6-letter words containing c, o, u

  • acajou — a type of mahogany used by cabinet-makers in France
  • acount — Misspelling of account.
  • augcog — augmented cognition
  • auroch — Alternative spelling of aurochs.
  • avouch — to vouch for; guarantee
  • basuco — a highly addictive drug consisting of low-grade cocaine mixed with coca paste and other substances, often cannabis
  • bochum — an industrial city in NW Germany, in W North Rhine-Westphalia: university (1965). Pop: 387 283 (2003 est)
  • bonduc — either of two species of leguminous shrub (Caesalpinia bonduc and Caesalpinia major) which produce hard, shiny seeds commonly known as nickernuts
  • bouche — the notch cut in the top corner of a shield to support a lance
  • boucle — looped yarn giving a knobbly effect
  • bounce — When an object such as a ball bounces or when you bounce it, it moves upwards from a surface or away from it immediately after hitting it.
  • bouncy — Someone or something that is bouncy is very lively.
  • cachou — a lozenge eaten to sweeten the breath
  • cao yu — (Wan Jiabao) 1910–1996, Chinese playwright.
  • caruso — Enrico (enˈriːko). 1873–1921, an outstanding Italian operatic tenor; one of the first to make gramophone records
  • caucho — rubber obtained from the latex of any of several tropical American trees of the genus Castilla, especially C. elastica, of Central America.
  • cavour — Conte Camillo Benso di (kaˈmillo ˈbɛnzo di).1810–61, Italian statesman and premier of Piedmont-Sardinia (1852–59; 1860–61): a leader of the movement for the unification of Italy
  • cerous — of or containing cerium in the trivalent state
  • chonju — a city in SW South Korea: centre of large rice-growing region. Pop: 643 000 (2005 est)
  • choque — Obsolete form of shock.
  • chorus — A chorus is a part of a song which is repeated after each verse.
  • chough — a large black passerine bird, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, of parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a long downward-curving red bill: family Corvidae (crows)
  • chouse — a person who deceives, defrauds, or tricks
  • choush — a Turkish envoy or attendant
  • churro — (in Spain and Latin America) a sweet, baton-shaped snack of fried dough
  • clonus — a type of convulsion characterized by rapid contraction and relaxation of a muscle
  • cloque — fabric with an embossed surface
  • clouds — a comedy (423 b.c.) by Aristophanes.
  • cloudy — If it is cloudy, there are a lot of clouds in the sky.
  • clouet — François (frɑ̃swa), ?1515–72, and his father, Jean (ʒɑ̃), ?1485–?1540, French portrait painters
  • clough — a gorge or narrow ravine
  • clouts — Plural form of clout.
  • cobnut — filbert
  • coburg — a rounded loaf with a cross cut on the top
  • coccus — any spherical or nearly spherical bacterium, such as a staphylococcus
  • cockup — something done badly
  • coetus — Rare spelling of coitus.
  • cohune — a tropical American feather palm, Attalea (or Orbignya) cohune, whose large oily nuts yield an oil similar to coconut oil
  • coitus — Coitus is sexual intercourse.
  • coleus — any plant of the Old World genus Coleus: cultivated for their variegated leaves, typically marked with red, yellow, or white: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
  • collum — (anatomy) A neck or cervix.
  • colour — The colour of something is the appearance that it has as a result of the way in which it reflects light. Red, blue, and green are colours.
  • colugo — flying lemur
  • column — A column is a tall, often decorated cylinder of stone which is built to honour someone or forms part of a building.
  • colure — either of two great circles on the celestial sphere, one of which passes through the celestial poles and the equinoxes and the other through the poles and the solstices
  • comous — hairy
  • comune — The smallest civil administrative unit in Italy.
  • concur — If one person concurs with another person, the two people agree. You can also say that two people concur.
  • congou — a kind of black tea from China
  • conium — either of the two N temperate plants of the umbelliferous genus Conium, esp hemlock

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