Words containing f, a, k

3 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afk — away from keyboard
  • fak — Alternative form of fuck.
  • kaf — the twenty-second letter of the Arabic alphabet, representing a velar stop consonant sound.

4 letter words containing f, a, k

  • fack — (UK dialectal) One of the four stomachs of a ruminating animal; rumen; paunch.
  • faik — a fold or pleat
  • fake — to lay (a rope) in a coil or series of long loops so as to allow to run freely without fouling or kinking (often followed by down).
  • falk — (UK, dialect) The razorbill.
  • fank — A pen for enclosing sheep.

5 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afaik — as far as I know
  • faked — to lay (a rope) in a coil or series of long loops so as to allow to run freely without fouling or kinking (often followed by down).
  • faker — anything made to appear otherwise than it actually is; counterfeit: This diamond necklace is a fake.
  • fakes — Plural form of fake.
  • fakey — (colloquial) Fake.

6 letter words containing f, a, k

  • facked — Simple past tense and past participle of fack.
  • fakeer — An Eastern religious ascetic or monk.
  • fakely — In a fake way, fraudulently.
  • fakers — Plural form of faker.
  • fakery — the practice or result of faking.

7 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afognak — an island off southern Alaska, in the Gulf of Alaska, N of Kodiak Island. 721 sq. mi. (1867 sq. km).
  • backfit — to retrofit, overhaul, esp an industrial plant
  • backoff — the rear part of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.
  • bakeoff — a baking competition
  • fabrick — Obsolete form of fabric.

8 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afikoman — Alternative spelling of afikomen.
  • afikomen — a piece of matzo broken off from the center one of the three matzoth set before the leader of a Seder: it is hidden by the leader and later searched for by the children, with the finder, usually the youngest, receiving a reward.
  • alkalify — to make or become alkaline
  • backfall — a fall or throw onto the back
  • backfile — the archives of a newspaper or magazine

9 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afrikaans — Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa.
  • afrikaner — Afrikaner means belonging or relating to the white people in South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch.
  • afterdeck — the unprotected deck behind the bridge of a ship
  • afterpeak — the space behind the aftermost bulkhead, often used for storage
  • afterwork — outside work hours; taking place or done after one's regular job is finished.

10 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afrikander — a breed of humpbacked beef cattle originally raised in southern Africa
  • afterdecks — Plural form of afterdeck.
  • aftershock — Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake.
  • alkalified — Simple past tense and past participle of alkalify.
  • aufklarung — the Enlightenment, esp in Germany

11 letter words containing f, a, k

  • aftermarket — The aftermarket is all the related products that are sold after an item, especially a car, has been bought.
  • aftershocks — Plural form of aftershock.
  • alkalifying — Present participle of alkalify.
  • backfilling — material used for refilling an excavation.
  • backflowing — Flowing backwards.

12 letter words containing f, a, k

  • afrikanerdom — (in South Africa) Afrikaner nationalism based on pride in the Afrikaans language and culture, conservative Calvinism, and a sense of heritage as pioneers
  • afrikanerism — a word, term, or usage peculiar to or originating among Afrikaners.
  • alkalifiable — Capable of being alkalified, or converted into an alkali.
  • backflipping — the process of reversing one's position
  • bashkirtseff — Marie, original name Marya Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva. 1858–84, Russian painter and diarist who wrote in French, noted esp for her Journal (1887)

13 letter words containing f, a, k

  • backformation — Alternative spelling of back-formation.
  • blanketflower — a hardy flowering plant, Gaillardia aristata, that grows in the US
  • carrickfergus — a town in E Northern Ireland, in Carrickfergus district, Co Antrim; historic settlement of Scottish Protestants on Belfast Lough; Norman castle. Pop: 27 201 (2001)
  • craftsmanlike — Resembling or characteristic of a craftsman.
  • farkleberries — Plural form of farkleberry.

14 letter words containing f, a, k

  • back-and-forth — backward and forward; side to side; to and fro: a back-and-forth shuttling of buses to the stadium; the back-and-forth movement of a clock's pendulum.
  • back-formation — the analogical creation of one word from another word that appears to be a derived or inflected form of the first by dropping the apparent affix or by modification.
  • backside-front — backend-to.
  • basket-of-gold — a yellow-flowered perennial plant (Alyssum saxatile, now more properly Aurinia saxatilis) of the crucifer family, often used in rock gardens
  • blanket-flower — any composite plant of the genus Gaillardia, having showy heads of yellow or red flowers.

15 letter words containing f, a, k

  • fischer-dieskau — Dietrich [dee-trik;; German dee-trikh] /ˈdi trɪk;; German ˈdi trɪx/ (Show IPA), 1925–2012, German baritone.
  • forward-looking — planning for or anticipating possible future events, conditions, etc.; progressive.
  • frankensteinian — a person who creates a monster or a destructive agency that cannot be controlled or that brings about the creator's ruin.
  • french-speaking — able to speak French
  • ivano-frankovsk — a city in W Ukraine, S of Lvov.

16 letter words containing f, a, k

17 letter words containing f, a, k

  • bed-and-breakfast — an accommodation offered by an inn, hotel, or especially a private home, consisting of a room for the night and breakfast the next morning for one inclusive price.
  • congo-kordofanian — Niger-Kordofanian
  • eyjafjallajökull — a cone-shaped ice cap in south Iceland that covers an active volcano. The volcano’s eruption in 2010 resulted in large high-altitude clouds of volcanic ash that caused major disruption to European passenger air traffic. Height: 1666 m (5466 ft)
  • niger-kordofanian — a language family comprising Niger-Congo and Kordofanian.
  • non-profit-making — A non-profit-making organization or charity is not run with the intention of making a profit.

18 letter words containing f, a, k

  • jack-of-all-trades — a person who is adept at many different kinds of work.
  • king-of-the-salmon — a ribbonfish, Trachypterus altivelis, of northern parts of the Pacific Ocean.

19 letter words containing f, a, k

  • phakoemulsification — the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction.
  • pocket-handkerchief — handkerchief (def 1).

20 letter words containing f, a, k

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