6-letter words containing b, u, d, g, e

  • bedbug — A bedbug is a small insect with a round body and no wings which lives in dirty houses and feeds by biting people and sucking their blood when they are in bed.
  • bedrug — to drug excessively
  • bedung — to cover or make dirty with dung
  • bludge — to scrounge from (someone)
  • budger — a person who budges or stirs
  • budget — Your budget is the amount of money that you have available to spend. The budget for something is the amount of money that a person, organization, or country has available to spend on it.
  • budgie — A budgie is the same as a budgerigar.
  • bugged — Also called true bug, hemipteran, hemipteron. a hemipterous insect.
  • bulged — a rounded projection, bend, or protruding part; protuberance; hump: a bulge in a wall.
  • bunged — a stopper for the opening of a cask.
  • debugs — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of debug.
  • gubbed — Simple past tense and past participle of gub.
  • redbug — chigger (def 1).

On this page, we collect all 6-letter words with B-U-D-G-E. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 6-letter word that contains in B-U-D-G-E to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles

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