Words containing c, i, t, y

4 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • city — The City is the part of London where many important financial institutions have their main offices. People often refer to these financial institutions as the City.

5 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • dicty — snobbish and pretentious

6 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acuity — Acuity is sharpness of vision or hearing, or quickness of thought.
  • bitchy — If someone is being bitchy or is making bitchy remarks, they are saying unkind things about someone.
  • cavity — A cavity is a space or hole in something such as a solid object or a person's body.
  • cecity — a rare word for blindness
  • citify — to cause to conform to or adopt the customs, habits, or dress of city people

7 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acetify — to become or cause to become acetic acid or vinegar
  • acidity — the quality or state of being acid
  • anticly — ludicrously or grotesquely
  • butyric — of or obtained from butter
  • certify — If someone in an official position certifies something, they officially state that it is true.

8 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acerbity — Acerbity is a kind of bitter, critical humour.
  • acetylic — of, relating to, or characteristic of the acetyl group.
  • acridity — sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: acrid smoke from burning rubber.
  • actively — engaged in action; characterized by energetic work, participation, etc.; busy: an active life.
  • activity — Activity is a situation in which a lot of things are happening or being done.

9 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acclivity — an upward slope, esp of the ground
  • acetylide — any of a class of carbides in which the carbon is present as a diatomic divalent ion (C22–). They are formally derivatives of acetylene
  • actuality — Actuality is the state of really existing rather than being imagined.
  • acylation — the introduction into a chemical compound of an acyl group
  • adipocyte — a fat cell that accumulates and stores fats

10 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acausality — having no cause.
  • accidently — happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected: an accidental meeting.
  • acidimetry — the determination of the amount of acid present in a solution, measured by an acidimeter or by volumetric analysis
  • actability — capable of being acted or suitable for acting: He has written a very actable, well-structured play.
  • actinology — the science of light rays and their chemical effects

11 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • abiotically — in a way that involves the absence of life or the absence of living forms
  • acceptingly — in an accepting manner
  • acetylation — to introduce one or more acetyl groups into (a compound).
  • acquisitory — tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily; eager to get wealth, possessions, etc.: our acquisitive impulses; acquisitive societies.
  • actinomyces — a genus of bacteria that causes disease in humans and improves soil ecology

12 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • accidentally — happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected: an accidental meeting.
  • accompanyist — accompanist.
  • acoustically — with reference to acoustics; from the standpoint of acoustics
  • actinomycete — any bacterium of the group Actinomycetes, usually filamentous in form
  • adjectivally — as an adjective

13 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acceptability — capable or worthy of being accepted.
  • accessibility — easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.
  • accidentology — the study of the prevention of accidents
  • acetylaniline — acetanilide.
  • acetylcholine — a chemical substance secreted at the ends of many nerve fibres, esp in the autonomic nervous system, and responsible for the transmission of nervous impulses. Formula: CH3CO2(CH2)2N(CH3)3+

14 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acanthocytosis — a condition characterized by large numbers of acanthocytes in the blood.
  • accountability — the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
  • accumulatively — tending to accumulate or arising from accumulation; cumulative.
  • acetylcysteine — a substance, C 5 H 9 NO 3 S, used in solution as an inhalant to dissolve mucus in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema and also used as an antidote in acetaminophen poisoning.
  • aerodynamicist — an expert in aerodynamics.

15 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • actinochemistry — the branch of chemistry dealing with actinism; photochemistry.
  • actinopterygian — belonging or pertaining to the Actinopterygii, a group of bony fishes.
  • aegyptopithecus — a genus of extinct anthropoid ape of the Oligocene Period known from remains found in Egypt.
  • agranulocytosis — a serious and sometimes fatal illness characterized by a marked reduction of leucocytes, usually caused by hypersensitivity to certain drugs
  • ancylostomiasis — infestation of the human intestine with blood-sucking hookworms, causing progressive anaemia

16 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • acanthopterygian — of, relating to, or belonging to the Acanthopterygii, a large group of teleost fishes having spiny fin rays. The group includes most saltwater bony fishes
  • acetylsalicylate — a salt or ester of acetylsalicylic acid.
  • antagonistically — acting in opposition; opposing, especially mutually.
  • anticyclogenesis — the intensification or development of an anticyclone.
  • antirecessionary — used to counteract or offest the economic effects of a recession: the president's antirecessionary program.

17 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • anthropologically — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • anti-anaphylactic — exaggerated allergic reaction to a foreign protein resulting from previous exposure to it.
  • anti-metaphysical — pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics.
  • anticlimactically — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • archconfraternity — a confraternity having the right to associate itself with confraternities that are similar to it, and to impart to them its privileges and indulgences.

18 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • aerothermodynamics — the study of the exchange of heat between solids and gases, esp of the heating effect on aircraft flying through the air at very high speeds
  • anthropocentricity — the state or quality of being anthropocentric.
  • arachibutyrophobia — Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.
  • characteristically — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.
  • counter-hypothesis — a proposition, or set of propositions, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation (working hypothesis) or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts.

19 letter words containing c, i, t, y

20 letter words containing c, i, t, y

21 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • counter-revolutionary — Counter-revolutionary activities are activities intended to reverse the effects of a previous revolution.
  • dacryocystorhinostomy — A surgical procedure to restore the flow of tears into the nose from the lacrimal sac when the nasolacrimal duct does not function.

22 letter words containing c, i, t, y

23 letter words containing c, i, t, y

  • chlorotrifluoroethylene — a colorless, flammable gas, C 2 H 2 ClF, that polymerizes to form oils, greases, and waxes.

29 letter words containing c, i, t, y

31 letter words containing c, i, t, y

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