19-letter words containing c, r

  • a change of scenery — If you have a change of scenery, you go somewhere different after being in a particular place for a long time.
  • a creature of habit — If you say that someone is a creature of habit, you mean that they usually do the same thing at the same time each day, rather than doing new and different things.
  • a drop in the ocean — If you say that something is a drop in the ocean, you mean that it is a very small amount which is unimportant compared to the cost of other things or is so small that it has very little effect on something.
  • a hard nut to crack — a person not easily persuaded or won over
  • a race against time — You describe a situation as a race against time when you have to work very fast in order to do something before a particular time, or before another thing happens.
  • a storm in a teacup — If you describe a situation as a storm in a teacup, you think that a lot of fuss is being made about something that is not important.
  • abnormal psychology — the study of behaviour patterns that diverge widely from generally accepted norms, esp those of a pathological nature
  • absolutory sentence — a sentence that acquits the accused
  • absorption spectrum — the characteristic pattern of dark lines or bands that occurs when electromagnetic radiation is passed through an absorbing medium into a spectroscope. An equivalent pattern occurs as coloured lines or bands in the emission spectrum of that medium
  • abstinence syndrome — the withdrawal symptoms that occur after abstinence from a drug, especially a narcotic, to which one is addicted.
  • abstracting journal — a periodical consisting mainly or entirely of abstracts of current works.
  • abstracting service — a service that provides abstracts of publications on a subject or group of related subjects, usually on a subscription basis.
  • accelerated program — a course of study which allows students to progress through their education more quickly than usual
  • acceleration clause — a clause in a contract specifying that certain obligations will become due immediately in the event of a breach of contract, etc
  • access control list — (networking)   (ACL) A list of the services available on a server, each with a list of the hosts permitted to use the service.
  • accessory apartment — a self-contained living area within a single-family home, as for an aging parent.
  • accident prevention — avoidance of the occurrence of an accident
  • accident protection — a form of insurance which pays out in the event of an accident when driving
  • accommodation paper — a bill of exchange cosigned by one party as maker, acceptor, or endorser without requiring collateral or a fee, in order to lend his or her credit reputation to the second party
  • accommodation party — the guarantor who signs an accommodation bill
  • accommodation train — a local train that stops at small stations along a route
  • accompanying letter — a letter that comes with another document or enclosure
  • according to cocker — reliable or reliably; correct or correctly
  • accounts department — the section of a company that deals with the accounts
  • accounts receivable — A company's accounts receivable are all the money that it is owed by other companies for goods or services that it has supplied, or a list of these companies and the amounts that they owe.
  • accredited investor — An accredited investor is an organization or a wealthy individual that is considered to be financially knowledgeable, and can buy securities that are not registered with the SEC.
  • acoustic gramophone — a device for reproducing the sounds stored on a record: now usually applied to the nearly obsolete type that uses a clockwork motor and acoustic horn
  • acoustic resistance — acoustic impedance caused by the internal friction of the transmitting medium.
  • active server pages — (web, programming)   (ASP) A scripting environment for Microsoft Internet Information Server in which you can combine HTML, scripts and reusable ActiveX server components to create dynamic web pages. IIS 4.0 includes scripting engines for Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft JScript. ActiveX scripting engines for Perl and REXX are available through third-party developers.
  • ad kalendas graecas — at no time; never: from the fact that the Greeks did not reckon dates by calends.
  • ad-hoc polymorphism — overloading
  • addressed call mode — (communications)   (ACM) A mode that permits control signals and commands to establish and terminate calls in V.25bis.
  • adrenocorticotropic — that can stimulate the cortex of the adrenal glands
  • adrenocorticotropin — ACTH.
  • advanced revelation — (database)   (AREV) A database development environment for personal computers available from Revelation Software since 1982. Originally based on the PICK operating system, there are over one million users worldwide in 1996.
  • advertising account — account (def 11c).
  • advocacy journalism — journalism that promotes a cause or expresses a subjective viewpoint.
  • aerodynamic braking — the use of aerodynamic drag to slow spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere
  • aeronautic engineer — engineer involved in the design and construction of aeroplanes
  • affordable care act — a federal law providing for a fundamental reform of the U.S. healthcare and health insurance system, signed by President Barack Obama in 2010: formally called Affordable Care Act or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • african swine fever — a highly contagious fatal disease of pigs caused by a myxovirus. The disease is characterized by fever, blotches on the skin, depression, and lack of coordination
  • after-sales service — A company's after-sales service is all the help and information that it provides to customers after they have bought a particular product.
  • agency spokesperson — a spokesperson for a government agency
  • agricultural worker — a person who is employed in agriculture, usually a manual worker
  • air cushion vehicle — ACV (def 2).
  • air traffic control — Air traffic control is the activity of organizing the routes that aircraft should follow, and telling pilots by radio which routes they should take.
  • air-cushion vehicle — a vehicle that travels just above the surface of land or water on a cushion of air provided by a downward jet from its engines, propellers, etc.
  • air-traffic control — a government service that facilitates the safe and orderly movement of aircraft within and between airports by receiving and processing data from radar and devices that monitor local weather conditions and by maintaining radio contact with pilots.
  • alcazar de san juan — a town in S central Spain: associated with Cervantes and Don Quixote. Pop: 27 229 (2003 est)
  • alexander technique — a technique for developing awareness of one's posture and movement in order to improve it

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