine — the branch of medical science concerned with the study and treatment of diseases of the genital and urinary organs, esp sexually transmitted diseases
  • geometric distribution — the distribution of the number, x, of independent trials required to obtain a first success: where the probability in each is p, the probability that x = r is p(1-p)r–1, where r = 1, 2, 3, …, with mean 1/p
  • give it up for someone — to applaud someone
  • glucose tolerance test — a diagnostic procedure in which a measured amount of glucose is ingested and blood samples are taken periodically as a means of detecting diabetes mellitus.
  • go through one's paces — to show one's abilities, skills, etc.
  • go through the motions — the action or process of moving or of changing place or position; movement.
  • golden needle mushroom — enoki.
  • government expenditure — the overall public spending carried out by the government
  • green around the gills — the respiratory organ of aquatic animals, as fish, that breathe oxygen dissolved in water.
  • gross written premiums — Gross written premiums are the total revenue from a contract expected to be received by an insurer before deductions for reinsurance or ceding commissions.
  • group of seventy-seven — the developing countries of the world
  • guanosine triphosphate — GTP.

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