Words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

7 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • chiming — Present participle of chime.
  • chingma — the fiber of the Indian mallow.
  • miching — to lurk out of sight.

8 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • champing — to bite upon or grind, especially impatiently: The horses champed the oats.
  • charming — If you say that something is charming, you mean that it is very pleasant or attractive.
  • chimango — Milvago chimango, a South American bird of prey related to the falcon.
  • chomping — Present participle of chomp.
  • chumming — cut or ground bait dumped into the water to attract fish to the area where one is fishing.

9 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • champaign — an expanse of open level or gently undulating country
  • charmings — Plural form of charming.
  • chiengmai — a town in NW Thailand: teak, silver, silk industries: university (1964). Pop: 182 000 (2005 est)
  • hegemonic — having hegemony, or dominance: the ruling party's hegemonic control of all facets of society.
  • hemogenic — Of, or relating to the production of blood cells.

10 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • amphogenic — producing both male and female offspring.
  • buckingham — a town in S central England, in Buckinghamshire; university (1975). Pop: 12 512 (2001)
  • chambering — a room, usually private, in a house or apartment, especially a bedroom: She retired to her chamber.
  • chamfering — Present participle of chamfer.
  • champaigne — Philippe de (filip də). 1602–74, French painter, born in Brussels: noted particularly for his portraits and historical and religious scenes

11 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • alchemizing — Present participle of alchemize.
  • archegonium — a female sex organ, occurring in mosses, spore-bearing vascular plants, and gymnosperms, that produces a single egg cell in its swollen base
  • champignons — Plural form of champignon.
  • championing — a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place: the heavyweight boxing champion.
  • checkmating — Present participle of checkmate.

12 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • beachcombing — The action of a beachcomber.
  • benchmarking — In business, benchmarking is a process in which a company compares its products and methods with those of the most successful companies in its field, in order to try to improve its own performance.
  • camphorating — Present participle of camphorate.
  • campshedding — to line (the bank of a river) with campshot.
  • charmingness — pleasing; delightful: a charming child.

13 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • accomplishing — Present participle of accomplish.
  • blacksmithing — the work of a blacksmith.
  • checkweighman — a representative elected by coal miners to check the findings of the mine owner's weighman where miners are paid by the weight of coal mined.
  • chloroforming — Present participle of chloroform.
  • cholangiogram — an X-ray of the bile duct performed after administering dye into the ducts that shows up on the X-ray

14 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

15 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • antihemorrhagic — That stops or reduces hemorrhage.
  • bathing-machine — a small bathhouse on wheels formerly used as a dressing room and in which bathers could also be transported from the beach to the water.
  • buckinghamshire — a county in SE central England, containing the Vale of Aylesbury and parts of the Chiltern Hills: the geographic and ceremonial county includes Milton Keynes, which became an independent unitary authority in 1997. Administrative centre: Aylesbury. Pop (excluding Milton Keynes): 478 000 (2003 est). Area (excluding Milton Keynes): 1568 sq km (605 sq miles)
  • cinematographed — a motion-picture projector.
  • cinematographer — A cinematographer is a person who decides what filming techniques should be used during the shooting of a film.

16 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • archaeomagnetism — an archaeological technique for dating certain clay objects by measuring the extent to which they have been magnetized by the earth's magnetic field
  • chimney-climbing — the sport of climbing a vertical fissure large enough for a person's body to enter
  • choriomeningitis — (medicine) A form of cerebral meningitis associated with inflammation of the choroid plexus.
  • chymotrypsinogen — the inactive precursor of chymotrypsin
  • high-compression — of a modern type of internal-combustion engine designed so that the fuel mixture is compressed into a smaller cylinder space, resulting in more pressure on the pistons and more power

17 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • american-flagfish — flagfish (def 1).
  • anglo-catholicism — the tradition or form of worship in the Anglican Church that emphasizes Catholicity, the apostolic succession, and the continuity of all churches within the communion with pre-Reformation Christianity as well as the importance of liturgy and ritual.
  • antihyperglycemic — (of a medication or treatment) Tending to reduce hyperglycemia (high blood sugar, characteristic of diabetes).
  • carboxyhemoglobin — a compound formed in the blood when carbon monoxide occupies the positions on the hemoglobin molecule normally taken by oxygen, resulting in cellular oxygen starvation
  • ethnomusicologist — A researcher in the field of ethnomusicology.

18 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • carboxyhaemoglobin — haemoglobin coordinated with carbon monoxide, formed as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is bound in preference to oxygen, tissues are deprived of oxygen
  • cholangiocarcinoma — (pathology) Cancer of the bile duct.
  • ethnomusicological — Relating to or pertaining to ethnomusicology.
  • immunohistological — the microscopic study of tissues with the aid of antibodies that bind to tissue components and reveal their presence.
  • immunopharmacology — the branch of pharmacology concerned with the immune system

19 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

20 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • magnetohydrodynamics — the branch of physics that deals with the motion of electrically conductive fluids, especially plasmas, in magnetic fields. Abbreviation: MHD.
  • mecklenburg-schwerin — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

21 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • performance-enhancing — noting or relating to a drug or other substance used to improve one's performance in a sport or other activity requiring strength, stamina, etc.: The use of performance-enhancing steroids by athletes is banned.
  • psychomotor-agitation — the act or process of agitating; state of being agitated: She left in great agitation.
  • psychoneuroimmunology — the study of the effects of psychological factors on the immune system

22 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

23 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

24 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

32 letter words containing c, h, i, n, g, m

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

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