6-letter words containing c, o, n, e

  • acnode — a point whose coordinates satisfy the equation of a curve although it does not lie on the curve; an isolated point. The origin is an acnode of the curve y2 + x2 = x3
  • aeonic — lasting for an aeon
  • ancome — an inflammation or boil
  • ancone — an altarpiece, usually consisting of a painted panel or panels, reliefs, or statues set in an elaborate frame.
  • beacon — A beacon is a light or a fire, usually on a hill or tower, which acts as a signal or a warning.
  • beckon — If you beckon to someone, you signal to them to come to you.
  • bicone — an object shaped like two cones with their bases together.
  • bounce — When an object such as a ball bounces or when you bounce it, it moves upwards from a surface or away from it immediately after hitting it.
  • brecon — a town in SE Wales, in Powys: textile and leather industries. Pop: 7901 (2001)
  • c-note — a one-hundred-dollar bill
  • cafone — an uncouth person; lowlife.
  • canoed — Simple past tense and past participle of canoe.
  • canoer — a person who travels in a canoe
  • canoes — Plural form of canoe.
  • capone — Alphonse, called Al. 1899–1947, US gangster in Chicago during Prohibition
  • cenizo — chamiso.
  • cenote — (esp in the Yucatán peninsula) a natural well formed by the collapse of an overlying limestone crust: often used as a sacrificial site by the Mayas
  • censor — If someone in authority censors letters or the media, they officially examine them and cut out any information that is regarded as secret.
  • centos — Plural form of cento.
  • centro — a city in S California.
  • ceroon — a hide-covered bale or package
  • ceylon — an island in the Indian Ocean, off the SE coast of India: consists politically of the republic of Sri Lanka. Area: 64 644 sq km (24 959 sq miles)
  • chevon — the flesh of goats, used as food.
  • chosen — Chosen is the past participle of choose.
  • cineol — a colorless, oily, slightly water-soluble liquid terpene ether, C 10 H 18 O, having a camphorlike odor and a pungent, spicy, cooling taste, found in eucalyptus, cajeput, and other essential oils: used in flavoring, perfumery, and medicine chiefly as an expectorant.
  • cloned — Simple past tense and past participle of clone.
  • cloner — someone who is involved in cloning
  • clones — Plural form of clone.
  • cloven — split; cleft; divided
  • cobden — Richard. 1804–65, British economist and statesman: with John Bright a leader of the successful campaign to abolish the Corn Laws (1846)
  • coeno- — common
  • cogent — A cogent reason, argument, or example is strong and convincing.
  • cohune — a tropical American feather palm, Attalea (or Orbignya) cohune, whose large oily nuts yield an oil similar to coconut oil
  • coigne — quoin.
  • coined — a piece of metal stamped and issued by the authority of a government for use as money.
  • coiner — A person who coins money, in particular a maker of counterfeit coins.
  • coldenCadwallader, 1688–1776, Scottish physician, botanist, and public official in America, born in Ireland.
  • coleen — Alternative form of colleen.
  • coline — (mathematics).
  • commen — [L.J. Cohen. Proc SJCC 30:671-676, AFIPS (Spring 1967)].
  • comnet — (simulation, networking)   A simulation tool from CACI for analysing wide-area voice or data networks, based on SIMSCRIPT.
  • comune — The smallest civil administrative unit in Italy.
  • conche — a machine, used during the manufacture of chocolate, which mixes and smooths the chocolate mass
  • conder — a person who directs the steering of a ship
  • condie — a culvert or tunnel
  • coneys — Plural form of coney.
  • confer — When you confer with someone, you discuss something with them in order to make a decision. You can also say that two people confer.
  • congee — a gruel of boiled rice and water
  • conger — A conger or a conger eel is a large fish that looks like a snake.
  • conies — the fur of a rabbit, especially when dyed to simulate Hudson seal.

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