Words containing b, w

2 letter words containing b, w

  • bw — Botswana

3 letter words containing b, w

  • b/w — black and white
  • bow — When you bow to someone, you briefly bend your body towards them as a formal way of greeting them or showing respect.
  • bsw — British Standard Whitworth thread
  • btw — BTW is the written abbreviation for 'by the way', often used in e-mail.
  • bwd — backward

4 letter words containing b, w

  • b.w. — (of a motion picture, photograph, drawing, etc.) black and white, as distinguished from color.
  • basw — British Association of Social Workers
  • bawd — a person who runs a brothel, esp a woman
  • bawl — If you bawl, you shout in a very loud voice, for example because you are angry or you want people to hear you.
  • bawn — a fortified enclosure, either for defensive purposes or for keeping cattle

5 letter words containing b, w

  • batwa — Twa.
  • bawds — a woman who maintains a brothel; madam.
  • bawdy — A bawdy story or joke contains humorous references to sex.
  • bedew — to wet or cover with or as if with drops of dew
  • below — If something is below something else, it is in a lower position.

6 letter words containing b, w

  • abwatt — the cgs unit of power in the electromagnetic system, equal to the power dissipated when a current of 1 abampere flows across a potential difference of 1 abvolt: equivalent to 10–7 watt
  • abwehr — the German high-command service for espionage, counterintelligence, and sabotage during World War II.
  • bagwig — an 18th-century wig with hair pushed back into a bag
  • balewa — Sir Abubakar Tafawa [ah-boo-bah-kahr tah-fah-wah,, ah-boo-bah-kahr] /ˌɑ buˈbɑ kɑr tɑˈfɑ wɑ,, ɑˈbu bɑˌkɑr/ (Show IPA), 1912–66, Nigerian statesman: prime minister 1957–66.
  • barlow — a large strong pocket-knife with a single blade

7 letter words containing b, w

  • backsaw — a small handsaw stiffened along its upper edge by a metal section
  • bagwash — a laundry that washes clothes without drying or pressing them
  • bagwork — a revetment, consisting of heavy material sewn into bags, for protecting embankments against scour.
  • bagworm — the larva of moths of the family Psychidae, which forms a protective case of silk covered with grass, leaves, etc
  • baklawa — a Near Eastern pastry made of many layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of ground nuts, baked and then drenched in a syrup of honey and sometimes rosewater.

8 letter words containing b, w

  • backdown — an act of retreating from a previously asserted position
  • backflow — a reverse flow, the movement (of a liquid) in the opposite direction to its previous, natural or intended direction
  • backward — A backward movement or look is in the direction that your back is facing. Some people use backwards for this meaning.
  • backwash — The backwash of an event or situation is an unpleasant situation that exists after it and as a result of it.
  • backwind — to divert wind against the lee side of (a sail) from another sail.

9 letter words containing b, w

  • allowable — If people decide that something is allowable, they let it happen without trying to stop it.
  • back-wind — to divert wind against the lee side of (a sail) from another sail.
  • backswept — slanting backwards
  • backswing — the movement of a club, bat, or racket backwards, away from the intended point of contact, in preparation for making a stroke
  • backsword — a person who uses the backsword

10 letter words containing b, w

  • allowables — that may be allowed; legitimate; permissible: an allowable tax deduction.
  • angwantibo — a rare gold-coloured prosimian primate of tropical Africa, Arctocebus calabarensis, having digits that are specialized as a pair of pincers for climbing: family Lorisidae (lorises)
  • answerable — If you are answerable to someone, you have to report to them and explain your actions.
  • answerback — a reply or answering message from a computer or other electronic device, as by means of teletypewriter or simulated voice.
  • baggataway — a form of lacrosse as played originally by the Ojibwa Indians.

