14-letter words containing a, h, e

  • (all) the rage — anything arousing widespread enthusiasm or interest; craze; fad
  • (the) odds are — the likelihood is
  • a crying shame — You can say that something is a crying shame if you are annoyed and upset about it.
  • a dog's chance — no chance at all
  • a doll's house — a play (1879) by Henrik Ibsen.
  • a fair hearing — If someone gives you a fair hearing or a hearing, they listen to you when you give your opinion about something.
  • a head for sth — If you a have a head for something, you can deal with it easily. For example, if you have a head for figures, you can do arithmetic easily, and if you have a head for heights, you can climb to a great height without feeling afraid.
  • above reproach — perfect; beyond criticism
  • above the line — a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc., on a surface: a line down the middle of the page.
  • above-the-line — denoting entries printed above the horizontal line on a company's profit-and-loss account separating the entries that show how the profit (or loss) was made from the entries showing how the profit is to be distributed
  • abraham cowleyAbraham, 1618–67, English poet.
  • absolute pitch — the ability to identify exactly the pitch of a note without comparing it to another
  • accessory shoe — a bracket on top of a camera to which a flash unit or other accessory may be fitted
  • accomplishable — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.
  • accomplishment — An accomplishment is something remarkable that has been done or achieved.
  • account holder — the person whose name is on a bank account
  • achaean league — a confederation of Achaean cities formed in the early third century bc, which became a political and military force in Greece, directed particularly against Macedonian domination of the Peloponnesus
  • achilles' heel — a portion, spot, area, or the like, that is especially or solely vulnerable: His Achilles heel is his quick temper.
  • acid anhydride — a compound formed by removing water from a more complex compound: an oxide of a nonmetal (acid anhydride) or a metal (basic anhydride) that forms an acid or a base, respectively, when united with water.
  • acid phosphate — superphosphate (def 1).
  • acoenaesthesia — loss of the physical awareness of one's body.
  • across the way — If something is across the way, it is nearby on the opposite side of a road or area.
  • active shooter — a person who is presently using a gun to shoot people in a confined and populated area.
  • adding machine — a mechanical device, operated manually or electrically, for adding and often subtracting, multiplying, and dividing
  • aerenchymatous — having or consisting of aerenchyma
  • aerohydroplane — a vehicle that can function both as a motorboat and as an aircraft
  • aesthesiogenic — able to stimulate or produce sensation
  • after the fact — after the commission of the offence
  • agrotechnician — a specialist in the science and technology of agriculture, farm production, or the like.
  • agrotechnology — the technology of agriculture, as the methods or machinery needed for efficient production.
  • airplane cloth — a strong, plain-weave cloth of linen or cotton, originally used for airplane wings
  • albrecht durer — Albrecht [ahl-brekht] /ˈɑl brɛxt/ (Show IPA), 1471–1528, German painter and engraver.
  • alcohol abuser — someone who drinks too much alcohol
  • alektorophobia — The fear of chickens.
  • alexipharmakon — an antidote to poison
  • alexipharmical — Alternative form of alexipharmic.
  • alfred t mahan — Alfred Thayer [they-er] /ˈθeɪ ər/ (Show IPA), 1840–1914, U.S. naval officer and writer on naval history.
  • alkaline earth — any of the divalent electropositive metals beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, and radium, belonging to group 2A of the periodic table
  • all the better — You can say 'so much the better' or 'all the better' to indicate that it is desirable that a particular thing is used, done, or available.
  • allelochemical — A chemical produced by a living organism, exerting a detrimental physiological effect on the individuals of another species when released into the environment.
  • allelomorphism — the state of being or the passing on of allelomorphs
  • allhallows eve — Halloween.
  • allyl chloride — a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid, C 3 H 5 Cl, having a pungent odor, derived from propylene by chlorination: used chiefly in the synthesis of allyl alcohol, resins, and pharmaceuticals.
  • allyl sulphide — a colourless liquid that smells like garlic and is used as a flavouring. Formula: (CH2:CHCH2)2S; relative density: 0.888; boiling pt: 139°C
  • allyl thiourea — thiosinamine
  • alpha centauri — a binary star, the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus: magnitude, -0.27: it is the nearest of the stars that are visible to the naked eye, except for the sun
  • alpha particle — a helium-4 nucleus, containing two neutrons and two protons, emitted during some radioactive transformations
  • alpha receptor — a receptor, found on the surface of some cells of the sympathetic nervous system, that is stimulated by adrenergic substances resulting in constriction of blood vessels and contraction of most smooth muscle
  • alpha-carotene — a common form of carotene found in certain vegetables and fruit
  • alpha-receptor — a site on a cell that, upon interaction with epinephrine or norepinephrine, controls vasoconstriction, intestinal relaxation, pupil dilation, and other physiological processes.

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