Words containing d, o, w, n, i

5 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • indow — Archaic form of endow.

6 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • disown — to refuse to acknowledge as belonging or pertaining to oneself; deny the ownership of or responsibility for; repudiate; renounce: to disown one's heirs; to disown a published statement.
  • dowing — to be able.
  • downie — Alternative spelling of Downie.
  • godwin — Also, Godwine [god-wi-nuh] /ˈgɒd wɪ nə/ (Show IPA). Earl of the West Saxons, died 1053, English statesman.
  • indows — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of indow.

7 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • cowbind — any of various bryony plants, esp the white bryony
  • disgown — to remove a gown from (esp in a religious or academic sense)
  • disowns — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of disown.
  • dowding — Baron Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, nicknamed Stuffy. 1882–1970, British air chief marshal. As commander in chief of Fighter Command (1936–40), he contributed greatly to the British victory in the Battle of Britain (1940)
  • downier — Comparative form of downy.

8 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • cordwain — cordovan leather
  • crowding — a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people.
  • dewpoint — temperature at which water vapour in the air becomes saturated and water droplets begin to form
  • discrown — to deprive of a crown; dethrone; depose.
  • disendow — to deprive (a church, school, etc.) of endowment.

9 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • antiworld — a hypothetical or supposed world or universe composed of antimatter
  • blindworm — a legless lizard (Anguis fragilis) of the Old World; slowworm: it has very small eyes and a snakelike body that is usually brownish
  • bringdown — a disappointment
  • builddown — a planned numerical reduction, esp of nuclear weapons where, for every new weapon built, two or more older weapons are destroyed
  • climbdown — A retreat or withdrawal from an earlier position or opinion; a backdown.

10 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • autowinder — a battery-operated device for advancing the film in a camera automatically after each exposure
  • blind-worm — a limbless European lizard, Anguis fragilis, related to the glass lizards.
  • bowldering — pavement made with small boulders.
  • bridgetown — the capital of Barbados, a port on the SW coast. Pop: 144 000 (2005 est)
  • brownfield — Brownfield land is land in a town or city where houses or factories have been built in the past, but which is not being used at the present time.

11 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

12 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • blow-molding — the sound of any vapor or gas issuing from a vent under pressure.
  • bowdlerizing — to expurgate (a written work) by removing or modifying passages considered vulgar or objectionable.
  • childcrowing — a disease which causes spasms of the vocal cords
  • collingswood — a city in SW New Jersey.
  • cowardliness — lacking courage; contemptibly timid.

13 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • acknowledging — Present participle of acknowledg.
  • backwardation — the difference between the spot price for a commodity, including rent and interest, and the forward price
  • broken-winded — suffering from heaves
  • codeswitching — Alternative form of code-switching.
  • crowdsourcing — Crowdsourcing is the practice of getting ideas or help on a project from a large number of people, usually through the Internet.

14 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • bonded-whiskey — something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.
  • code-switching — Linguistics. the alternating or mixed use of two or more languages, especially within the same discourse: My grandma’s code-switching when we cook together reminds me of my family's origins. Bilingual students are discouraged from code-switching during class.
  • counterweighed — Simple past tense and past participle of counterweigh.
  • daffadowndilly — a daffodil
  • dano-norwegian — Bokmål.

15 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • casement-window — a window sash opening on hinges that are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.
  • counterweighted — Simple past tense and past participle of counterweight.
  • fashion-forward — relating to, anticipating, or reflecting the most up-to-date fashion trends
  • forward-looking — planning for or anticipating possible future events, conditions, etc.; progressive.
  • lord-in-waiting — a nobleman in attendance on a British monarch or the Prince of Wales.

16 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • backward-looking — If you describe someone or something as backward-looking, you disapprove of their attitudes, ideas, or actions because they are based on old-fashioned opinions or methods.
  • creditworthiness — having a satisfactory credit rating.
  • dyed-in-the-wool — through and through; complete: a dyed-in-the-wool reformer.
  • forward-thinking — planning or tending to plan for the future; forward-looking.
  • gasoline-powered — using gasoline as fuel

17 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

18 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • berwick-upon-tweed — a town in N England, in N Northumberland at the mouth of the Tweed: much involved in border disputes between England and Scotland between the 12th and 16th centuries; neutral territory 1551–1885. Pop: 12 870 (2001)

19 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

20 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • model-view-presenter — (programming)   (MVP) A user interface architectural pattern where functions are separated between the model, view and presenter. The model defines the data to be displayed or otherwise acted upon in the user interface. The view displays data from the model and routes user commands (events) to the presenter to act upon that data. The presenter retrieves data from the model and displays it in the view. The implementation of MVP can vary as to how much presentation logic is handled by the presenter and the view. In a web application most presentation logic is usually in the view which runs in the web browser. MVP is one of the MV* variations of the MVC pattern.

21 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

  • model-view-controller — (programming)   (MVC) A way of partitioning the design of interactive software; a software architecture pattern. The "model" is the internal workings of the program (the data objects and algorithms), the "view" is how the user sees the state of the model and the "controller" is how the user changes the state or provides input. MVC was the original kind of what is now sometimes called an MV* pattern. Trygve Reenskaug introduced it into Smalltalk-76 while visiting Xerox PARC in the 1970s.

22 letter words containing d, o, w, n, i

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