Words containing b, i, o, d, v

5 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • bovid — of, relating to, or belonging to the Bovidae, a family of ruminant artiodactyl hollow-horned mammals including sheep, goats, cattle, antelopes, and buffalo

7 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • obovoid — inversely ovoid; ovoid with the narrow end at the base, as certain fruits.
  • overbid — to bid more than the value of (a thing): to overbid one's cards.

8 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • divebomb — (of an aircraft) To bomb whilst in a steep dive.
  • lovebird — any of various small parrots, especially of the genus Agapornis, of Africa, noted for the affection shown one another and often kept as pets.
  • obviated — to anticipate and prevent or eliminate (difficulties, disadvantages, etc.) by effective measures; render unnecessary: to obviate the risk of serious injury.
  • ovenbird — an American warbler, Seiurus aurocapillus, that builds an oven-shaped nest of leaves, twigs, etc., on the forest floor.
  • overbind — To bind or restrict to an excessive extent.

9 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • abovesaid — Mentioned or recited before.
  • avoidable — Something that is avoidable can be prevented from happening.
  • avoidably — In a manner so as to be avoidable.
  • bouvardia — a genus of flowering herbs and shrubs of the family Rubiaceae, native to tropical parts of Central America
  • dive-bomb — If a plane dive-bombs an area, it suddenly flies down low over it to drop bombs onto it.

10 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • bidonville — a shanty town
  • biodiverse — containing a wide variety of plant and animal species
  • bivouacked — a military encampment made with tents or improvised shelters, usually without shelter or protection from enemy fire.
  • overbidder — someone who overbids, esp in the game of bridge
  • overbridge — (British) A bridge that allows traffic to pass over a road, river, railway etc.

11 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • bodhisattva — (in Mahayana Buddhism) a divine being worthy of nirvana who remains on the human plane to help men to salvation
  • dative-bond — a type of covalent bond between two atoms in which the bonding electrons are supplied by one of the two atoms.
  • disavowable — capable of being disavowed
  • disprovable — to prove (an assertion, claim, etc.) to be false or wrong; refute; invalidate: I disproved his claim.
  • dissolvable — to make a solution of, as by mixing with a liquid; pass into solution: to dissolve salt in water.

12 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • avoidability — The possibility of avoiding; the state or condition of being avoidable.
  • biodiversity — Biodiversity is the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species living in their natural environment.
  • bioflavonoid — any of a group of biologically active flavone compounds that may help maintain the blood's capillary walls, reducing the likelihood of hemorrhaging: widely found in plants, esp. citrus fruits
  • boulevardier — (originally in Paris) a fashionable man, esp one who frequents public places
  • discoverable — to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown): to discover America; to discover electricity. Synonyms: detect, espy, descry, discern, ascertain, unearth, ferret out, notice.

13 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • indissolvable — Not dissolvable; incapable of being dissolved or separated.
  • overburdening — Present participle of overburden.
  • subordinative — placed in or belonging to a lower order or rank.

14 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • abdominopelvic — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the abdomen and (the cavity of) the pelvis.
  • abovementioned — mentioned or written above: The role was sung by the abovementioned Mr. Phillips.
  • aviation-badge — Also called aviation badge. Military Informal. a badge bearing the image of a spread pair of bird's wings with a distinctive center design, awarded to an aircrewman on completion of certain requirements.
  • developability — to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state: to develop natural resources; to develop one's musical talent.
  • disprovability — The ability to be disproven; refutability.

15 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • above-mentioned — used in a text to refer back to a person or thing that has already been mentioned
  • over-publicized — to give publicity to; bring to public notice; advertise: They publicized the meeting as best they could.

17 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • vibrofluidization — Vibrofluidization is when vibration is used to make particles move in a fluidized bed.

18 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • biodiversification — the process by which the diversity of plants or animals develops or is increased within a particular region or group of organisms.
  • love-lies-bleeding — an amaranth, especially Amaranthus caudatus, having spikes of crimson flowers.

19 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

20 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • belgorod-dnestrovski — a port in SW Ukraine, on the Dniester estuary: belonged to Romania from 1918 until 1940; under Soviet rule (1944–91). Pop: 48 100 (2004 est)

24 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

27 letter words containing b, i, o, d, v

  • introgressive-hybridization — the introduction of genes from one species into the gene pool of another species, occurring when matings between the two produce fertile hybrids.

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