25-letter words containing c, h, l, o, r, p

  • accelerated graphics port — (hardware, graphics)   (AGP) A bus specification by Intel which gives low-cost 3D graphics cards faster access to main memory on personal computers than the usual PCI bus. AGP dynamically allocates the PC's normal RAM to store the screen image and to support texture mapping, z-buffering and alpha blending. Intel has built AGP into a chipset for its Pentium II microprocessor. AGP cards are slightly longer than a PCI card. AGP operates at 66 MHz, doubled to 133 MHz, compared with PCI's 33 Mhz. AGP allows for efficient use of frame buffer memory, thereby helping 2D graphics performance as well. AGP provides a coherent memory management design which allows scattered data in system memory to be read in rapid bursts. AGP reduces the overall cost of creating high-end graphics subsystems by using existing system memory.
  • alpha-adrenergic receptor — a site on a cell that, upon interaction with epinephrine or norepinephrine, controls vasoconstriction, intestinal relaxation, pupil dilation, and other physiological processes.
  • antixerophthalmic vitamin — vitamin A.
  • archibald philip primroseArchibald Philip, 5th Earl of Rosebery, Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of.
  • australopithecus robustus — an extinct species of large-toothed bipedal hominid that lived in southern Africa c1.5–2 million years ago: formerly classified as the genus Paranthropus.
  • catholic apostolic church — a nearly extinct English Protestant church established between 1832 and 1835, stressing the imminent coming of the millennium and the reestablishment of the primitive church's ministries.
  • characteristic polynomial — an expression obtained from a given matrix by taking the determinant of the difference between the matrix and an arbitrary variable times the identity matrix.
  • chief of naval operations — the highest officer in the U.S. Navy and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • child protection register — (in Britain) a confidential list of children who are at continuing risk of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect
  • chorionic villus sampling — a method of diagnosing genetic disorders early in pregnancy by the removal by catheter through the cervix or abdomen of a tiny sample of tissue from the chorionic villi
  • computer-aided publishing — desktop publishing. Abbreviation: CAP.
  • copyright deposit library — one of six libraries legally entitled to receive a gratis copy of every book published in the United Kingdom: the British Library, Bodleian, Cambridge University, Trinity College in Dublin, Scottish National Library, and National Library of Wales
  • data encryption algorithm — (DEA) An ANSI standard defined in ANSI X3.92-1981. It is identical to the Data Encryption Standard (DES).
  • dataphone digital service — (communications, product)   (DDS) The first private-line digital service offered by AT&T, with data rates typically at 2.4, 4.8, 9.6 and 56 kilobits per second. DDS is now part of AT&T's Accunet family of services. Most LEC (local exchange carriers) and IXC (IntereXchange Carriers) offer similar services.
  • electroconvulsive therapy — the treatment of certain psychotic conditions by passing an electric current through the brain to induce coma or convulsions
  • fleet chief petty officer — a noncommissioned officer in the Royal Navy comparable in rank to a warrant officer in the British Army or Royal Air Force
  • genealogical relationship — the relationship that exists between languages that have developed from a single earlier language.
  • group-sweeping scheduling — (storage, algorithm)   (GSS) A disk scheduling strategy in which requests are served in cycles, in a round-robin manner. To reduce disk arm movements ("seeking"), the set of streams is divided into groups that are served in fixed order. Streams within a group are served according to "SCAN". If all clients are assigned to one group, GSS reduces to SCAN, and if all clients are assigned to separate groups, GSS effectively becomes round-robin scheduling. The service order within one group is not fixed, and a stream may in fact be first in one cycle while last in the next. This variation has to be masked by extra buffering but whereas SCAN requires buffer space for all streams, GSS can reuse the buffer for each group and effect a trade-off between seek optimisation and buffer requirements.
  • hospitalization insurance — insurance to cover, in whole or in part, the hospital bills of a subscriber or of his or her dependents.
  • implicit function theorem — a theorem that gives conditions under which a function written in implicit form can be written in explicit form.
  • international match point — a unit of scoring in contract bridge tournaments held in Europe. Abbreviation: IMP.
  • japanese flowering cherry — any of various ornamental hybrid cherry trees developed in Japan, having white or pink blossoms and inedible fruit.
  • metal-free phthalocyanine — phthalocyanine (def 1).
  • non-algorithmic procedure — heuristic
  • nuffield teaching project — (in Britain) a complete school programme in mathematics, science, languages, etc, with suggested complementary theory and practical work
  • organizational psychology — the study of the structure of an organization and of the ways in which the people in it interact, usually undertaken in order to improve the organization
  • palo alto research center — XEROX PARC
  • palo alto research centre — XEROX PARC
  • petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy — seaport in E Asian Russia, on Kamchatka Peninsula: pop. 210,000
  • polymerase chain reaction — a technique in which a known DNA sequence is synthesized at high temperatures by means of a polymerase, producing millions of copies for statistical analysis: used in DNA fingerprinting, in detecting minute quantities of cancer cells, etc.
  • portable network graphics — (file format)   /ping/ (PNG) An extensible file format for the lossless, portable, well-compressed storage of raster images. PNG provides a patent-free replacement for GIF and can also replace many common uses of TIFF. Indexed-colour, greyscale and truecolour images are supported, plus an optional alpha channel. Sample depths range from 1 to 16 bits. PNG is designed for on-line viewing applications, such as the World Wide Web, so it is fully streamable with a progressive display option. PNG is robust, providing both full file integrity checking and simple detection of common transmission errors. Also, PNG can store gamma correction and chromaticity data for improved colour matching on heterogeneous platforms.
  • psychiatric social worker — (in Britain) a qualified person who works with mentally-ill people and their families, based in a psychiatric hospital, child guidance clinic, or social services department area team, and who may also be an approved social worker
  • sequential parlog machine — (SPM) The virtual machine (and its machine code) for the Parlog logic programming language.
  • take up the cudgels (for) — to come to the defense (of)
  • the politically incorrect — politically incorrect people considered collectively
  • the scholastic profession — the profession of teaching
  • thin-layer chromatography — chromatography in which glass plates coated with thin layers of alumina, silica gel, or cellulose are used as an adsorbent.
  • transcendental-philosophy — transcendental character, thought, or language.
  • undisputed world champion — a boxer who holds the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Organization, and the International Boxing Federation world championship titles simultaneously

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