Words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

6 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • halton — a unitary authority in NW England, in N Cheshire. Pop: 118 400 (2003 est). Area: 75 sq km (29 sq miles)

7 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • althorn — a valved brass musical instrument belonging to the saxhorn or flügelhorn families
  • ethanol — (organic compound) A simple aliphatic alcohol formally derived from ethane by replacing one hydrogen atom with a hydroxyl group: CH3-CH2-OH.
  • haplont — the haploid individual in a life cycle that has a diploid and a haploid phase.
  • lothian — a region in E Scotland. 700 sq. mi. (1813 sq. km).

8 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • althorns — Plural form of althorn.
  • anethole — a white water-soluble crystalline substance with a liquorice-like odour, used as a flavouring and a sensitizer in the processing of colour photographs. Formula: CH3CH:CHC6H4OCH3
  • biathlon — a contest in which skiers with rifles shoot at four targets along a 20-kilometre (12.5-mile) cross-country course
  • charlton — Bobby, full name Sir Robert Charlton. born 1937, English footballer; played for Manchester United (1956–73) and England (1958–70) for whom he played 106 times, scoring 49 goals
  • duathlon — An athletic contest consisting of running and cycling.

9 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • anthelion — a faint halo sometimes seen in polar or high altitude regions around the shadow of an object cast onto a thick cloud bank or fog
  • anthology — An anthology is a collection of writings by different writers published together in one book.
  • antichlor — a substance used to remove chlorine from a material after bleaching or to neutralize the chlorine present
  • charleton — a male given name.
  • chelation — the process by which a chelate is formed

10 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • allochthon — a geological formation not formed in the region where found and moved to its present location by tectonic forces. Compare autochthon (def 3).
  • anacolutha — Plural form of anacoluthon.
  • anhelation — a panting or shortness of breath causing breathing difficulty
  • antilochus — a son of Nestor and a trusted friend of Achilles.
  • antiphonal — sung or recited in alternation

11 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • abhorrently — causing repugnance; detestable; loathsome: an abhorrent deed.
  • abolishment — to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void: to abolish slavery.
  • acanthology — the study of spines, as in sea urchins or certain spiny-headed worms, particularly as they relate to taxonomic classification.
  • aeneolithic — Chalcolithic.
  • alkanethiol — any compound containing an alkyl group joined to a mercapto group, as methyl mercaptan or methanethiol, CH 3 SH.

12 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • alphitomancy — the use of barley meal as a means of divination.
  • anacolouthon — Alternative spelling of anacoluthon (A break in sequence, that occurs when the scheme of a sentence is changed in its course. Incoherence in a sentence.).
  • anchoritical — in the manner of or resembling an anchorite
  • anisothermal — (thermodynamics) Of or pertaining to a system that is not in thermal equilibrium, that does not have a single fixed temperature.
  • annihilation — the act of annihilating

13 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • acetylcholine — a chemical substance secreted at the ends of many nerve fibres, esp in the autonomic nervous system, and responsible for the transmission of nervous impulses. Formula: CH3CO2(CH2)2N(CH3)3+
  • allochthonous — (of rocks, deposits, etc) found in a place other than where they or their constituents were formed
  • aluminothermy — a process for reducing metallic oxides using finely divided aluminium powder. The mixture of aluminium and the oxide is ignited, causing the aluminium to be oxidized and the metal oxide to be reduced to the metal
  • aminothiazole — (chemistry) A heterocyclic amine, the starting point for synthesis of many compounds, sometimes used as a thyroid inhibitor in the treatment of hyperthyroidism.
  • anaphylactoid — Of, pertaining to, or resembling anaphylaxis.

