Words containing a, h, e, v, y

5 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • heavy — of great weight; hard to lift or carry: a heavy load.

6 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • halevy — Fromental [fraw-mahn-tal] /frɔ mɑ̃ˈtal/ (Show IPA), (Jacques François Fromental Élie Lévy) 1790–1862, French composer, especially of operas.
  • harveyWilliam, 1578–1657, English physician: discoverer of the circulation of the blood.

7 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • heavily — with a great weight or burden: a heavily loaded wagon.
  • yeshiva — an Orthodox Jewish school for the religious and secular education of children of elementary school age.

8 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • hayfever — Alternative spelling of hay fever.
  • heavenly — of or in the heavens: the heavenly bodies.
  • heavyset — having a large body build.
  • vychegda — a river in N European Russia, flowing W to the Northern Dvina River. 702 miles (1130 km) long.
  • yeshivah — Alternative spelling of yeshiva.

9 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • heavy-set — Someone who is heavy-set has a large solid body.
  • hydrovane — a vane on a seaplane conferring stability on water (a sponson) or facilitating take off (a hydrofoil)
  • hypernova — (astronomy) The gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole.
  • overhappy — too happy
  • overhasty — excessively hasty; rash: overhasty judgment.

10 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • adhesively — coated with glue, paste, mastic, or other sticky substance: adhesive bandages.
  • heavy-duty — providing an unusual amount of power, durability, etc.: heavy-duty machinery; heavy-duty shoes.
  • hypernovae — Plural form of hypernova.
  • hypoactive — Less than normally active.
  • over-happy — delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.

11 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • artsybashev — Mikhail [Russian myi-khuh-yeel] /Russian myɪ xʌˈyil/ (Show IPA), Artzybashev, Mikhail.
  • artzybashev — Mikhail [myi-khuh-yeel] /myɪ xʌˈyil/ (Show IPA), 1878–1927, Russian writer.
  • half-volley — (in tennis, racquets, etc.) a stroke in which the ball is hit the moment it bounces from the ground.
  • heavy-laden — carrying a heavy load; heavily laden: a heavy-laden cart.
  • heavyweight — heavy in weight.

12 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • behaviorally — manner of behaving or acting.
  • evenhandedly — In an evenhanded manner.
  • exhaustively — In an exhaustive manner.
  • heavy-footed — clumsy or ponderous, as in movement or expressiveness: music that is heavy-footed and uninspired.
  • heavy-handed — oppressive; harsh: a heavy-handed master.

13 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • achievability — The state or condition of being achievable.
  • behaviourally — from a behavioural point of view
  • cervicography — a method of cervical screening in which the neck of the uterus is photographed to facilitate the early detection of cancer
  • heavy-bearded — having a thick or dark beard.
  • heavy-hearted — sorrowful; melancholy; dejected.

14 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • apprehensively — uneasy or fearful about something that might happen: apprehensive for the safety of the mountain climbers.
  • clavicytherium — a kind of harpsichord
  • galvanotherapy — treatment employing electric current.
  • hyper-vigilant — keenly watchful to detect danger; wary: a vigilant sentry.
  • hyperventilate — to be afflicted with hyperventilation; breathe abnormally fast and deep.

15 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • antihypotensive — An antihypotensive is any drug that raises low blood pressure.
  • authoritatively — having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority: an authoritative opinion.
  • heavy-heartedly — in a heavy-hearted manner
  • hyperactivation — (biology) A form of sperm motility associated with active beating of the flagellum.
  • hyperactiveness — The state or quality of being hyperactive.

16 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • antihypertensive — able to inhibit or control hypertension
  • hodmezovasarhely — a city in SE Hungary.
  • hyperinnervation — the act of innervating; state of being innervated.
  • hypervariability — apt or liable to vary or change; changeable: variable weather; variable moods.
  • hypervascularity — pertaining to, composed of, or provided with vessels or ducts that convey fluids, as blood, lymph, or sap.

17 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • antihypertensives — Plural form of antihypertensive.
  • heteronormativity — The view that all human beings are either male or female, both in sex and in gender, and that sexual and romantic thoughts and relations are normal only when between people of different sexes.
  • implosive-therapy — a form of behavior therapy involving intensive recollection and review of anxiety-producing situations or events in a patient's life in an attempt to develop more appropriate responses to similar situations in the future.

18 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • ovariohysterectomy — Surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus.
  • psychogalvanometer — a type of galvanometer for detecting and measuring psychogalvanic currents.
  • vectorcardiography — a method of determining the direction and magnitude of the electrical forces of the heart.

19 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

20 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

25 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

27 letter words containing a, h, e, v, y

  • introgressive-hybridization — the introduction of genes from one species into the gene pool of another species, occurring when matings between the two produce fertile hybrids.

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