21-letter words containing c, h, o, l, a

  • a rap on the knuckles — If someone in authority gives you a rap on the knuckles, they criticize you or blame you for doing something they think is wrong.
  • ada core technologies — (company)   (ACT) The company that maintains GNAT. Ada Core Technologies was founded in 1994 by the original authors of the GNAT compiler. ACT provides software for Ada 95 development.
  • afro-american english — Black English (def 1).
  • alcohol dehydrogenase — an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of ethanol and other alcohols to acetaldehyde using NAD+, the first step in the metabolism of alcohol by the liver.
  • aleksandr-nikolaevichAlexander (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) 1899–1977, Russian pianist and composer, in the U.S.
  • alexander archipelago — a group of over 1000 islands along the coast of SE Alaska
  • algorithm description — (language)   (ALDES) ["The Algorithm Description Language ALDES", R.G.K. Loos, SIGSAM Bull 14(1):15-39 (Jan 1976)].
  • all things considered — You say all things considered to indicate that you are making a judgment after taking all the facts into account.
  • american saddle horse — one of a breed of horses, raised originally in the U.S., that have high-stepping gaits and are bred to the three-gaited or five-gaited type.
  • analytical philosophy — a school of philosophy which flourished in the first half of the 20th century and which sought to resolve philosophical problems by analysing the language in which they are expressed, esp in terms of formal logic as in Russell's theory of descriptions
  • analytical psychology — a school of psychoanalysis founded by Jung as a result of disagreements with Freud
  • anatomy of melancholy — a philosophical treatise (1621) by Robert Burton.
  • aniline hydrochloride — a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C 6 H 5 NH 2 ⋅HCl, used chiefly as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes, especially aniline black.
  • antarctic archipelago — a group of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the NW coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • antihemophilic factor — a protein that is essential to normal blood clotting and is lacking or deficient in persons having hemophilia A. Abbreviation: AHF.
  • appalachian mountains — a mountain system of E North America, extending from Quebec province in Canada to central Alabama in the US: contains rich deposits of anthracite, bitumen, and iron ore. Highest peak: Mount Mitchell, 2038 m (6684 ft)
  • arithmetic logic unit — the part of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations
  • arithmetic/logic unit — ALU.
  • as luck would have it — fortunately
  • asiliant technologies — (company)   A company founded by a group of former Chips and Technologies employees with experience with the CHIPS products, suppliers, distributors and customers. Asiliant offer C&T's industry standard Flat Panel and CRT controller family.
  • astronomical twilight — the period of time during which the sun is 18° below the horizon
  • atomic unit of length — (in the Bohr atom) the radius of the electron orbit having the lowest energy.
  • balance sheet account — A balance sheet account is an account in the chart of accounts that is reported on the balance sheet.
  • behavioural contagion — the spread of a particular type of behaviour, such as crying, through a crowd or group of people
  • benzalkonium chloride — a white or yellowish-white, water-soluble mixture of ammonium chloride derivatives having the structure C 8 H 10 NRCl, where R is a mixture of radicals ranging from C 8 H 17 – to C 18 H 37 –, that occurs as an amorphous powder or in gelatinous lumps: used chiefly as an antiseptic and a disinfectant.
  • bibliographic control — the identification, description, analysis, and classification of books and other materials of communication so that they may be effectively organized, stored, retrieved, and used when needed.
  • bibliographic utility — an organization that maintains computerized bibliographic records and offers to its members or customers various products and services related to these records.
  • biobehavioral science — any of the various branches of the life sciences, as neurobiology, neurochemistry, or neuroendocrinology, that deal with biological aspects of behavior.
  • biological psychiatry — a school of psychiatric thought concerned with the medical treatment of mental disorders, especially through medication, and emphasizing the relationship between behavior and brain function and the search for physical causes of mental illness.
  • black-headed fireworm — the larva of any of several moths, as Rhopobota naevana (black-headed fireworm) which feeds on the leaves of cranberries and causes them to wither.
  • blot on the landscape — If you describe something such as a building as a blot on the landscape, you mean that you think it is very ugly and spoils an otherwise attractive place.
  • bonnie prince charlie — a member of the royal family that ruled in Scotland from 1371 to 1714 and in England from 1603 to 1714.
  • bottlebrush moustache — a short, bristly moustache
  • breath-of-life packet — (XEROX PARC) An Ethernet packet that contains bootstrap code, periodically sent out from a working computer to infuse the "breath of life" into any computer on the network that has crashed. Computers depending on such packets have sufficient hardware or firmware code to wait for (or request) such a packet during the reboot process. See also dickless workstation. The notional "kiss-of-death packet", with a function complementary to that of a breath-of-life packet, is recommended for dealing with hosts that consume too many network resources. Though "kiss-of-death packet" is usually used in jest, there is at least one documented instance of an Internet subnet with limited address-table slots in a gateway computer in which such packets were routinely used to compete for slots, rather like Christmas shoppers competing for scarce parking spaces.
  • catch one flat footed — having flatfeet.
  • caviar to the general — a thing appealing only to a highly cultivated taste: Hamlet II, ii
  • central limit theorem — any of several theorems stating that the sum of a number of random variables obeying certain conditions will assume a normal distribution as the number of variables becomes large.
  • character development — the portrayal of people in a work of fiction in such a way that the reader or audience seems to learn more about them as they develop
  • charge-coupled device — an electronic device, used in imaging and signal processing, in which information is represented as packets of electric charge that are stored in an array of tiny closely spaced capacitors and can be moved from one capacitor to another in a controlled way
  • chequebook journalism — Chequebook journalism is the practice of paying people large sums of money for information about crimes or famous people in order to get material for newspaper articles.
  • chocolate chip cookie — a biscuit containing chips of chocolate
  • class-relation method — (programming)   A design technique based on the concepts of object-oriented programming and the Entity-Relationship model from the French company Softeam.
  • clinical psychologist — a practitioner of clinical psychology
  • clone-and-hack coding — case and paste
  • column chromatography — the separation of mixtures into their constituents by preferential adsorption by a solid, as a column of silica (column chromatography) or a strip of filter paper (paper chromatography) or by a gel.
  • comfortably-furnished — containing comfortable furniture
  • comparative philology — comparative linguistics.
  • completing the square — a method, usually of solving quadratic equations, by which a quadratic expression, as x 2 − 4 x + 3, is written as the sum or difference of a perfect square and a constant, x 2 − 4 x + 4 + 3 − 4 = (x − 2) 2 − 1, by addition and subtraction of appropriate constant terms.
  • conditional discharge — If someone who is convicted of an offence is given a conditional discharge by a court, they are not punished unless they later commit a further offence.
  • congregational church — any evangelical Protestant Christian Church that is governed according to the principles of Congregationalism. In 1972 the majority of churches in the Congregational Church in England and Wales voted to become part of the United Reformed Church

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