14 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • above-the-line — denoting entries printed above the horizontal line on a company's profit-and-loss account separating the entries that show how the profit (or loss) was made from the entries showing how the profit is to be distributed
  • accomplishment — An accomplishment is something remarkable that has been done or achieved.
  • agrotechnology — the technology of agriculture, as the methods or machinery needed for efficient production.
  • all-or-nothing — not allowing for qualification or compromise; either fully or not at all operative: an all-or-nothing approach.
  • alpha-carotene — a common form of carotene found in certain vegetables and fruit

15 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • acanthocephalan — any of the parasitic wormlike invertebrates of the phylum Acanthocephala, the adults of which have a spiny proboscis and live in the intestines of vertebrates
  • accomplishments — Plural form of accomplishment.
  • alphabetisation — The act or process of arranging in alphabetical order.
  • alphabetization — Alternative form of alphabetisation.
  • anacoluthically — in an anacoluthic manner

16 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

17 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • alpha-fetoprotein — a protein that forms in the liver of the human fetus. Excessive quantities in the amniotic fluid and maternal blood may indicate spina bifida in the fetus; low levels may point to Down's syndrome
  • aminoglutethimide — a hormone antagonist, C 13 H 16 N 2 O 2 , used in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome and breast cancer.
  • anachronistically — In an anachronistic manner; in the manner of an anachronism.
  • anaesthesiologist — anesthesiology.
  • anesthesiologists — Plural form of anesthesiologist.

18 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • adenosylmethionine — (biochemistry) An adenosyl derivative of methionine that is a common co-substrate involved in transmethylation.
  • anthropomorphously — In an anthropomorphous manner; in a manner resembling that of a human.
  • anti-scholasticism — (sometimes initial capital letter) the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the church fathers and of Aristotle and his commentators.
  • anticholinesterase — any of a group of substances that inhibit the action of cholinesterase
  • australopithecines — Plural form of australopithecine.

19 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

20 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • acetylcholinesterase — an enzyme in nerve cells that is responsible for the destruction of acetylcholine and thus for switching off excitation of the nerve
  • acetylmethylcarbinol — acetoin.
  • chevalier-montrachet — a white wine from Burgundy.
  • clean-bill-of-health — a certificate, carried by a ship, attesting to the presence or absence of infectious diseases among the ship's crew and at the port from which it has come.
  • decahydronaphthalene — a colorless, aromatic liquid, C 10 H 18 , insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and ether: used as a solvent for oils, fats, etc., in cleaning fluids, lubricants, etc.

21 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • electroencephalograms — Plural form of electroencephalogram.
  • electroencephalograph — A machine used for electroencephalography.
  • electronystagmography — A diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of the eye caused by a condition known as nystagmus. It can also be used to diagnose the cause of vertigo, dizziness or balance dysfunction by testing the vestibular system.
  • hysterosalpingography — (medicine) X-ray examination of the uterus and oviducts following injection of a radiopaque substance.
  • immunohistochemically — By means of or in regard to immunohistochemistry.

22 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

23 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • alpes-de-haute-provence — a department of SE France in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. Capital: Digne. Pop: 144 508 (2003 est). Area: 6988 sq km (2725 sq miles)
  • dichlorodifluoromethane — a colourless nonflammable gas easily liquefied by pressure: used as a propellant in aerosols and fire extinguishers and as a refrigerant. Formula: CCl2F2
  • electroencephalographer — A specialist in electroencephalography.
  • electroencephalographic — Of or pertaining to electroencephalography or electroencephalographs.
  • hypobetalipoproteinemia — (pathology) A low level of betalipoprotein (low-density lipoprotein) in the bloodstream.

24 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

25 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

26 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • philosophical-anthropology — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • statistical-thermodynamics — the science that deals with average properties of the molecules, atoms, or elementary particles in random motion in a system of many such particles and relates these properties to the thermodynamic and other macroscopic properties of the system.

27 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

29 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

30 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

31 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

32 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

35 letter words containing a, n, t, h, o, l

  • trust-territory-the-pacific-islands — a U.S. trust territory in the Pacific Ocean, comprising the Mariana, Marshall, and Caroline Islands: approved by the United Nations 1947; since 1976 constituents of the trusteeship have established or moved toward self-government. 717 sq. mi. (1857 sq. km).

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