21-letter words containing g, e, n, o, u

  • a foregone conclusion — You can refer to something that seems certain to happen as a foregone conclusion.
  • absolutely convergent — of or characterized by absolute convergence.
  • accounting management — (networking)   The process of identifying individual and group access to various network resources to ensure proper access capabilities (bandwidth and security) or to properly charge the various individuals and departments. Accounting management is one of five categories of network management defined by ISO for management of OSI networks.
  • accounting procedures — an established way of keeping company accounts
  • add fuel to something — If something adds fuel to a conflict or debate, or adds fuel to the fire, it makes the conflict or debate more intense.
  • adjusted gross income — (in U.S. income-tax returns) the total of an individual's wages, salaries, interest, dividends, etc., minus allowable deductions. Abbreviation: AGI.
  • advanced audio coding — (audio)   (AAC) A successor to MP3, allowing lower bit rates and more stable quality. See MPEG-2 AAC Low Profile and MPEG-4 AAC Main Profile.
  • adverse drug reaction — An adverse drug reaction is a harmful effect associated with the use of a medication at a normal dosage.
  • air-to-ground missile — a missile fired from an aircraft that has a target on the ground
  • applications language — Ousterhout's dichotomy
  • argumentum ad hominem — fallacious argument that attacks not an opponent's beliefs but his motives or character
  • arithmetic logic unit — the part of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations
  • arithmetic/logic unit — ALU.
  • atomic unit of length — (in the Bohr atom) the radius of the electron orbit having the lowest energy.
  • australian cattle dog — a compact strongly-built dog of a breed with pricked ears and a smooth bluish-grey coat, often used for controlling and moving cattle
  • background processing — the ability of a system to perform a low-priority task while, at the same time, dealing with a main application
  • background projection — the projection from the rear of previously photographed material on a translucent screen, used as background for a television or motion-picture shot.
  • bad conduct discharge — a discharge of a person from military service for an offense less serious than one for which a dishonorable discharge is given.
  • barbiturate poisoning — poisoning caused by overdose of a barbiturate
  • barren ground caribou — a migrating caribou of the North American tundra and taiga, having many-branched slender antlers.
  • behavioural contagion — the spread of a particular type of behaviour, such as crying, through a crowd or group of people
  • borrowing requirement — the amount that needs to be borrowed to fill a budget deficit
  • breakthrough bleeding — bleeding from the uterus that occurs between menstrual periods
  • burn the midnight oil — to work or study late into the night
  • closed-angle glaucoma — angle-closure glaucoma. See under glaucoma.
  • completing the square — a method, usually of solving quadratic equations, by which a quadratic expression, as x 2 − 4 x + 3, is written as the sum or difference of a perfect square and a constant, x 2 − 4 x + 4 + 3 − 4 = (x − 2) 2 − 1, by addition and subtraction of appropriate constant terms.
  • computer aided design — (application)   (CAD) The part of CAE concerning the drawing or physical layout steps of engineering design. Often found in the phrase "CAD/CAM" for ".. manufacturing".
  • computer conferencing — the conduct of meetings through the use of computer-based telecommunications
  • computer-aided design — the use of computer techniques in designing products, esp involving the use of computer graphics
  • concurrent processing — the ability of a computer to process two or more programs in parallel
  • congregational church — any evangelical Protestant Christian Church that is governed according to the principles of Congregationalism. In 1972 the majority of churches in the Congregational Church in England and Wales voted to become part of the United Reformed Church
  • consciousness raising — Consciousness raising is the process of developing awareness of an unfair situation, with the aim of making people want to help in changing it.
  • consciousness-raising — Psychology. a group-therapy technique in which the aim is to enhance the participants' awareness of their particular needs and goals as individuals or as a group.
  • construction engineer — a person trained in the profession of planning and managing the construction of buildings, bridges, etc
  • continuing resolution — legislation enacted by Congress to allow government operations to continue until the regular appropriations are enacted: used when action on appropriations is not completed by the beginning of a fiscal year.
  • continuous processing — the systems in a plant or factory for the manufacturing of products, treating of materials, etc, that have been designed to run continuously and are often computer-controlled
  • coordination language — (networking, protocol)   A language defined specifically to allow two or more parties (components) to communicate in order to accomplish some shared goal. Examples of coordination languages are Linda and Xerox's CLF (STITCH).
  • cosmological argument — one of the arguments that purport to prove the existence of God from empirical facts about the universe, esp the argument to the existence of a first cause
  • cross-cousin marriage — marriage between the children of a brother and sister.
  • delusions of grandeur — If someone has delusions of grandeur, they think and behave as if they are much more important or powerful than they really are.
  • disruptive technology — A disruptive technology is a new technology, such as computers and the Internet, which has a rapid and major effect on technologies that existed before.
  • distinguished-looking — having a dignified and attractive appearance
  • duccio di buoninsegna — c1255–1319? Italian painter.
  • dumfries and galloway — a region in S Scotland. 2460 sq. mi. (6371 sq. km).
  • earthmoving equipment — machines, such as bulldozers, that are used for excavating and moving large quantities of earth
  • ecological succession — succession (def 6).
  • ecological-succession — the coming of one person or thing after another in order, sequence, or in the course of events: many troubles in succession.
  • educational sociology — the application of sociological principles and methods to the solution of problems in an educational system.
  • electromagnetic pulse — a surge of electromagnetic radiation, esp one resulting from a nuclear explosion, which can disrupt electronic devices and, occasionally, larger structures and equipment
  • electronic publishing — Electronic publishing is the publishing of documents in a form that can be read on a computer, for example as a CD-ROM.

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