8-letter words containing c, r

  • -calorie — -calorie is used after adjectives such as low or high to indicate that food contains a small or a large number of calories.
  • -carpous — (in botany) indicating a certain kind or number of fruit
  • -centred — -centred can be added to adjectives and nouns to indicate what kind of a centre something has.
  • -centric — having a centre as specified
  • -chroous — coloured in a specified way
  • -covered — covered with a specified substance
  • -crafted — made in the way specified
  • -crowned — crowned as specified
  • -crusted — covered with the substance specified
  • -graphic — of or relating to a (specified) method or process for recording or describing
  • -iatrics — indicating medical care or treatment
  • -morphic — having a (specified) form or shape
  • -scarred — -scarred is used after nouns such as 'bullet' and 'fire' to form adjectives which indicate that something has been damaged or marked by the thing mentioned.
  • -trophic — of or relating to a (specified) kind of nutrition
  • -watcher — -watcher combines with nouns to form other nouns that refer to people who are interested in a group of animals or people, and who study them closely.
  • abductor — any muscle that abducts (opposed to adductor).
  • abrachia — the congenital condition of having no arms
  • abricock — an apricot
  • abrocome — Either of the ratlike rodents that from the genus Abrocoma; rat chinchilla.
  • abstract — An abstract idea or way of thinking is based on general ideas rather than on real things and events.
  • abstrict — to make (a spore) undergo abstriction
  • acarbose — a type of diabetes medicine taken orally to slow and reduce the supply of glucose to the blood.
  • acardiac — (medicine, anatomy) Lacking a heart.
  • acarigua — city in NW Venezuela: pop. 126,000
  • acarpous — (of plants) producing no fruit
  • accentor — any small sparrow-like songbird of the genus Prunella, family Prunellidae, which inhabit mainly mountainous regions of Europe and Asia
  • accepter — a person or thing that accepts.
  • acceptor — the person or organization on which a draft or bill of exchange is drawn after liability has been accepted, usually by signature
  • accessor — Someone or something that accesses.
  • accorded — to be in agreement or harmony; agree.
  • accorder — (rare) One who accords.
  • accouter — to outfit; equip, esp. for military service
  • accoutre — to provide with equipment or dress, esp military
  • accredit — If an educational qualification or institution is accredited, it is officially declared to be of an approved standard.
  • accresce — (rare, intransitive) To accrue.
  • accreted — to grow together; adhere (usually followed by to).
  • accretes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accrete.
  • accroach — to assume to oneself without right or authority; usurp.
  • accruals — Plural form of accrual.
  • accruing — to happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc.
  • accuracy — The accuracy of information or measurements is their quality of being true or correct, even in small details.
  • accurate — careful and exact
  • accurize — to improve the accuracy of (a firearm).
  • accursed — Some people use accursed to describe something which they are very annoyed about.
  • accusers — Plural form of accuser.
  • accutron — a type of watch in which the balance wheel and hairspring are replaced by a tuning fork kept in vibration by a tiny internal battery
  • acentric — without a centre
  • aceramic — not producing pottery: an aceramic South American culture.
  • acerated — having sharp points
  • acerbate — to embitter or exasperate

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