9-letter words containing d, r, o, m, u, s

  • asmoulder — in a smouldering or slowly burning manner
  • dishumour — to upset or offend
  • drumrolls — Plural form of drumroll.
  • dubersome — (archaic) Doubtful.
  • duststorm — Phenomenon in which gale- to hurricane-force winds blow particles up in a planet's atmosphere.
  • gourmands — Plural form of gourmand.
  • malodours — Plural form of malodour.
  • meandrous — meandering; winding; rambling.
  • midcourse — the middle of a course.
  • misrouted — a course, way, or road for passage or travel: What's the shortest route to Boston?
  • moistured — Supplied with moisture.
  • mousebird — coly.
  • mousedeer — Alternative form of mouse deer.
  • murderous — of the nature of or involving murder: a murderous deed.
  • roundsman — a person who makes rounds, as of inspection.
  • scrumdown — the forming of a scrum in rugby
  • scumboard — a board or strip of material partly immersed in flowing water to hold back scum.
  • semiround — having one surface that is round and another that is flat.
  • sporidium — a small spore produced on the basidia or promycelia of fungi, etc
  • squiredom — the squirearchy.
  • trisodium — pertaining to molecules containing three sodium atoms.
  • undermost — being the furthest under; lowest

On this page, we collect all 9-letter words with D-R-O-M-U-S. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 9-letter word that contains in D-R-O-M-U-S to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles

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