Words containing f, a, l, k, e

5 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • flake — fake2 (defs 2, 3).
  • fleak — A flake; a thread or twist.

6 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • fakely — In a fake way, fraudulently.
  • fankle — to entangle
  • flaked — fake2 (defs 2, 3).
  • flaker — a small, flat, thin piece, especially one that has been or become detached from a larger piece or mass: flakes of old paint.
  • flakes — Plural form of flake.

7 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • fadlike — resembling a fad
  • falknerWilliam, Faulkner, William.
  • fanlike — any device for producing a current of air by the movement of a broad surface or a number of such surfaces.
  • farkled — (jargon)   /far'kld/ (From DeVry Institute of Technology, Atlanta) A synonym for hosed. Possibly related to Yiddish "farblondjet" and/or the "Farkle Family" skits on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
  • fartlek — a training technique, used especially among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort loosely alternating with less strenuous activity.

8 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • backfile — the archives of a newspaper or magazine
  • calflike — resembling a calf
  • fanglike — Resembling a fang.
  • faulknerWilliam, 1897–1962, U.S. novelist and short-story writer. Nobel Prize 1949.
  • firewalk — An instance of firewalking.

9 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • backfield — the area behind the line of scrimmage from which the backfield begin each play
  • backfiles — Plural form of backfile.
  • basketful — a sufficient quantity to fill a basket; the amount contained in a basket.
  • beakerful — the amount of liquid a beaker will hold
  • blackface — a performer made up to imitate a Black person

10 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • alkalified — Simple past tense and past participle of alkalify.
  • backfilled — Simple past tense and past participle of backfill.
  • blackfella — an Aborigine or Black person
  • cornflakes — a breakfast cereal made from toasted maize, eaten with milk, sugar, etc
  • craigfluke — a common name for the grey sole fish Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

11 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • bakersfield — city in SC Calif.: pop. 247,000
  • blackfellow — Australian Aborigine
  • factorylike — Resembling a factory in any of various respects.
  • farkleberry — a shrub or small tree, Vaccinium arboreum, of the heath family, native to the southern U.S., bearing small, waxy, white flowers and black, many-seeded berries.
  • faulknerian — of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the literary style of William Faulkner.

12 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • alkalifiable — Capable of being alkalified, or converted into an alkali.
  • black-figure — pertaining to or designating a style of vase painting developed in Greece in the 7th and 6th centuries b.c., chiefly characterized by silhouetted figures painted in black slip on a red clay body, details incised into the design, and a two-dimensional structure of form and space.
  • dandrufflike — Resembling or characteristic of dandruff.
  • fairnitickle — a freckle resembling a fern seed
  • fell-walking — the sport of hiking over fells

13 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

14 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • basket-of-gold — a yellow-flowered perennial plant (Alyssum saxatile, now more properly Aurinia saxatilis) of the crucifer family, often used in rock gardens
  • blanket-flower — any composite plant of the genus Gaillardia, having showy heads of yellow or red flowers.
  • coffee-klatsch — to gather for a coffee klatsch.
  • grapefruitlike — Resembling or characteristic of grapefruit.
  • kaffeeklatches — Plural form of kaffeeklatch.

15 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • kaffeeklatscher — a person who participates, especially regularly, in a kaffee klatsch.
  • kaffeeklatsches — Plural form of kaffeeklatsch.
  • lake-of-lucerne — a canton in central Switzerland. 576 sq. mi. (1490 sq. km).
  • track-and-field — of, relating to, or participating in the sports of running, pole-vaulting, broad-jumping, etc.: a track-and-field athlete.

17 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • eyjafjallajökull — a cone-shaped ice cap in south Iceland that covers an active volcano. The volcano’s eruption in 2010 resulted in large high-altitude clouds of volcanic ash that caused major disruption to European passenger air traffic. Height: 1666 m (5466 ft)
  • self-acknowledged — widely recognized; generally accepted: an acknowledged authority on Chinese art.

18 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • jack-of-all-trades — a person who is adept at many different kinds of work.
  • king-of-the-salmon — a ribbonfish, Trachypterus altivelis, of northern parts of the Pacific Ocean.

19 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

  • phakoemulsification — the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction.

20 letter words containing f, a, l, k, e

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