26-letter words containing a, g, i, t, p, r

  • advanced function printing — Advanced Function Presentation
  • asparagus fern caterpillar — the caterpillar of a noctuid moth, Laphygma exigua, a pest of beets, asparagus, corn, cotton, peas, and peppers.
  • breathing space (or room) — enough space to breathe, move, etc. freely
  • computer aided engineering — (application)   (CAE) The use of software to help with all phases of engineering design work. Like computer aided design, but also involving the conceptual and analytical design steps and extending into Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).
  • computer graphics metafile — (graphics, file format)   (CGM) A standard file format for storage and communication of graphical information, widely used on personal computers and accepted by desktop publishing and technical illustration systems. See also: WebCGM.
  • computer-aided engineering — the use of computers to automate manufacturing processes
  • computer-assisted learning — Computer-Aided Instruction
  • computer-generated imagery — (graphics)   (CGI) Animatied graphics produced by computer and used in film or television.
  • copying garbage collection — A garbage collection method where memory is divided into two equal halves, known as the "from space" and "to space". Garbage collection copies active cells from the from space to the to space and leaves behind an invisible pointer (an "indirection") from the old position to the new copy. Once all active cells have been copied in one direction, the spaces are swapped and the process repeated in the opposite direction.
  • davisson-germer experiment — an experiment that verified the wave properties of matter by showing that a beam of electrons is diffracted by a crystal at an angle dependent upon the velocity of the electrons.
  • electronic data processing — 1.   (application)   (EDP) data processing by computers. 2.   (company)   The name of Honeywell's computer business between 1960, when it gained complete ownership of Datamatic Corporation, and 1963, when it was officially renamed Honeywell Inc.
  • electronic programme guide — an on-screen guide that enables viewers of digital television to select programmes using a handheld device
  • event description language — (language)   (EDL)
  • exponential-time algorithm — (complexity)   An algorithm (or Turing Machine) that is guaranteed to terminate within a number of steps which is a exponential function of the size of the problem. For example, if you have to check every number of n digits to find a solution, the complexity is O(10^n), and if you add an extra digit, you must check ten times as many numbers. Even if such an algorithm is practical for some given value of n, it is likely to become impractical for larger values. This is in contrast to a polynomial-time algorithm which grows more slowly. See also computational complexity, polynomial-time, NP-complete.
  • extensible markup language — (language, text)   (XML) An initiative from the W3C defining an "extremely simple" dialect of SGML suitable for use on the web.
  • floating-point accelerator — (hardware)   (FPA) Additional hardware to perform functions on floating point numbers such as addition, multiplication, logarithms, exponentials, trigonometric functions and various kinds of rounding and error detection. A floating point accelerator often functions as a co-processor to the CPU. The term "floating-point accelerator" suggests a physically larger system, often an extra circuit board, whereas a "floating-point unit" is probably a single chip or even part of a chip.
  • fourth generation computer — (architecture)   A computer built using Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) integrated circuits, especially a microcomputer based on a microprocesseor, or a parallel processor containing two to thousands of CPUs. VLSI made it routine to fabricate an entire CPU, main memory, or similar device with a single integrated circuit that can be mass produced at very low cost. This has resulted in new classes of machines such as personal computers, and high performance parallel processors that contains thousands of CPUs.
  • gastroesophageal sphincter — a ring of smooth muscle fibers connecting the esophagus and stomach.
  • general protection failure — (GPF, or General Protection Fault) An addressing error, caught by the processor's memory protection hardware, that cannot be attributed to any expected condition such as a page fault.
  • german democratic republic — a former country in central Europe: created in 1949 from the Soviet zone of occupied Germany established in 1945: reunited with West Germany in 1990. 41,827 sq. mi. (108,333 sq. km). Capital: East Berlin.
  • german shorthaired pointer — one of a German breed of large sporting dogs having a short hard coat, usually liver or liver and white in color, and a docked tail, used as a versatile hunting dog.
  • german wire-haired pointer — one of a German breed of large sporting dogs having a harsh, wiry, flat-lying coat usually liver and white in color, a muzzle with a beard and whiskers, and a docked tail, used as a retrieving pointer.