11 letter words containing b, w

  • abandonware — computer software which is no longer sold or supported by its publisher
  • aberystwyth — a resort and university town in Wales, in Ceredigion on Cardigan Bay. Pop: 15 935 (2001)
  • ashwaubenon — a town in E Wisconsin.
  • baby-walker — a light frame on casters or wheels to help a baby learn to walk
  • backswimmer — an aquatic bug belonging to the family Notonectidae that swims on its back using its back legs as oars

12 letter words containing b, w

  • assbackwards — in an order or way reverse from the usual: You've sewn the sleeve on assbackwards.
  • backswordman — a person who uses a backsword.
  • backwardness — toward the back or rear.
  • backwoodsman — Backwoodsmen are people, especially politicians, who like the old ways of doing things, or who are involved in an organization at a local level.
  • baden-powell — Robert Stephenson Smyth (smɪθ, smaɪθ), 1st Baron Baden-Powell. 1857–1941, British general, noted for his defence of Mafeking (1899–1900) in the Boer War; founder of the Boy Scouts (1908) and (with his sister Agnes) the Girl Guides (1910)

13 letter words containing b, w

  • answerability — liable to be asked to give account; responsible: He is answerable to a committee for all his decisions.
  • assemblywoman — In the United States, an assemblywoman is a female elected member of an assembly of people who make decisions and laws.
  • backwardation — the difference between the spot price for a commodity, including rent and interest, and the forward price
  • bassenthwaite — a lake in NW England, in Cumbria near Keswick. Length: 6 km (4 miles)
  • beetle-browed — having bushy or overhanging eyebrows

14 letter words containing b, w

  • albury-wodonga — a town in SE Australia, in S central New South Wales, on the Murray River: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 69 880 (2001)
  • basotho-qwaqwa — (formerly) a Bantustan in South Africa, in the Orange Free State; the only Bantustan without exclaves: abolished in 1993
  • battered-women — the array of physical and psychological injuries exhibited by women (battered women or battered wives) who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their partners or spouses.
  • below-the-line — denoting the entries printed below the horizontal line on a company's profit-and-loss account that show how any profit is to be distributed
  • blanket-flower — any composite plant of the genus Gaillardia, having showy heads of yellow or red flowers.

15 letter words containing b, w

  • acknowledgeable — to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.
  • bait-and-switch — denoting a deceptive method of selling, by which customers, attracted to a store by sale items, are told either that the advertised bargain item is out of stock or is inferior to a higher-priced item that is available.
  • black-and-white — displaying only black and white tones; without color, as a picture or chart: a black-and-white photograph.
  • brown-and-serve — requiring only a brief period of browning, as in an oven, before being ready to serve: brown-and-serve rolls.
  • unknowledgeable — possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive.

16 letter words containing b, w

  • bethmann-hollweg — Theobald von [tey-oh-bahlt fuh n] /ˈteɪ oʊˌbɑlt fən/ (Show IPA), 1856–1921, German statesman: chancellor 1909–17.
  • huyton-with-roby — an urban district in Merseyside, NW England, E of Liverpool.
  • knowledgeability — possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive.
  • off-off-broadway — experimental or avant-garde drama produced in New York City, in small theaters, halls, churches, etc.
  • swedenborgianism — of or relating to Emanuel Swedenborg, his religious doctrines, or the body of followers adhering to these doctrines and constituting the Church of the New Jerusalem, or New Church.

17 letter words containing b, w

  • baden-wurttemberg — a state of SW Germany. Capital: Stuttgart. Pop: 53 938 (2003 est). Area: 35 742 sq km (13 800 sq miles)
  • barrow-in-furness — an industrial town in NW England, in S Cumbria. Pop: 47 194 (2001)
  • downwardly-mobile — See under vertical mobility (def 1).

18 letter words containing b, w

  • berwick-upon-tweed — a town in N England, in N Northumberland at the mouth of the Tweed: much involved in border disputes between England and Scotland between the 12th and 16th centuries; neutral territory 1551–1885. Pop: 12 870 (2001)

19 letter words containing b, w

  • aldridge-brownhills — a town in central England, in Walsall unitary authority, West Midlands: formed by the amalgamation of neighbouring towns in 1966. Pop: 35 525 (2001)

20 letter words containing b, w

  • bowling-on-the-green — a game played with wooden balls on a level, closely mowed green having a slight bias, the object being to roll one's ball as near as possible to a smaller white ball at the other end of the green. Also called bowls, bowling on the green. Compare bowl2 (def 2), bowling green, jack1 (def 7), rink (def 5).
  • climbing-bittersweet — Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.
  • mecklenburg-schwerin — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)
  • strawberry-raspberry — an arching, prickly, Japanese plant, Rubus illecebrosus, of the rose family, having an herbaceous stem, white, fragrant flowers, and large, edible, scarlet fruit.

22 letter words containing b, w

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