Words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

6 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • inflow — something that flows in; influx.

7 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • flowing — moving in or as in a stream: flowing water.
  • fowling — the practice or sport of shooting or snaring birds.
  • inflows — Plural form of inflow.
  • wolfing — any of several large carnivorous mammals of the genus Canis, of the dog family Canidae, especially C. lupus, usually hunting in packs, formerly common throughout the Northern Hemisphere but now chiefly restricted to the more unpopulated parts of its range.
  • wolfkin — a little or young wolf

8 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • fowliang — Older Spelling. former name of Jingdezhen.
  • wolffian — Christian von [kris-tee-ahn fuh n] /ˈkrɪs tiˌɑn fən/ (Show IPA), Baron. Also, Wolf. 1679–1754, German philosopher and mathematician.
  • wolfflin — Eduard [German ey-doo-ahrt] /German ˈeɪ duˌɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1831–1908, Swiss classical scholar.
  • wolfling — a young wolf
  • wolfskin — The skin or pelt of a wolf.

9 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • clownfish — any of several brightly coloured striped fish of the subfamily Amphiprioninae of the Pacific and Indian Oceans
  • downfield — In or to a position nearer to the opponents' end of a field.
  • elfinwood — Krummholz.
  • fallowing — (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated.
  • flowering — bearing flowers.

10 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • batfowling — A method of catching birds at night, by holding a torch or other light, and beating the bush or perch where they roost so that the birds fly towards the light.
  • brownfield — Brownfield land is land in a town or city where houses or factories have been built in the past, but which is not being used at the present time.
  • fingerbowl — a small bowl filled with water for rinsing the fingers at the table after a meal
  • foilswoman — a woman who uses or specializes in using a foil
  • followings — a body of followers, attendants, adherents, etc.

11 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

12 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • fast-flowing — water: rapid
  • fingerflower — purple foxglove.
  • flowcharting — (computing) the design and construction of flowcharts.
  • four-walling — a form of distribution and exhibition, esp. of films, in which a distributor or producer rents a theater for a fixed amount, pays all advertising and operating costs, and collects all box-office receipts
  • nonflowering — (biology) Of a plant, not flowering; reproducing by means other than pollination from flowers.

13 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • fellowshiping — Present participle of fellowship.
  • four-wheeling — traveling in a vehicle using four-wheel drive.
  • overflowingly — to an excessive degree
  • passionflower — any chiefly American climbing vine or shrub of the genus Passiflora, having showy flowers and a pulpy berry or fruit that in some species is edible.
  • swift-flowing — moving rapidly

14 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • daffadowndilly — a daffodil
  • fellow-feeling — sympathetic feeling; sympathy: to have fellow feeling for the unfortunate.
  • fellowshipping — the condition or relation of being a fellow: the fellowship of humankind.
  • pelican-flower — a woody vine, Aristolochia grandiflora, of the West Indies, having heart-shaped leaves and purple-spotted, purple-veined flowers from 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm) wide with a long, taillike structure at the tip of the corolla.
  • self-ownership — the state or fact of being an owner.

15 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • flamingo-flower — a central American plant, Anthurium scherzeranum, of the arum family, having a red, coiled spadix and a bright red, shiny, heart-shaped spathe, grown as an ornamental.
  • forward-looking — planning for or anticipating possible future events, conditions, etc.; progressive.
  • self-worthiness — the sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

16 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • well-functioning — the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution; the purpose for which something is designed or exists; role.

17 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • browserconfig.xml — (web)   A Microsoft configuration file used to customise the appearance and behaviour of website links pinned to the Windows start screen or desktop taskbar. browserconfig.xml allows the site owner to specify things like badges and tile images.

18 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

  • farewell-to-spring — a slender, showy plant, Clarkia amoena, of the evening primrose family, native to western North America, having satiny, cup-shaped, lilac-crimson or reddish-pink flowers and roundish fruit.

19 letter words containing f, o, l, w, i, n

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