26-letter words containing c, h, l, o, r, p

  • a skeleton in the cupboard — If you say that someone has a skeleton in the closet, or in British English a skeleton in the cupboard, you mean that they are keeping secret a bad or embarrassing fact about themselves.
  • adzhar autonomous republic — an administrative division of SW Georgia, on the Black Sea: part of Turkey from the 17th century until 1878; mostly mountainous, reaching 2805 m (9350 ft), with a subtropical coastal strip. Capital: Batumi. Pop: 376 016 (2002). Area: 3000 sq km (1160 sq miles)
  • atmospheric boundary layer — the thin layer of air adjacent to the earth's surface, usually considered to be less than 300 feet (91 meters) high.
  • australopithecus afarensis — an extinct species of early hominid whose fossil remains were discovered in Ethiopia and have been dated at between 3.5 and 4 million years of age.
  • australopithecus africanus — an extinct species of gracile hominid, formerly known as Plesianthropus transvaalensis, that lived in southern Africa about three million years ago.
  • catastrophe excess of loss — Catastrophe excess of loss is a form of excess of loss reinsurance where the reinsurer agrees to reimburse the amount of a very large loss in excess of a particular sum.
  • chief inspector of schools — a high-ranking official of the British government who is responsible for overseeing the quality of education
  • childe harold's pilgrimage — a narrative poem (1812, 1816, 1818) by Byron.
  • computer graphics metafile — (graphics, file format)   (CGM) A standard file format for storage and communication of graphical information, widely used on personal computers and accepted by desktop publishing and technical illustration systems. See also: WebCGM.
  • dichlorophenoxyacetic acid — a chloride derivative of phenol and acetic acid, C6H3Cl2OCH2COOH, used to destroy broad-leaved weeds without injuring grass; 2,4-D
  • electronic piece of cheese — EPOC
  • enhanced capabilities port — (hardware)   (ECP) The most common parallel printer interface on current (1997) IBM PC compatibles. Enhanced Capabilities Port is defined in standard IEEE 1284. It is bi-directional and faster than earlier parallel ports. Not to be confused with Extended Capabilities Port.
  • gastroesophageal sphincter — a ring of smooth muscle fibers connecting the esophagus and stomach.
  • grand army of the republic — an organization, founded in 1866, composed of men who served in the U.S. Army and Navy during the Civil War: its last member died in 1956. Abbreviation: G.A.R.
  • ground-controlled approach — a system in which an observer interprets radar observations of the position of an aircraft and transmits continuous instructions to its pilot for landing. Abbreviation: GCA.
  • hydrogenated glucose syrup — a syrup produced by the incomplete hydrolysis of starch followed by the hydrogenation of the glucose syrup, and used as a sweetener in confectionery, etc
  • mammoth cave national park — a national park in central Kentucky: limestone caverns with onyx formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. 79 sq. mi. (205 sq. km).
  • monochrome display adapter — (hardware, graphics)   (MDA) One of IBM's earliest hardware video display standards for use in IBM PC. MDA can display only monochrome 80*25 text (IBM PC video mode 7). It is now obsolete.
  • multi-color graphics array — (hardware, graphics)   (MCGA) One of IBM's less popular hardware video display standards for use in the IBM PS/2. MCGA can display 80*25 text in monochrome, 40*25 text in 256 colours or 320*200 pixel graphics in 256 colors. It is now obsolete.
  • national merit scholarship — one of some 6000 college scholarships awarded annually since 1956, by the nonprofit, grant-supported National Merit Scholarship Corporation, to high-school students (National Merit Scholars) on the basis of scholastic record, personal character, and score on a test administered nationally.
  • not touch with a bargepole — to refuse to have anything to do with
  • people's republic of china — People's Republic of, a country in E Asia. 3,691,502 sq. mi. (9,560,990 sq. km). Capital: Beijing.
  • phenylpyruvic oligophrenia — phenylketonuria.
  • philosophical anthropology — anthropology (def 4).
  • philosophical-anthropology — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • physical transport network — (communications)   (PTN) The actual hardware through which data transfer devices are connected.
  • physics analysis workbench — (tool)   (PAW) A general purpose portable tool for analysis and presentation of physics data.
  • privately held corporation — A privately held corporation is a company whose shares cannot be bought by the general public.
  • propoxyphene hydrochloride — a white, crystalline, narcotic analgesic, C22H29NO2·HCl, used for the alleviation of moderate pain
  • psychophysical parallelism — the view that mental and bodily events occur in parallel series without causal interaction.
  • psychophysiologic disorder — any of a group of disorders, as tension headache, characterized by physical symptoms that are partly induced by emotional factors.
  • show a clean pair of heels — to run off
  • ssh file transfer protocol — (networking)   (SFTP) A version of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using an encrypted network connection provided by Secure Shell (SSH), usually SSH 2. The SFTP protocol allows for a range of operations on remote files, making it more like a remote file system protocol. SFTP clients can resume interrupted transfers, get directory listings and remove remote files. SFTP has largely replaced Secure Copy (SCP).
  • straight-line depreciation — Straight-line depreciation is a method of depreciation in which an equal amount of depreciation is taken each year.
  • the liberal democrat party — a political party in Britain which was formed from a merger of the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party
  • triple combination therapy — treatment with three different drugs

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