22-letter words containing a, h, e

  • give (or get) the air — to reject (or be rejected) as a lover
  • give a person what for — to punish or reprimand a person severely
  • give someone the shaft — to cheat or trick someone
  • give someone the shake — to avoid or get rid of an undesirable person (or thing)
  • give something a whirl — to attempt or give a trial to something
  • glossopharyngeal nerve — either of the ninth pair of cranial nerves, consisting of motor fibers that innervate the muscles of the pharynx, the soft palate, and the parotid glands, and of sensory fibers that conduct impulses to the brain from the pharynx, the middle ear, and the posterior third of the tongue.
  • go for all the marbles — to take a great risk in the hope of a great gain
  • go their separate ways — When two or more people who have been together for some time go their separate ways, they go to different places or end their relationship.
  • go through one's paces — to show one's abilities, skills, etc.
  • gold-exchange standard — a monetary system in one country in which currency is maintained at a par with that of another country that is on the gold standard.
  • graph rewriting system — An extension of a term rewriting system which uses graph reduction on terms represented by directed graphs to avoid duplication of work by sharing expressions.
  • gravitational redshift — (in general relativity) the shift toward longer wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source in a gravitational field, especially at the surface of a massive star.
  • great australian bight — a wide bay in S Australia.
  • green around the gills — the respiratory organ of aquatic animals, as fish, that breathe oxygen dissolved in water.
  • guanosine triphosphate — GTP.
  • gum bichromate process — a contact printing method in which the image is formed on a coating of sensitized gum containing a suitable colored pigment and potassium or ammonium dichromate.
  • hague peace conference — a meeting held at The Hague, Netherlands, in 1899, that established The Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration.
  • halfwave rectification — a rectifier that changes only one half of a cycle of alternating current into a pulsating, direct current.
  • hamishah asar bishevat — Tu Bishevat.
  • hammersmith and fulham — a borough of Greater London on the River Thames: established in 1965 by the amalgamation of Fulham and Hammersmith. Pop: 174 200 (2003 est). Area: 16 sq km (6 sq miles)
  • handle with kid gloves — grant special treatment to
  • hang out one's shingle — a thin piece of wood, slate, metal, asbestos, or the like, usually oblong, laid in overlapping rows to cover the roofs and walls of buildings.
  • hans christian oersted — Hans Christian [hahns kris-tyahn] /hɑns ˈkrɪs tyɑn/ (Show IPA), 1777–1851, Danish physicist.
  • happy valley-goose bay — a twin town in SE Labrador in Newfoundland, E Canada, consisting of an air base, Goose Bay, and its adjacent residential town of Happy Valley: used as a fuel stop by some transatlantic airplanes.
  • have a bun in the oven — to be pregnant
  • have a leg to stand on — If you say that someone does not have a leg to stand on, or hasn't got a leg to stand on, you mean that a statement or claim they have made cannot be justified or proved.
  • have a way with sth/sb — If you say that a person has a way with something or someone, you mean that that person seems to have a natural skill or instinct for dealing with them.
  • have a whale of a time — If you say that someone is having a whale of a time, you mean that they are enjoying themselves very much.
  • have all one's buttons — a small disk, knob, or the like for sewing or otherwise attaching to an article, as of clothing, serving as a fastening when passed through a buttonhole or loop.
  • have one's heart in it — to have enthusiasm for something
  • have other fish to fry — have sth else to do
  • hawaiian standard time — the time used in the Hawaiian time zone
  • heart is in your mouth — If your heart is in your mouth, you feel very excited, worried, or frightened.
  • heat of solidification — the heat liberated by a unit mass of liquid at its freezing point as it solidifies: equal to the heat of fusion.
  • help a person off with — to assist a person in the removal of (clothes)
  • hemorrhagic septicemia — an acute infectious disease of animals, caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida, and characterized by fever, catarrhal symptoms, pneumonia, and general blood infection.
  • hepatitis non-a, non-b — a disease of the liver that is clinically indistinguishable from hepatitis B but is caused by a retrovirus or retroviruslike agent.
  • hereford and worcester — a county in W England. 1516 sq. mi. (3926 sq. km).
  • hermann-mauguin symbol — a notation for indicating a particular point group.
  • hexahydroxycyclohexane — inositol.
  • hexamethylenetetramine — a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, C 6 H 12 N 4 , used as a vulcanization accelerator, an absorbent in gas masks, in the manufacture of the explosive RDX and synthetic resins, and in medicine as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic.
  • highway contract route — a route for carrying mail over the highway between designated points, given on contract to a private carrier and often requiring, in rural areas, delivery to home mailboxes. Abbreviation: HCR.
  • historical materialism — (in Marxist theory) the doctrine that all forms of social thought, as art or philosophy, and institutions, as the family or the state, develop as a superstructure founded on an economic base; that they reflect the character of economic relations and are altered or modified as a result of class struggles; that each ruling economic class produces the class that will destroy or replace it; and that dialectical necessity requires the eventual withering away of the state and the establishment of a classless society: the body of theory, in dialectical materialism, dealing with historical process and social causation.
  • home improvement grant — a government grant for house improvements such as insulation, adding a bathroom, or urgent repairs
  • hoof-and-mouth disease — foot-and-mouth disease.
  • hook, line, and sinker — a curved or angular piece of metal or other hard substance for catching, pulling, holding, or suspending something.
  • horn-rimmed spectacles — spectacles with rims made of material resembling horn
  • horse of another color — an entirely different matter
  • horseradish peroxidase — Histology. an enzyme, isolated from horseradish, that when microinjected can be detected by the colored products of the reaction it catalyzes, used as a tracer, as in tracing the route of a motor neuron from the cell body in the spinal cord to the muscle it innervates.
  • host control interface — (hardware, wireless)   (HCI) A network layer in the Bluetooth Core Protocol Stack, lying between the software and the hardware stacks and serving as the interface through which the software controls two of Bluetooth's four core protocols.
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