  • grand army of the republic — an organization, founded in 1866, composed of men who served in the U.S. Army and Navy during the Civil War: its last member died in 1956. Abbreviation: G.A.R.
  • grand canyon national park — a national park in N Arizona, including part of the Grand Canyon and the area around it. 1009 sq. mi. (2615 sq. km).
  • integrated data processing — IDP.
  • integrated pest management — an ecological approach to pest management that combines understanding the causes of pest outbreaks, manipulating the crop ecosystem for pest control, and monitoring pest populations and their life cycles to determine if and when the use of pesticides is indicated. Abbreviation: IPM.
  • kings canyon national park — a national park in E California: deep granite gorges; giant sequoias; mountains. 708 sq. mi. (1835 sq. km).
  • knee-high to a grasshopper — very young or very small
  • macintosh operating system — (operating system)   (Mac OS) Apple Computer, Inc.'s proprietary operating system for their Macintosh family of personal computers. The part of the operating system that simulates the desktop is called "Finder." The multitasking version of Finder was called "MultiFinder" until multitasking was integrated into the core of the OS with the introduction of System 7.0 in 1990. The Macintosh series provides a built-in graphics language, called "QuickDraw", which provides a standard for software developers. Mac OS 8, scheduled for delivery in July 1997, included new human-interface features, increased system stability and performance, a PowerPC processor-native Finder, tighter integration of Internet access through panel-based "assistants," Personal Web Sharing and the ability to run Java applets and programs through Mac OS Run Time for Java. Version 9.2 was the last version of the bespoke Mac OS. The next version, Mac OS X is quite different, being based on Unix. See also Macintosh file system, Macintosh user interface.
  • mecklenburg-west pomerania — a state of NE Germany, along the Baltic coast: consists of the former state of Mecklenburg and those parts of W Pomerania not incorporated into Poland after World War II: part of East Germany until 1990. Pop: 1 732 000 (2003 est)
  • multi-color graphics array — (hardware, graphics)   (MCGA) One of IBM's less popular hardware video display standards for use in the IBM PS/2. MCGA can display 80*25 text in monochrome, 40*25 text in 256 colours or 320*200 pixel graphics in 256 colors. It is now obsolete.
  • national progressive party — Progressive party (def 1).
  • new business profit margin — A new business profit margin is a system used by insurers to measure the cost of and profit from writing new policies.
  • not touch with a bargepole — to refuse to have anything to do with
  • pellagra-preventive factor — nicotinic acid or its amide, nicotinamide, being the vitamin-B-complex members that serve to prevent pellagra.
  • personal digital assistant — a handheld computer, often pen-based, that provides especially organizational software, as an appointment calendar, and communications hardware, as a fax modem. Abbreviation: PDA.
  • philosophical anthropology — anthropology (def 4).
  • philosophical-anthropology — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • postprandial thermogenesis — the rate at which food is broken down after a meal and used by your body
  • prince henry the navigatorPrince, 1394–1460, prince of Portugal.
  • purely functional language — (language)   A language that supports only functional programming and does not allow functions to have side-effects. Program execution consists of evaluation of an expression and all subexpressions are referentially transparent.
  • put a bug in someone's ear — Also called true bug, hemipteran, hemipteron. a hemipterous insect.
  • put one's signature to sth — If you put your signature to a document, you sign it as a way of officially showing that you agree with what is written.
  • quite apart from something — used to indicate that you are aware of one aspect of a situation, but that you are going to focus on another aspect
  • real-time operating system — (operating system)   (RTOS) Any operating system where interrupts are guaranteed to be handled within a certain specified maximum time, thereby making it suitable for control of hardware in embedded systems and other time-critical applications. RTOS is not a specific product but a class of operating systems.
  • remembrance of things past — a novel (1913–27) by Marcel Proust.
  • search engine optimization — the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine
  • serotonin receptor agonist — A serotonin receptor agonist is any compound that activates serotonin receptors when serotonin is not present.
  • simple algebraic extension — a simple extension in which the specified element is a root of an algebraic equation in the given field.
  • straight-line depreciation — Straight-line depreciation is a method of depreciation in which an equal amount of depreciation is taken each year.

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